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  1. ? about that Hokkee/Freyday...obviously you guys are going ahead and playing your series out ahead of playoffs schedule posting and saving results to post at a later date. However, if they change the ROM, will these updates post if they were output from a different ROM?? I've been waiting for updated ROM before playing even trying to play my playoff games. I realize all they are changing is the OT, but figure it will create a different file name and might affect save state.
  2. Thanks. I think you guys did a good job of replacing guys who weren't playing. The dead time is a killer for momentum & league activity. Reading through previous leagues when trying to figure out if I was going to go "online" with my NHL '94 gaming, I noticed a lot of high flying leagues that suddenly went dormant. Especially, the playoffs. Should probably put limits on how long to get your series in with a moderator deciding who forfeits for not showing up if you want smooth transition in most league. Classic has such a long layoff between seasons, I don't think the need for time limitation(s) would be there. Again, thanks for the props. Would have loved to have gotten that last game.
  3. Game #40 for me was against Freydey in Classic A, and while I was not playoff bound (NO WHERE NEAR!), I was hoping to complete all 40 games in all leagues, A, B1 & B2. Even elluded to my game against him was a sure fire 1st place over Plabax in an attempt to create enough interest to get that game played. As evident by the final results, I failed to capture that magic moment.
  4. I'm from Chicago, so the Hawks get into the Finals by default for me. Ideally, if you win a cup, you'd want it to be against the best, so I'm pulling for Hawks/Pens. Obviously, getting past current defending champs is a tall enough order.
  5. To give out some love here, Mikey Mac beats me almost every time I play him Montreal vs Philly. Unfortunately, I can't be his opponent in any round, much less every round, unless I made the finals. Given my 5000000000-1 odds, it's a a scenario not likely to play out. I don't score that great, so having Roy against me is the nail in the coffin before the games start!
  6. If you are playing Odds Maker, I'd take Mindpind & Sicarius success at the top levels & put them at 2-1 each. But given Begley's strength of team in Detroit, you'd have to move him closer than 8-1 of the best odds you could expect w/ giving 2 teams that kind of odds. Which would push 5-2 on Mind & Sicarius to enable 4-1 on Begley. I think Witt goes 8-1, Kupuck & Wheels hang around 15-1. Brutus & team of Philly would go 45-1 at best. That'd be me if I were the Vegas man setting odds for money. Of course, after Begley's meltdown in the '93 Finals, he's not been spotted online, so a no-show might have to get factored into these odds.
  7. Thanks for the write-up Raph. I took over Philly @ 0-6, and i believe 4 of those 6 losses were top 6 (Detroit & Dallas), so I'd re-rank that 5W & 6L or the awesome 45%. 45% gives you a chance at sneaking in 4 out of 7 with an early KO from Lindros to Mogilny or Juneau I'm going w/ Begley quitting against Mindpind in the finals to repeat the '93 Finals format.
  8. The disrespect around here! I can't even get a 1 in a million posting? Maybe they don't teach 7th graders to count to 7 anymore, but WITTY should be able to. #7 seed is NOT completely out of the running, even with me playing the part. That's it. Gonna have to activate LINDROS for the series.
  9. I think there are about 5 of us for sure I know of. Dicion & Jagr68 & myself for sure that I know off top of my head. BBQ & a Tourney. I'd be 100% in. Gotta be on Sunday for me to make it though, not Saturday. I work 99 out of 100 Saturdays. I think that's a great idea.
  10. UMM...tried to send you message via AIM, but you don't receive off line. I tried to message you in site, and it would NOT let me. Says you can't receive new messages. Hopefully, you see this message before I goto bed.
  11. I can be on tonight in that 1-2 am time slot. What time zone though? I'm central time, and will be on from now till later.
  12. I think I've seen plenty of guys around to play hockey, and doubt at least 10 guys would not want to join for certain, at least enough to keep a league running. Smaller demand would eliminate the need for a weighted points standing. I think half the reason I'm wanting to set up a league post classic is because there are soo many of us who complain about being stuck trying to schedule with a handful of the NO SHOWS! Some good tournaments would be a great idea irregardless. I think the issue of some guys play during different times could bog down a tournament, so if you had it set up to 'time zone' tournaments, that'd make it all the easier, or have multiple tourneys running at all times. Something that takes time zones into effect would be good in setting up league schedules also, imo, more importantly than ranking imo. Gonna have to look into a "tournament style" website also that saves player & user stats, records vs, tourneys won, etc.
  13. Please, those who are interested in playing in something like this, go ahead and comment, and feel free to highlight & point out the likes & dislikes, or upgrades you'd add to it.
