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  1. Well, don't forget, come fall, you'll have all the leaves to contend with as well as the trees & wind. That could be double jeopardy
  2. I'm around for a bit if anybody is still up & wants to play.
  3. damn it beavis. If you'd just chop down that tree already, I could have played a few of our games and be in the lead for the race to 40. As it stands, matticefire leads all leagues with 34 games.
  4. Unless of course you've been working on my banner, then all is forgiven, at least on my end
  5. You've got more posts than games on like an 8-1 ratio! You seriously can't be looking at the standings w/ 3 games played, a -2 points applied for all not played games in a 40 game season and think you are 3 games out of 4th place?? Really?
  6. I spent my whole day trying to get my owner banner going today, but just couldn't because I suck. Could you please make me one also? And while we are at it, since the banner states you are a participant, let's participate. I checked the weather channel and I've got low winds and minimal poltergeist tree grabbing action on my end tonight, so we should be clear for a few rounds at least!
  7. Thanks for the late night beat down Raphy. Anybody else around, I'll be on AIM for another 1/2 hour if you want. brutus.khan w/ the period in between
  8. League play or just for the hell of it, AIM me @ brutus.khan (period in between). I'm around watching sportscenter & crying that I actually started Barry Zito in my fantasy baseball league tonight!
  9. Most of us have found that the WIFI from your router gives ample speed. We are telling you to plug in the cable as long as you sit next to the router because even with smooth play & no lag, the games tend to "drop", and you end up having to replay them if you go with the WIFI connection instead of the cable plugged in. And, they tell you to disable the WIFI after you plug in, otherwise your computer will still use the WIFI connection, and still drop games even if you are "wired" Again, "wired" equals smooth play & no drops. WIFI from your router equals smooth play and some drops here & there. WIFI from your neighbor's house that somehow involve the trees & wind, bound for forum legend.
  10. I'm sticking with my visual of this dude sitting out in a field w/ a joystick & a laptop trying to play some hockey wondering if the wind is going to change directions & cause a TV timeout.
  11. Any updates on replacement coaches for B1? I recall reading about mandatory games played/wk, etc. I've been in contact w/ Saintsfan2500, so he's trying to get some games played, but had technical difficulties (0 games played but he's at least still alive). I'd expect his games played status to change shortly. Chicago (Kanoe) shows zero games, and I've had ability to contact him, nor heard of him through anyone else. Peach is 3-20 and at least still played most of his games, which had to be frustrating for him. Gotta give credit for sticking it out where credit is due.
  12. I've been around most of today. Depressed to only get 2 games in! Anyone around for some hockey, send me a love note
  13. Rage93 figured it out. I guess we both uploaded the same game both times at the same time, creating the double effect. I'd thought it wouldn't let you do that, but now we know it can happen, it's probably best to designate who uploads before the game starts.
  14. And I checked. Gaijin is also getting double losses and double scoring errors. Actual games and scores are correct though.
  15. B1 division. I just played 2 games against gaijin & uploaded each game. I'm 2-2 and on my coach screen it only shows 4 games played, but record shows 8 games. It's giving me double credit for each of my last 2 games against Boston, and if you look at the box scores, it shows 2 of each of my players. Weird. Can someone fix this? I don't think I did anything wrong, as I'm the one who loaded my 2 losses to Seth last night, and I just hit, F5 and uploaded the save stats.
  16. I was really hoping to play a few league games, but no one from my league is logged in or online. Anybody up for a few exhibition games, give me a shout. Thanks.
  17. Hey guys. I'm around for a few hours tonight and I'll be around most of tomorrow to get some good hockey in. If anyone wants to play, and doesn't see me on AIM, you can always email me via the forum, and I get notices sent to my phone as well. I'm new to AIM, so I'll try to set that up tonight as well. A few of us have AIM sent to not forward offline messages, which is dumb, imo. At least have it email you. Those in my conference, my "usual" times of availability are 11:30 pm central to 2 am Mon, Tue, Thur & Fri. I'm usually available throughout the day on Wednesday & Sunday for shorter times, as that's my off days and usually I'm doing something with the family, but it's not hard to squeeze in a hockey game! It's easier to pre-schedule those days with me. Anyhow, figure if we post when we are available, we can all try to get our games played easier, and that is why we signed up in the first place.
