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  1. Thanks. brutus.khan is my AIM. I'll try to reach out to anybody not on my contact list but in the league to help get caught up.
  2. See this thread to understand fully how Plabax feels about eating sh&t.
  3. I played in many leagues (not NHL94 online), and whenever you have a draft, someone always screws up. Whenever you have trades allowed, someone always screws up. And it always seems to come out to about 1/3 of the league, no matter what type of league I was in. However, in this league, it appears the point of having a draft & allowing trades is so a guy could build the team the way HE wants it. I think Plabax wants to be able to veto his own trades The one big drawback is if one of the best players is also the best at drafting & the best at trading, because these are ALL separate skills. If you wanted it "Fair & Balanced", you'd just have it like in Shark Week were everyone took the same team. I'd be against veto'ing anything that doesn't look like collusion, but more important than the opinions of everyone in the league or those not in the league just trolling their forum like me, are the RULES. Set up in the beginning, and in the offseason is the time to argue what should be changed, not after you got a beatdown & didn't like the taste of sh&t in your mouth!
  4. I managed to catch a video of Plabax getting his breakfast this morning. He comes in around the minute mark.
  5. Your way, you tell people to do it the way you want, and like most 15 year old brats, that changes by the day. The rest of the world doesn't work like that. Your queer rants come closer to the kissing type than anything I'd have posted, so keep your fantasies all to yourself. Take your little balls, kiss your mommy goodnight & get up early enough to catch the morning toons before tard school.
  6. I can read. While your articulation is piss poor, it's your opinion that's worse. What fun would the site be if you only had ONE league? And why would you try to tear down Coach Mac's fun? I'd value his opinion a lot higher than your opinion, and just because you play the game better hardly means you understand it better.
  7. LA Robbie, I'm not really opposed to your existing 3 leagues, GDL, Blitz & Classic setting dates if that's what the guys in those leagues want. I'm in the Classic, and that has dates locked since long before my time. Blitz is currently dormant, so set all the dates you want. GDL had a draft 6 months ago, so again, set all the dates you want, there is obviously something else going on. Your contention its the Dynasty league & whatever else you blame is the cuase of these leagues NOT running for 2 years, or running 5 months behind schedule. I'll simply state I think you are wrong. And, my contention is a league like Dynasty you kick out guys who don't play their games because its a league that bases half its appeal on the off-season salary structuring. You can't have DYNASTY if you can't FINISH one season. Plabax obviously fails to see this, and his agreement to kill the league shows he probably shouldn't be running it, and his quitting on the SNES league shows he also shouldn't have signed up for it.
  8. Plabax, the issue they had was you quit in the playoffs, not that you quit. In fact, I bet they'd wished you hadn't signed up. Which is actually more the problem. Guys sign up for more than they can handle & don't quit before it's too late. I mean, a guy takes his time to post how he LOVED a small league amongst a few friends and your answer is he should not be allowed to do that! WTF?A?!?!?!#?!@? Carse & Co don't finish any of their leagues on time lately. I don't dislike them, don't even know them, but you are the ADMIN of Dynasty. It's pretty much a sh&t league because there are 14 owners, and 4-5 of them wouldn't play their games, so the season never ended. HALF the fun of the league is the OFFSEASON setup and using that salary system. If you never get to the offseasons, that league is worthless. Classic always works in the end because it has set start dates for each season, and set dates for the end, and they are far enough apart to allow slacking, etc, and there is no "offseason", just bragging rights for the winners. So, you want the BEST of the BEST to join, even if they slack. Cutting leagues won't change the other issues, and Coachmac doesn't JOIN your other leagues, so how is he hurting your dynasty non-plays?
