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  1. 8 1 137 Joe Nieuwendyk F QUE Skip 8 2 138 Alex Delvecchio F SJS Angryjay93 8 3 139 Eric Weinrich D WPG Flatcrusher 8 4 140 Mike Ridley F OTT Chaos 8 5 141 Petr Svoboda D LAK Aqualizard
  2. 7 1 120 Bill Quacknbush D OTT Chaos 7 2 121 Teppo Numminen D WPG Flatcrusher 7 3 122 Ron Francis F TOR Jer_33 7 4 123 Mark Tinordi D NYI Spaceghost 7 5 124 Claude Lemieux F DAL Tex
  3. Post all your trades and get them confirmed here
  4. 1.2 Flatcrusher selects Mogilny. 1.3 Spaceghost selects Bobby Orr. 1.4 Aqua selects Eric Lindros 1.5 Jer selects Ray Bourque 1.6 Lupz takes Bobby Hull 1.7 Jer selects JR 1.8 Spaceghost selects Phil Esposito 1.9 Zep takes Yzerman 1.10 MikeGartner selects Selanne 1.11 Chef takes Adam Oates. 1.12 J&J takes Mike Gartner 1.13 Skip takes Pavel Bure 1.14 Flat takes Gordie Howe 1.15 Aqua take Petr Klima 1.16 chaos takes Mike Modano 1.17 Edmonton oilers select Mark Messier 1.18 DC takes Tomas Sandstrom 1.19 Tigers Take Sid Smith 1.20 J&J Cam Neely 1.21 B
  5. Link to Draft Sheet Direct
  6. Round 10 10.1 Atomic 10.2 Chaos 10.3 Ice 10.4 Dcicon 10.5 Flatcrusher 10.6 Chef 10.7 MikeGartner 10.8 Zep 10.9 Skip 10.10 Lupz 10.11 Jer 10.12 Aqua 10.13 J&J 10.14 Spaceghost 10.15 Brutus 10.16 Tex 10.17 AJ
  7. Round 9 9.1 Chef 9.2 Skip 9.3 Jer 9.4 Flatcrusher 9.5 MikeGartner 9.6 Atomic 9.7 Lupz 9.8 Zep 9.9 Spaceghost 9.10 J&J 9.11 Chaos 9.12 Aqua 9.13 Brutus 9.14 Dcicon 9.15 Tex 9.16 Ice 9.17 AJ
  8. Round 8 8.1 Skip 8.2 AJ 8.3 Flatcrusher 8.4 Chaos 8.5 Aqua 8.6 MikeGartner 8.7 Chef 8.8 Jer 8.9 Dcicon 8.10 J&J 8.11 Atomic 8.12 Lupz 8.13 Spaceghost 8.14 Zep 8.15 Tex 8.16 Ice 8.17 Brutus
  9. Round 7 7.1 Chaos 7.2 Flatcrusher 7.3 Jer 7.4 Spaceghost 7.5 Tex 7.6 Skip 7.7 Aqua 7.8 Zep 7.9 Chef 7.10 J&J 7.11 MikeGartner 7.12 Atomic 7.13 AJ 7.14 Lupz 7.15 Ice 7.16 Dcicon 7.17 Brutus
  10. Round 6 (First 4 picks are supplemental picks to even out number of players per team) 6.1 Tex 6.2 Brutus 6.3 AJ 6.4 Ice (hail to the new King) (Now starts the Rd 4 picks based on lottery for this round. After this round, each team, barring trades, will have 7 players) 6.5 Flat 6.6 Skip 6.7 Jer 6.8 Atomic 6.9 Chef 6.10 MikeGartner 6.11 J&J 6.12 Spaceghost 6.13 Ice 6.14 Aqua 6.15 Dcicon 6.16 Chaos 6.17 Lupz 6.18 Zep 6.19 AJ 6.20 Brutus 6.21 Tex
  11. Round 5 No supplemental picks, order based on weighted lottery run for this round. 5.1 Dcicon 5.2 Chef 5.3 Jer 5.4 J&J 5.5 MikeGartner 5.6 Atomic 5.7 Flatcrusher 5.8 Spaceghost 5.9 Aqua 5.10 Lupz 5.11 Chaos 5.12 Tex 5.13 Skip 5.14 Ice 5.15 Brutus 5.16 AJ 5.17 Zep
  12. Round 4 No supplemental picks, order based on weighted lottery run for this round. 4.1 Atomic 4.2 MikeGartner 4.3 Aqua 4.4 Dcicon 4.5 Jer 4.6 J&J 4.7 Spaceghost 4.8 Chef 4.9 Flatcrusher 4.10 Zep 4.11 AJ 4.12 Skip 4.13 Chaos 4.14 Tex 4.15 Lupz (Luck ran out) 4.16 Brutus 4.17 Ice
  13. Round 3 (First 4 picks are supplemental) 3.1 Lupz 3.2 Skip 3.3 Dcicon 3.4 Zep (Now starts the Rd 3 picks based on lottery for this round) 3.5 Spaceghost 3.6 Brutus (I had only 1 ball, but got lucky in Rd 2 & 3, and I don't even want to hear it from the peanut gallery!) 3.7 Tex 3.8 Lupz (4 leaf clover on this one) 3.9 Flatcrusher 3.10 Atomic 3.11 Skip 3.12 Jer 3.13 J&J 3.14 MikeGartner 3.15 Chef 3.16 Dcicon 3.17 Aqua 3.18 Chaos 3.19 AJ 3.20 Zep 3.21 Ice
  14. Round 2 (First 4 picks are supplemental) 2.1 Chaos 2.2 MikeGartner 2.3 Atomic 2.4 J&J (Now starts the Rd 2 picks based on lottery run each round) 2.5 Atomic 2.6 Lupz (he had a lot of balls but kept coming up aces first 2 rounds!) 2.7 Brutus 2.8 Spaceghost 2.9 Skip 2.10 J&J 2.11 MikeGartner 2.12 Zep 2.13 Flatcrusher 2.14 Aqua 2.15 Chef 2.16 Dcicon 2.17 Jer 2.18 Chaos 2.19 AJ 2.20 Ice 2.21 Tex
  15. (Drafting 11 players per team, but only 10 Rounds because 4 of the rounds will have more picks than normal) Round 1 (First 5 are supplemental & weren't subject to lottery) 1.1 Chef 1.2 Flatcrusher 1.3 Spaceghost 1.4 Aqua 1.5 Jer (Now starts the picks from the lottery I ran) 1.6 Lupz 1.7 Jer 1.8 Spaceghost 1.9 Zep 1.10 MikeGartner 1.11 Chef 1.12 J&J 1.13 Skip 1.14 Flatcrusher 1.15 Aqua 1.16 Chaos 1.17 Ice 1.18 Dcicon 1.19 Atomic 1.20 Tex 1.21 Brutus 1.22 AJ
