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  1. I'm going to be hosting another one of my draft leagues. HOWEVER, currently, it doesn't have a start date yet, because a few guys, myself included, are currently struggling hosting games. A good league requires everyone to be able to host/play without issues. LIKELY, about 2 weeks from now would be my guesstimate. SO, for now, here are the rules, and all I want to know is HOW many are interested in joining. Draft league involving the NHL94 ROM player pool. Classic settings, except no penalties. During the regular season, only 3 minute periods!!! When you draft a player, you get to designate where he plays, Forward or defense (all goalies stay goalies). There will be NO handicapping the A players, minus giving B coaches more home games, and weighting the schedule so A plays A more & B plays B more. Top players will have the same chance of drafting a great team. The goal of this league is to have a fun draft (best part of any league) and NOT have all series go to 7 games. 3 minute periods should make it easier to bear facing Raph w/ Mogilny or Ice w/ Housley on his WING! Playoffs MAY/MAY NOT go to 5 minutes again. Yet TBD. ANYHOW, reply below if you are interested. More details to come later.
  2. Bob Bassen, the Bassenator! Gotta play ol' Brute vs the Blues to know the true extent of this sickness.
  3. I always had pretty strong faceoff numbers when I played sober and used to talk to Plabax about similar things we noticed a lot depended on WHERE the face off was and when it was much more than WHOM was in the faceoff. We both agreed than in certain positions, pulling back worked more times than sideways, etc. I never spent long hours analyzing data, but I definitely knew if against the boards, pulling to back and towards the goalie won more faceoffs than anything. Also, felt like PAPER/ ROCK / SCISSORS to me, in that what your opponent which direction your opponent was going for would alter what worked best for you. I swear, vs some guys who I knew always pulled back, or always pulled to the right, I'd win a much higher faceoff than guys who mixed it up.
  4. Rob Blake & Kevin Hatcher both #4. I'll check the rest of my #'s as soon as I can. Everyone else, please review your own team.
  5. ROSTERS are locked.
  6. Trade deadline high noon tomorrow central time.
  7. Minus any pending trades before noon tomorrow, we got ourselves a finished draft & set lines. Nice job everyone. thanks to chaos & Raph from here going forward for their work on site/rom. all that’s left is any trade(s) & duplicate numbers , checking final rom for errors
  8. Yeah, I am pretty sure between Trojan, AJ & myself, a weekly lead in wouldn't be too hard to drum up. Again, worse case would be every other week if activity was low, imo. Still good to start something like this, and let the ball start to roll where it rolls.
  9. Streaming on Retro I highly doubt puts any strain on NHL94. We can easily test it, as I have a twitch account, and can stream exi's w/ & w/out it to see if it effects quality. And, Game of Thrones is over. Stanley Cup is almost done. Football is months away and baseball sucks these days, and that leaves Sunday nights free for most of you nerds for sure! Especially, if we make it Game Night. More likely to make yourself available. AT WORSE, we record our games or krecs and get them to AJ/Trojan to convert to a video stream that they can run/comment on Sunday night, and then we upload the results, so it's like a TAPE DELAY.
  10. Brutus DROPS F Gaetan Duchesne & ADDS G Andre Racicot.
  11. TRADE DEADLINE: Wednesday HIGH noon, 12 pm central tomorrow After that ROSTERS locked to get the ROM & League setup on time to start at the beginning of June.
  12. Yeah, and the first guy to come in off the bench after him this case, Linden. So, Laffy subs in for Sundin or Carson in penalty/injury, and Linden subs in after that. That's my understanding of how we set the lines, unless you specify you want it differently.
  13. If you weren't mentioned in the @, it's cause I couldn't get your forum handle to work, lol
  14. Following up on a post by Trojan, I think we can all work to add some extra flair to summer league. I'm thinking Sunday night, some time between 8-10 pm central, having a game of the week, where one or 2 games are streamed with commentary by guys like AJ/Ice/Trojan arranged as well. Pretty sure if I stream the game and say AJ/Trojan are in a party mode setup where their stream is linked, they can stream the game with commentary. I think leading up the game while it's getting setup, could discuss current league standings/stats &&& NHL94 stuff coming up, etc, like a 5-10 minute lead in at most. One or two games being streamed on a set time, means total time would be in the range of 30 minutes available on a weekly basis. Thoughts? @MikeGartner22 @jackandjose @dcicon5148 @kingraph @kylewat @corbettkb @jer_33 @LeifErikson @Edge of 94' WI @angryjay93 @IceStorm70 @chaos @aqualizard
  15. YES, maybe a set night/time, we stream a few games on twitch or something and have live commentary, plus weekly review discussion would be nice too. Wrong thread for this, so I'll post something to follow up with.
  16. Schmidt trades Luc to Tex for Russ, confirmed in a wrong thread that I deleted.
  17. Ed Belfour & F Musil for Ray Ray & Richter
  18. Chicago Blackhawks C Savard LW Makarov RW Esa LD Blake RD RAY RAY Xtra attacker: Millen First Forward Sub: Millen First Defensive Sub: Hatcher Goalie: Richter
  19. Set you lines up, only line 1 setup, and who you want to come in first. A Group Brutus - set Raph - set Ice - set AJ - set FPB - set MikeG - set Dickon - set Tex - set Zep - set B Group Aqua - set Atomic - set Chaos - set Jer - set J&J - set Kuefner - set Leif - set GoCanes - set Schmidt - set
  20. Option 1 it will be. Summer schedule it is. I'll try to play some games vs the B & C group, especially w/ my B squad, and factor our playoff format before season starts, which I'm aiming for June 1st/2nd range.
  21. Looks like a lot to read through BUT basically: EVERYONE is going to be playoff eligible. There will be BYE rounds in the playoffs, like a play-in setup, and the B guys are asking for one playoff set up, so this will likely be the case. The question comes in, do you want a LARGE open schedule, and just go by stats that show AVERAGE/per game, or do you prefer a shorter schedule where the games being played, not played have more penalties. I sold this to most of you as OPTION 1, so unless I get a crazy amount of guys asking for NOT option 1, this will likely be the choice.
  22. Ok, we have 18 coaches, 9 A & 9 B. The season will last 2 months, probably from June 1st through July 31st. This will be in the middle of summer, and some of the coaches will be around A LOT and some will not hardly be around AT ALL. Previous summer leagues BOMBED as a result of such a drastic range in coach's availability, to the point where some guys stopped signing up for leagues in the summer. LAST year, J&J ran a summer league where the schedule was OPEN, meaning you could play as many games as you wanted, or as few as you wanted, as long as your participated SOME, you were playoff eligible. This seemed to work great for the majority of people involved. Please vote, and then leave any feedback afterwards below. IF you are confused by the questions, feel free to ask before voting, as I'm sure some of you will be, given previous interaction
  23. Feel free to make any ADD/DROPS You all have 12 Forwards, 6 Defenders and 2 Goalies. You can drop a forward for an extra Defender or Goalie, or for a different forward. ANY DROPPED player is on a first come, first serve basis for availability. There is no waiver period. IT IS rare we don't have at least 4-5 add/drops, but given HOW deep this draft was, we are more likely to see guys just trade w/ each other on these back end deals. As mentioned in trade thread, likely keep Free Agency & Trades open till some day next week, when rosters will be locked. That date/time will be announced on Sunday, along with league start date.
  24. TRADING will be open through next week, where we will figure a day to LOCK rosters and get season start date.