  18. I'd thought with 14 teams in B1, we'd be doing something to adjust games to fit. Ie, 3 games a coach is 39 games, but that leaves someone with the extra home game advantage. Whereas 2 games a coach is 26 games, and 4 is 52 games. Also, A1 having 12, figured you'd jump up to 48 games. I'd errantly assumed the 40 was a general number. Anyhow, I'll look forward to the updated post with set format then (hopefully not hijacked for some 2on2 action!).
  19. Excited to see the teams out. I've been away on a family vacation, and just returned home last night, and now I'm doing double time to catch up on work & personal life after being away for over a week on the road. I'll do my best to be around a lot more starting next week again, but should be able to find time to play this week (for those in my league who give a crap!). First league I've been in on this site. Do we use a posted schedule, or is it just fill up an open formatted schedule? Also, when does either of these get posted, and how many games for this season are we going to play? I look forward to trying to get St. Louis Blues action going. Thanks, Doug
  20. I think if you have a bunch of "B" players playing "A" players, and they start out 0-10, they figure out they probably aren't title contenders real quick, and then stop logging in. I think players should have a general ranking and try to be placed accordingly (if this is possible), to prevent high drop out rates I was hearing about. Also, I'm not too sure how the leagues are organized, so this might already be done. Another idea is trying to find out "play" times, and group leagues that way. Best thing is to be able to get your games played well above who you are playing, imo. The chips will fall and seasons finish faster and players move on to next season faster if they are lumped together based on "when" they play. I'd rather be a A-B & C league that finishes all its games quicker than an A league that takes 5 times as long, or a B league that never really finishes. Another point of having rankings would be after you finished a season with players in the same playing time zones( I specify playing over actual time zone because that's all that really matters), you could try to scale the talent so the worst players got the best teams, and the best players got last pick. (watch, I'll end up being the guy who needs the all-star team when its done!)
  21. toss me on a waiting list if this is where you do it AIM: brutus.khan email:
  22. Toss me on a waiting list please. AIM: brutus.khan email me @ if necessary or in site.
  23. See. You geniuses thought of everything for that! In a way, I'm glad I missed out, as waiting a year would almost sour the taste. I think the best idea we ever did off-site for one of our games was for a baseball game where we had a draft using 80 years back of baseball, and randomly creating a draft of players to pool from (I had APBA game that had all the players names able to be dumped into a file), and we had a random selection "weighted scale" to select the rookie draft class from up to 80 years back. We didn't bother with aging, but instead each team edited in their players "stats" to reflect that year of that players career, and when their career was over, that player retired. Being a baseball game, the game editor had you just fill in the stats and that's how the player played. However, this was before online gaming, and a few of the guys started to hate each other, a few guys got married, and finding a place to play together ended all that. Sadly, Ruth never made it into the league as it ended well before his "number" was called.
  24. I appreciate all of the feedback. I've been swamped with work, and haven't had time to check over using google docs. I ended up doing a small draft using the GDL site as a guide for shits & grins w/ my friend breaking up 3 teams each, just to have some variance when we go head to head, and to give us more stacked teams when we play without it just being 2 Allstar teams. We've played about 40 games with these teams, and it's been a blast and solid break from the tourneys we were running against each other. Haven't done one tourney since our side draft. As for the stats, I was looking to say run a season offline and have those stats not have to be kept manually. I will look through the suggestions you guys have when I have more time. I'm not familiar with google docs at all, but I'm a quick learner and I doubt it's that complicated. Primarily, I was hoping there was something as quick to download and use as the emulator & hamachi/DS3 tool for my joypad was!!