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  1. And by the way S.Stevens, you are such a nerd with your baseball league.
  2. Yeah guys. these commandments are so funny. I have one: Never take Goulet off the lineup, Heres a proof why, and Fisher, you can keep dreaming about that fifty goals. I don't think a player with your skills is ever gonna reach that
  3. in your dreams pal...i can see your players legs shaking tonight when they realize who is against them...deadly dallas is taking it home
  4. you are right about Tinordi's condition, he fell from ladders so he hurt his ankle quite badly but i think he starts sevens and we'll see how he can manage. concerning gaetans rumour it is not true at all, instead of mocking my players you should keep your dumb "ex horseteeeth"janne ojanen on leech because he got into a fight again with a hotdog seller...he had so much drawl coming out of his mouth that he had to get extra sausage with his own hands and gues what happened -> he is in hospital whining about missing teeths. i spoke about this matter with university-guy and he laught and sa
  5. i totally agree with ahola & tebiah. only way you can show your REAL talent in this game (finger-quickness, puck-eye and so on) is to play with offsides on, linechanges on, manual goalie. that is a fact, it's as simple as that.
  6. oh yes! this really sounds dope as hell, i'm in too. but as tebiah said it has to be announced about 2 months before it is and i think that the medals are already been given to Finnish trio : 1st seemio, 2nd tebiah/ahola, 3rd tebiah/ahola. anyways good idea if you guys over the sea could arrange this competition
  7. well, first of all ahola thanks for the respect thing but if we play best of sevens against eachother, you know that you can only win perhaps one game. that's all your skillfull hands can do in this great game , however every game is equal but it is the tiny tiny details that gives me the advantage because i can use them better ...waiting for some more sevens to play with you ahola.
  8. hello guys! what's up ahola & tebiah my tough enemies? i can only let you know one player (ahola knows this guy too well) cos otherwise you guys would propably s**t in your pants (no offense) he comes, sneaky bastard, should i say the governor of dallas, the one and onlyyy Mike Mcpheeeee!!