  9. Leagues don't die because people join 4 of them at one time. The guys who can't handle it, drop out & get replaced, as wookiee is a great example. He CHOSE one league over the next, and a replacement was found. Both leagues were not paused as a result of this. He actually could have played BOTH because GDL didn't start until after Classic anyhow. Now, if NO replacements were available and one league died because another started up, I get that. That would mean Plabax statement is accurate. But, guys who don't FINISH & either can't be replaced or won't be replaced is what stops a season from being finished. If you don't finish your seasons, or start the new seasons up on a reasonable time frame, the league(s) die. if a bunch of "noobs" get together & create a "noob" league, and it dies, no "vet" leagues were touched/harmed or caused any problems, so I hardly see how they are relevant to each other. The vet leagues struggle because either the vet leagues admin(s) have been lacking or the vet players have been lacking. The "noobs" weren't even around when all these leagues were having their failures!
  10. Removing the leagues is not the issue. Less leagues means you'd get MORE spamming to play the games because you'd have 40 guys waiting for 2 guys to play their games so the next season could start. Dicion is proving one guy can stop a league to a halt by not playing his finals in Classic B, & Bagley quitting in the finals killed of the '93 league. Better leagues is the answer. And, you only get that from having good admin to run the league & willing to replace guys who don't show up. 99% of all users state BLITZ is the BEST, and yet it's dead right now with everyone willing to play. I hardly imagine any conversation that can't fix that problem holds a lot of merit, imo.
  11. How does LA Robbie get Chicago WHILE LA King is still available??? Even in a league that doesn't exist & will never happen, I PROTEST! That said, I'll take Washington. If this league happens, I'll have to go down & confiscate my boys XBOX from them!!!
  12. Hella of an intro. Throw an Ash pic on top of that, and you've earned yourself a nice "Welcome". I found most guys who play exhibs to also be guys who were in the Classic B1 & B2 leagues, and you can click on a team & see that coach's profile name & AIM name. Add them into your AIM contacts, give a shout out there, and you can get the list up to around 20-30 potential exhib guys. Look for some other recent "I'm New threads", and you should have a decent amount of guys to go head to head with. Eventually, a new league starts up to join or get onto a waiting list as a replacement coach. Either way, I'm usually around in the later evening if any of you are night owls, past 11 pm central as a general rule.
  13. DS3 is software I run to make my PS3 joystick compatible with my laptop. Otherwise, I can't get the D-pad to work, as you noted, and have to use the analog sticks, which are smoother on the my thumbs, but you can't stop & cut as smooth. Google DS3 & be careful not to catch a virus downloading it. I noticed that my skating around with center ice with the analog sticks to actually be a little better because it was "smoother", but the scoring aspect, where you need to be able to stop, and make across goalie cuts, avoid checks by stopping, etc, were way worse, so the end result for me is IF I can't use the D-pad controls on the PS3 joystick, I lose a lot more games.
  14. I use my PS3 joystick(s) & the DS3 program to make it work with my laptop through the USB port. Most say Xbox joystick plugs right into the USB port w/ no need for any program to manage it. I know a bunch of guys got their hands on the old SEGA pad or the SNES pad, respective to their system of choice & use DS3 for that. I'm too used to using my PS2/PS3 style joystick for the last 10 plus years & already owning one of the PS3 USB joysticks, I didn't go spend the extra money to find out if the SEGA pad was as good, better or worse. Good luck with your games and welcome. I'm usually on late hours (past 11 pm central) & good for some exhibs if you are around, brutus.khan on AIM to see if I'm on, send me a message. I'm easy to get to play.
  15. Looks like a BIG rink, lots of room, and I'd be surprised if it's not a 15 plus type setup if TURBO is an option as well. More like a mix of NBA Jam, NHL '14 & some NHL 94 in there. Still, if it were online & didn't desync, I'd play. But, since It's not online, I'd have to talk my kids into playing, and I'm already losing to one 15 yr old. Don't think I could handle any more than that!