  16. Ok, ONCE the Google Sheet is created and all, WE will get this all looking pretty and clean like normal. BUT, for now, I am outside of my technical expertise so I'm going to just post it manually. A quick explanation: EACH round of the draft was done with a weight lottery online. In addition, I included a set of players from Group 4 to receive an additional pick at the top of Rd 1. In addition, I included a set of players from Group 3 to receive an additional pick at the top of Rd 2. In addition, I included a set of players from Group 2 to receive an additional
  17. Blitz style ROM for weight bug fixed, NO C/B, Check rating added into Check Factor like in previous Blitz ROM's. No boost to goalies, Classic style for goalie range & control switch controls (no SNES instant switch or shortened B switch controls) Classic Hot/Cold on, except displays of in game ratings will be accurate. 5 minute periods, Offsides Off, Icing ON, Penalties on, but reduced to 45 seconds. Overtime set for 10 minutes. (Nothing better than an OT battle around the 4 minute mark after a few great saves!) 5 Forwards, 4 defense, 2 Goalies League to start October 15th
  18. Smoz, yeah as coach says, if you just go in regularly, then it's like basic stuff, they snip s**t growing in your shitter! Lol I had one done last week on Tuesday & Doctor found a large one he made me reschedule to take it out on Friday & I guess he wasn't setup to do it during initial one Tuesday. basically, anything large growing in the lower region if left alone eventually turns cancerous, is what I come to understand. since I'm never sick, my basic checkup with a doctor I barely know ended up with me freaked out thinking something was really bad with me for 2
  19. ALSO, as a fair warning to all my fellow buds out here, if you are over 40, approaching 40, get checked out. They used to recommend 50, but now are moving it to 45. You'd be STUNNED at the stories I heard after I told mine around work/friends/circles, etc. And, my gastrologist specialist I went to said 100% I'd have developed cancer if I hadn't gone in when I did. Like, I'm never sick, don't have grey hair, all my hair, decent shape, sitting with good genes, no allergies, no history of nothing, and I'd have been in a bad way fast if I hadn't been listening to the radio and Eddy O was c
  20. Hey guys. So I planned on running this league and had a nice window of time open to set it up. It's a cool idea, but complicated to setup and required time. Unfortunately, I ran out of time. I tried to get help, but wasn't able to do so in order to get things set up. Recently, Coach reached out to me offering to help, but I failed to clear any time to even call Coach over the phone and set things up with him. He's since then started up his cool little Retro league, so I'm going to put this league on hold until I get my more free time for NHL94. As it stands, I had a scare by a doc
  21. Freedom of schedule for a group of guys who all play at various times randomly when they feel like it for a few weeks and then disappear for a month, and then play at 7 pm eastern, but then next time always at 11 pm eastern, etc. The rigid schedule is probably best suited for when most the site was filled with guys playing between 7-11 pm 3-4 nights a week plus, and the only way you DIDN'T get your games in was by not showing up. Now, you can show up 3-4 days in a row and not see a soul, or show up one day and get 15 games in! So, I really felt the theme of a Summer League and stretch
  22. I think if we were a true A/B, this might work a little better than just one team having more/less salary cap to spend. Ie, giving Mogilny type player to an A coach is WAY crazier than to a B coach, so I could set his A level salary 3 times higher type setup. But, we are more of an A- league w/ some A guys, and a few B guys. So, since it a short league setup & more of a trial run, I'm going to leave it as ONE salary for all players, and adjust TEAM SALARY caps to weight the league accordingly. Keep the ideas flowing, cause I'm going to work most of the final details out