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  1. The link you list goes to a league that is a draft league that didn't seem to have any rookie draft, aging, development, etc., which is more the direction of dynasty I was referring to. Any chance it's the wrong link or turned into something else? Anybody else have interest in a league where there would be something like this? I'm fairly sure I could handle running off-seasons, developing the rookie sheets, etc, but I'd need help setting up sites, organizing enough players, and getting everyone to agree on the formulas that age current players, and create rookies. They'd obviously have to
  2. Don't know how complicated the aging, rookie creator would have to be, but I'd imagine the Blitz style weight-bug fix would be better suited for this type of league, as all rookies being randomly created would potentially end up with some odd combos that the classic style would probably make even weirder. Has anyone ever tried anything like this? I used to play the old hockey simulator that you could use to play within the Gretzky hockey game, which is as far back as I can remember a hockey simulator being around. Being able to actually play out the games with a real entertaining game inste
  3. Sorry, that came out a bit longer than it looked when I typed it! The main message if you take anything out might be to re-organize what is downloadable, delete or achive the old, unnessary threads from before Baby Einstein-smoz came into being, and make it more accessable without having to navigate through posts from 2006 only to find out they are obsolete on page 6 of the same thread because Super Smoz made an even greater program. That dude is amazing. Reading back through those "discovery" forums and his ability to lay out the ideas plus code the solutions really made me glad to log in
  4. Hello everyone. I'm new around here, and I've spent a lot of my free time curiously catching up on your last 6 years or so of your forums. Half the time it's because I was looking for the answer to a question, and had to sort through a 5 page topic thread to see if the question is ever answered. I think the site has several topics pinned to the top, so it's easy enough to get the basic grasp of things, but the true guts is not laid out in a friendly, non-nerd way, like the initial page of "getting started" is. If someone is looking to expand through the base use of this game aside from joi
  5. Appreciate Raph showing up tonight and enabling meet to hit on something....unfortunately, most of the night, I was hitting myself after I gave up yet another goal. Hopefully, I held my own enough to warrant some re-matches another time. Best part about this game is it takes around 10 minutes to play a game, so you can jump in and out of 2-3 games without distracting your whole life's schedule.
  6. Didn't really see a forum spot to post if you are looking for a few good games of hockey non-league to cap off a night. Wife is hogging the TV w/ Oscar crap. It's got me in the mood to hit something. I figured if you post in the rookie section, it goes to the back of page 25 of "Intros", so anyhow. Sitting around wanting to play some NHL94. AOL is brutus.khan . If that fails for some reason, try me on the site. (edited because i guess i'd had my AOL in wrong)
  7. Hi. I'm interested in joining any leagues. I'd love to get some games in to vet myself via exhibition. Play online most days with a friend from work, so I'm familiar with the Hamachi setup. Not too famaliar with AOL, but Iļl try to have it up & running to get in a few games. Old video game name was Brutus Khan so I set that up for my AOL. Anybody intersted, send me something & I'm ready to go. Thanks, Doug PS Also, most of anybody I ever met outside of this site always played no line changes, no penalties, but seems online forum, most of you play with penalties on. Is that the