  16. Hockey just ended, so this thing can't due out for some time. Normally, I'd say try to petition to get online included, but I do recall numerous other issues I've seen over the past with EA Sports, & regardless of how many requests, they don't change their minds. Madden had a solid following of guys who liked to play each other through online leagues with custom drafts, custom profiles so you'd have your own playbooks, etc, and they stopped supporting it as a use-able version, and refused to acknowledge that the game even had issues for several seasons, only to finally say they weren't going to focus on it. You had to do the online exhib only type thing, with their online rating system, etc as the focus. Playing within a Dynasty type season left everything jacked up. That was like 08-09, and the last time I checked into an EA Game, to be honest. It had reminded back when computer games used to come out 70% completed/ 30% bugged & you'd have to hope the patches came in faster than the aggravation. Basically, if you bought a computer game at one point in time during its first 3 weeks of release, you were a PAYING beta tester. Anyhow, no online, no Brutus
  17. That version seems pretty f-n fun. If it doesn't have online play for the anniversary mode, that would completely make it worthless. I love my NHL94, but we create ROM's all the time for variety. Some of us even play SNES or '93 out of boredom. EA has had a history for a while now of making something 80% great, and completely f-ing up the other 20%. Leaving online out. Who made that final decision, the Walmart greeter or something??!?!?!? If it's got online for annivesary, I'll spend my $60 & buy it.
  18. Oh wait!! I've changed my rooting preference on this hot topic!!! I'm rooting for a desync in the middle of period 2 in Game 1, regardless of who is winning, it would be AIM messaging INSTANT GOLD! OMG....please hamachi, you've f-d me so many times, I'm bound to have some coin with you. Please, please, please. LET THE MAYHEM ENSUE!!!!
  19. I had put the odds for Dickon/Dickoff at 3-2 & for Aunt Seth at 4-1 in the B1 odds post (trolled by Plabax). Aunt Seth has been tirelessly exhibing away while Dcicon was being a dickoff w/ JL, so I'd probably flip those odds if I were writing the post today. Perhaps Dickon was secretly practicing against a Seth-clone in hopes of the art of ambush. We should know in the next few months, if the previous flight delays are any indication of when this series comes to an end. For those die-hard haters, this has to be hell. Root for Dickon to shut Aunt Seth up, or pray the Seth Lord knocks dick off. Personally, I'm for a Seth sweep because watching THAT train wreck ensue WITH the dicktrashing all the way down might be harder to watch than Nancy & Tanya whacking knees & all that crying drama that lasted for years.
  20. FYI, I have a hard enough time getting exhib games in as my hours are later than most. I'm not in the league, but 1st in on the waiting list. If anybody wants to play exhib games, but wants to use your team to 'practice', or just having fun using them, I'll have this bin on file & willing to take one of those teams during exhib against your drafted team. If my AIM is on, I'm usually game for a few. Just trying to play some hockey
  21. I just told my family we are moving to Canada so Daddy can get a cool new job @ a really awesome ad company. When further ?'d about my job title, I told them I would be working with Emerson & Bassen in the Checking Department. They looked at me all confused, but accepted their plane tickets none the less!!! WAHOO!!!
  22. Ok, 90% of the time i play anyone, I don't get any crashes, and when we go client mode for 2v2, I usually have the best ping regardless of which IP we goto, ranging from 15-25 ping. So, my connection is tight & my Hamachi for the most part seems to not want to bend me over to often. Whenever I play Seth, we can get maybe 4-5 games in, and then BAM! we are either going full lag or desync central. Now, SETH plays all the time as well, and says he's only running into the issue with me. So, WTF?? Any suggestions, help on how to fix this issue? Thanks. PS Both of us are plugged into our routers, not wireless.
  23. oooh...a waiting list I actually signed up for once upon a time. I'm still in.
  24. I wasn't in this league, but wanted to be primarily because of the draft. I thought the trade option, while cool, would potentially lead to imbalanced teams, which can always lead to quitting. Also, seemed to take forever to sort those out, which can lose momentum. However, you guys ran 10 leagues w/ out issues, no? I'm assuming you had trades in the first 9-10 seasons, and still finished them. Is it just a bad group of owners this time around that brought it to demise, or did the union get together & cause a work stoppage?