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  1. Ok vote in/out & then one of 4 options Plablegs 3 is a draft based off of nhl94 rosters, no wbf, static, no penalties w/ B check still fully functional, boosted goalies & quick goalie switch control w/ increase roaming range. We just finished Plablegs 2. Et tu Brute is a draft involving players from all eras mixing up draft pool of players each season w/ nhl94 & other older roms/newer roms, supposed to be a keeper league, & is WBF, static optional, no goalie boosts, . Ideally anyone playing in this is committed to several seasons. Last time, it ran great but we lost over half the league by the time it would run again, so it would be a fresh restart with no keepers from season 1. THIRD OPTION is a new idea similar to an old league. First we run a draft of teams. After each coach picks his team, each coach then picks his starting lineup from the team. All remaining players PLUS all players from teams not selected will be dumped into a draft pool. Draft order for 5 rounds will be based off of coaching talent plus team selection (if you have Detroit, you will likely not be picking first!!). After this, trades will be allowed. IF this league is selected, we would use NO WBF, penalties w/ reduced times, static optional, no goalie boost to ratings. 4th league is the old idea, the Dynasty league. It is an AUCTION based league, where you bid on players instead of draft them. It's keeper based with a salary cap and each season player's ratings change. Season starts with 1990 ROM, where whatever players are in that ROM and their ratings is what will be used for Season 1. Then, in season 2, it goes to 1991 ROM, where if your guy retired in real life 1990, he is no longer available on the 1991 ROM, so no longer on your team. Any NEW rookies in the 1991 ROM plus any free agents would be bid on again in the off season before Season 2. And then repeat all the way say to 1997. These ROMs/Ratings would be posted well ahead of the auction, and a salary cap system, contract length based system would be used.
  2. Fair enough. Old League Stats is a good enough marker for me. I wouldn't bother trying to combine them if it's not easy. Those curious can go look, like I did. I don't think it's worth actual "WORK", with 90% of them not even active any longer.
  3. Happy to put up the Plablegs II B Playoff : #1 Jmj vs #8 Chef #2 Chaos vs #7 Quetz #3 Jer vs #7 Aqua #4 Atomic vs #5 Flat It's one the site to upload games:
  4. FYI, using SNES, Old Time Stats, & GENS, @kingraph is at 10,025 goals!!! I'm sitting at 6724 combined. I'll check back in a few years to see if I can get to 10,000
  5. Tex, you lead the site in GAMES PLAYED by a lot (not including the "old stats"). I'm assuming this comes from the addition of Coach's leagues & of Skip's VHL, as I've played in almost all the leagues over the past 5 years except those, and you are way ahead of me in games played , not using "old stats". (IS THERE A REASON WE CAN'T COMBINE THEM??) @chaos Both of them use ROMs that I think have some home/away advantages built into them, and I know some of Coach's ROMs used to use exaggerated advantages for being home. Might explain a better HOME record for a guy who prefers heading down over up.
  6. Play-In series: #10 Hartford (Chaos) vs #7 NYR (Lupz) #9 Toronto (Jer) vs #8 Anaheim (JMJ) #1 #7 re-seeded ( lowest ranked to win from 2 play-in series) vs #1 Pittsburgh (Raph) #2 #8 re-seeded (highest ranked to win from 2 play-in series) vs #2 St Louis (Brutus) #6 Quebec (Skip) vs #3 Chicago(Dicicion) #5 Tampa Bay (J&J) vs #4 Dallas (Tex) Best of 7, 2-2-1-1-1 format. RE-SEED after each round.
  7. Brutus picks up Shattenkirk & drops Stephen Johns.
  8. 3rd line LD Shattenkirk LW Ehlers IF you set your lines the same all the way through but only change LD & LW in each line, then it sets those guys to sub in next, in the order from scoring line 2-4. so, in this setting my subs on offense for all three forwards will be Nash, then Ehlers. My sub for either defensive slot will go Werenski then Johns.
  9. Playoffs will start February 5th, as season ends basically, the previous night. Format will go: 7th seed vs 10th seed has a playin series. 8th seed vs 9th seed has a playin series. These will be labeled Rd 1. Winners of those 2 series will then be re-seeded to form the #7 & the 8th seed. #1 vs #8, #2 vs #7, #3 vs #6, #4 vs #5 for Rd 2. Re-seeding after Rd 2, so it then Rd 3 is: #1 vs #4, #2 vs #3, and then re-seed for home ice Rd 4: #1 vs #2 for finals champ. WE ALSO will have a B formatted playoffs. Anyone finishing the season sub .500, will be given the chance to enter. I realize this means we might have a team in both brackets, but we don't have enough teams to run A & B playoffs without some teams doubling up. I'll update this part when all teams have played 28 games.
  10. Brutus selects Stephen johns
  11. 9.7 Brutus selects G) Martin Jones
  12. Brutus 8.10 selects Zach Werenski
  13. 7.7 Brutus selects Rick Nash
  14. 6.12 San Jose selects Jakub Vorecek.
  15. 4.1 Brutus (San Jose) selects Phil Kessel
  16. After trading w/ Tex, Brutus (San Jose)... 3.11 SJ selects Ryan Suter
  17. Brutus selects Tyler Seguin.
  18. San Jose takes Shea Weber.
  19. POST YOUR TRADES HERE. Confirmed.
  20. Going with a coaching change mid season. Chaos will take over the team starting now. Trojan did a good job subbing in for Coach Mac, and carried the team this far, but we now look to Chaos to see if he can bring the ship home. Chaos stated in Discord he'd be on tomorrow night for games.
  21. I edited in a free agent to so I can exi prior to draft. vhl6_brutus_exis.bin
  22. Ok, season is well under way. Originally setup as a 6 game a week pace starting on Jan 2nd, this is how it was set up. Monday Jan 8th, 6 games Monday Jan 15th, 12 games Monday Jan 22nd, 18 games Monday Jan 29th, 24 games Monday Feb 5th, 28 games (actual deadline is Sunday night at 3 am eastern, which is technically Monday Feb 5th). I will log in Monday morning and post the DNP's and playoff standings. As of the time of this post, no coach is behind schedule, and Tex is of course already finished! As for PLAYOFFS, they will start on that Monday. I will post separately about the actual format that will be used in the coming days.
  23. It's Jan 16th & zero games played. Given that Classic ended with a ton of DNP's, Labs started season under warning, so I've given this as much leg as I can. Love my Labs, but I've got an obligation to the league as a commish. Look for Raph to alter the playoff settings for sure!
  24. Give me the Sharks please