  14. Ok, I'm not looking to do it now, as we have all the Classic leagues coming to a close & '93 as well, but I've been kicking around a few league ideas, and pretty sure I could handle running a league & having a website hosting stats, rosters & the likes. Best to start now so it'd be ready when other leagues end. I'd love to get feed back from everyone to incorporate as many ideas as possible to ensure those of us who'd join, would want to keep playing! Here is what I have so far: The league would differ based on these two concepts: #1 Draft/Team Creation The basic concept is take all the rankings from the GDL 10 previous drafts and average them out into some type of draft order, and maybe have a vote to re-rank a few guys if needed. Then, based on this 24 team league ranking, you can pick your spot and create your own draft that you would have picked based on players that would be available in snake order with those selections. Obviously, there will be duplicate players, and possible some duplicate combos as a result. Now, there can be an unlimited amount of teams in the league, and once a week, or once every 2 weeks, the ROM gets updated based on any changes you've made to your lineups or lines. This is the basic setup for the league that I think would be cool, because your team can be tweaked during the season, and enables replay-ability for everyone as they adjust to set a team up to their style & liking!! #2 Standings/Scoring My idea would be to enable AS MUCH playing for those who want to play as often as they'd like without eliminating some of the top tier guys from participating without holding a league hostage to their limited motivation/availability. The best idea building in my mind is to have every player given a weight or point system a victory against them is valued at, and the point attributed in the standings is some combo off of your weight & your opponents weight. There still would exist a win-loss record, and you'd have to be in the top 3/4 of the leagues games played to have your team's & players displayed in the stats section. An obvious emphasis would be on the PER GAME stats. #3 SCHEDULE???!?!? This part I struggle with the most, as if not done right, it could ruin the weighted points standing idea. I'm mentally thinking you'd have a schedule that limits how many games you can play against one guy to prevent 2 guys from just pushing each other up the points standings.. Also, instead of replacement coaches, you'd just add new teams on the weekly updates to the league, and they'd start from zero points. In the end, in almost EVERY league, the active guys make the playoffs and best players win the playoffs. Perhaps unlimited games but some combo of your scoring % against certain tiers would be a way to THEN have a playoffs, with perhaps an A & B playoffs being created if enough teams are joined, instead of just one playoff. #4 Mid Season Robin Tournament started based on standing mid-season. Tournaments are the most fun, and make for a good mid-season connector from "draft day" to the playoffs The lull in mid-season can kill a league or slow it down. WEBSITE IDEAS: Displays all teams, a logo, current roster(s), line(s), with ability to edit lines on site for changing into ROM, Displays players in rankings for drafting, along with the ability to sort by rating. Displays standings, tournament page, history of tournaments, stats section. Coach stats, vs each coach, vs weight, tournament record, best scorer, worst nightmare (dude who scores the most on them). Would love, not sure if I can get done: Custom logos that are on site & imported to ROM. Create a team section where as you draft a player, all unavailable players (players ranked ahead of your next pick) disappear, until your roster is completed and then saved, or can be exported to your desktop to upload later. As you move mouse over a team roster in standings section, top scorer pops up, or whatever cool s**t fits in a small popup box.
  15. Good catch. I'm not getting a matching visual when I put a fast woman kicking & screaming And, we could actually toss in some good color to go along with the thread's theme.... rabid byatch. (of all the post, it actually edited this words proper spelling to b***h) By color of course, I don't mean to insult any nationality, heritage, ethics, racials, facials, or any other previously discussed offenses.
  16. Gotta give cred on the thread creator. My thread hasn't made page 2 yet Page 3 has merit, w/ page 4 approaching.
  17. That worked on my now ex-wife for like 4 years, always my joke,, and she never said boo, every argument while we'd be yelling at each other, I'd break in, "You just Can't understand Normal Thinking", and then ONE DAY, she got "it", and WHOA! steam out of the ears, fire out of the mouth, kicking & screaming like a rapid dog. I mean, that had to be the maddest I've ever seen a woman in my life
  18. Tonight, after 10 pm central. If work runs late, maybe 11 pm.
  19. Canadian isn't an ethnic you could profile their bud, and racism isn't quite the same as racialism. Good luck with the rest of your rage, and I'm happy you fancy yourself such an artist of swearing. To me, you are starting to come across more as someone who Can't Understand Normal Thinking.
  20. The Bulls beat the Heat, but noone is saying they belong in the same league as the Heat, minus Nate Robinson's momma, and after last night, even she's conceded. I've technically won some games against top A league guys, but I don't go posting I beat them if I lost 5 of 6, 7 of 9, etc. I've re-read your post, and your definitely implying more meat to your lamp chops than your opponents did. I'm going to start the Seth for C League Club. It has as much merit as half of this entertaining but silly thread.
  21. Yeah, I figured your XdeathsbloodX had to be an old login, but for different reasons. The thing to do back then to slip swears like xxxfuckxxx, xxxassfuckxxx, xxxbutthole, xxxdicklickerxxx, etc was to you the x's to get passed the login flags for naughty words. Figured it morphed into a login that you could keep. Grim Reaper is probably the type of name you'd see 'already in use' message. I hated when I'd try to get my name in there and get denied for a new site/game. My original name was Drug on some MUDD back in '91, if that goes back far enough for you guys But, that name eventually gave way to Brutus over the years.
  22. Hold on plabs. I thought you were like 14. What kind of detective work you doing at 10? Finding the missing GI JOE leg?
  23. Speaking to the moniker you hang on your online forum. Some cool, some lame, some straight odd ball names, but quite a variety. Figured it'd be cool to hear how some of us came about it. I never really played online games. I've had online poker name of Apollo Greed, but that didn't appeal to me for this. Brutus Khan was the online name I had for some D&D game when I was in college 20 yrs ago, and since I was going all retro, figured I'd pull that one out. Even blasted a pic from D&D type game I used to play called "Dungeon Keeper". Failing any cool hockey references coming to mind, and "I am Jack's Ragin Bile Duct" not working out as a logical login, I went with Brutus.
  24. About 20 minutes later and I think I've watch the flying jump kick to the back of the head 200 times. That & the "I'd miss work to play my games" quote from the other day, are just instant classics.