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  1. Chicago Blackhawks C Hull LW Lebeau RW Reichel LD P Housley RD R Bourque G McLean X Drake 1st sub Drake 2nd sub Muller 1st Def sub Brown 2nd Def sub Richardson
  2. Brutus

    Summer Draft Thread

    Brutus selects L. Richardson
  3. Brutus

    Summer Draft Thread

    7.10 Brutus selects J. Brown. 7.11 Brutus selects J Lumme
  4. Brutus

    Summer Draft Thread

    6.5 Spaceghost picks Hatcher 6.6 Brutus takes Reichel 6.7 Brutus takes Lebeau
  5. Brutus

    Summer Draft Thread

    Rd 6 Recap 6.1Emerson to J&J 6.2 Ellett to Gartner 6.3 Ulf Samuelsson to Aqua 6.4 Turgeon to Chaos 6.5 Hatcher to Spaceghost 6.6 Reichel to Brutus 6.7 LeBeau to Brutus 6.8 Skip is on the clock
  6. Cool ass post by Coach. Trying to clean up the draft thread so guys can follow along w/ out using the Excel sheet, which is hard for some, so I'm moving this one here for now.
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    Summer Draft Thread

    Rd 1 Recap 1.1 Mogilny to Tex 1.2 Yzerman to Raph 1.3 Selanne to Chef 1.4 Jr to Atomic 1.5 Bure to Seamor 1.6 Gartner to Lupz 1.7 Dino to Coach 1.8 Klima to Dcicion 1.0 Mario to Skip 1.10 Oates to Chaos 1.11 Laffy to Brutus 1.12 Fleury to Spaceghost 1.13 Housley to Ice 1.14 Eddy to Aqua 1.15 Recchi to MikeGartner 1.16 Gilmour to J&J
  8. Brutus

    Summer Draft Thread

    Summer League (Link to Draft)
  9. Need this to be put in it's own forum section, and the following rules cleared up: Draft Order # of Rounds per draft (how many total players drafted, including bench) Type of Rom (WBF or Classic) Penalties On/ Off & Time per penalty (if off, assumed to use Plablegs rom for B check enabled w/ penalties off) Goalie Ratings Boost (Like in Blitz & Plablegs, or regular goalie ratings like in GDL & Classic) Goalie Range Increased (Like in Blitz & Plablegs) Faster Goalie Control (Like in Blitz & Plablegs, but not GDL or Classic) In this, you have to hold "B" less time before you get control of the goalie. Y Button enabled for Instant Goalie (Blitz option, rarely used in most leagues) Hack enabled check count? Home/Away advantages set to null?
  11. Google Doc is ready. This thread needs it's own section in the forum and I can link the draft doc to it.
  12. Via Discord, Dcicion said he's in too.
  13. I'll join in. There won't be any other leagues running until next Fall, so anyone looking to be in a draft till then, this is your chance.
  14. Great end to the season guys. SEASON IS OVER. IF for stat reasons, if anyone wants to load up any unplayed games before Chaos switches it to playoff mode, I'm fine with that. BUT PLAYOFFS ARE LOCKED. Going through seeding now, but 10 teams are locked. #1 Raph #2 Zep #3 Tex #4 Atomic #5 Skip #6 Ice #7 J&J #8 Chaos #9 Brutus #10 Aqua Rd 1 PlayIn series #7 J&J vs #10 Aqua #8 Chaos vs #9 Brutus Rd2 Series #1 Raph vs lowest seed from PlayIns #2 Zep vs 2nd lowest seed from PlayinIns #3 Tex vs #6 Ice #4 Atomic vs #5 Skip
  15. Hey guys, sending this as private PM, plus in Discord, plus posting here. REMINDER Season ends Monday. Technically, Monday is Sunday night after 12:00, but for reasonable purposes, we will take Monday to be 10 am central. SO last chance to UPLOAD games is 9:59 am, Monday on September 23rd. ****BIG PUSH**** IN DIVISION GAMES IF Zep plays Ice, that's 3 games each. IF Lupz plays Dcicon, that's 3 games each. IF Jer plays Chef, that's 3 games each. Those 3 series would make all this look WAY WAY BETTER, so you guys find each other by Monday please. REMAINING GAMES NOT PLAYED AS OF SATURDAY morning: Zep 27 games (needs Ice & Chef) Ice 27 games (needs Zep & Lupz) Brutus 30 games (needs Jer) Lupz 23 games (needs Dcicon, Chaos, Adam & Ice) Dcicon 23 games (needs Lupz, Adam, Chef & Jer) Chaos 30 games (needs Lupz) Jer 25 games (needs Chef, Dcicon, & Brutus) Adam 28 games (needs Lupz & Dcicon) Chef 25 games (needs Jer, Dcicon & Zep)
  16. Slacker list: Brutus is at 17 games, but got 4 in Tuesday night, scheduled to play J&J on Wednesday and Lupz on Saturday night. If I can find Ice before the weekend ends, I could be at 24 games played going into the extended time. HOWEVER, the commish of the league can't be sitting at the bottom. It's setting a bad precedent to you slackers! I need Lupz, Ice, Chef, Dick, Adam, Jer & J&J. Let's GA. Lupz is away till Saturday night, and at 12 games played, is not eligible to make the playoffs the way it sits. Look for him this weekend if you need games with him, and late at night next week. Hopefully, he gets a Tex style run of games in. Ice is at 16 games, and suffering. NEED to get this guy to 100%. Made all kinds of exceptions to add him and then noone has been around when he has. Decent amount of activity for this low of games. Maybe guys in need of Ice & ICE himself can start scheduling via PM/Discord privately. Dcicion is at 17 games. Aside from an occasional mid afternoon/early evening asking for games, I've not heard much from him. NEED more effort if you are going to want to be playoff eligible. I'll be reaching out myself to schedule our games hopefully this weekend. At this stage of the season, just asking for games when we are available on Discord isn't going to get anyone left to 100%. Chef is only at 19 games. Chef needs dick, zep, brutus, lupz, ice & jer. That's mainly the slackers this season, but Chef is a previous slacker offender! PLEASE reach out Chef and find your fellow slackers. Jer is only at 18 games. Rare to find Jer on this list, but HERE WE ARE!! 18 games is not getting it done bud. He needs dick, chef, Adam, Brutus, Lupz, Zep
  17. UPDATE: Season was supposed to run through April 15th, Monday. There are several coaches slacking their games, myself including. Each guy has his own excuse(s), but we need to get much closer to completion by Monday the 15th. Due to the heavy inactivity during Spring Break (basically lasted 2 weeks, as half the guys seem to be off the first week, and the other half the second week), I am going to extend the season one more week, through April 23rd. ANY games uploaded after the 23rd will require commissioner exception to be allowed/not deleted. Please use either the forum, PM or the Discord to find your needed opponents and let's all try to kick in and get some extra games in. Brute
  18. Scheduling: 5 holers: Winnipeg (Ice) 2 games home vs Blues (Brutus) Winnipeg (Ice) 2 games home vs Dallas (Tex) Blues (Brutus) 2 games home vs Vegas (Raph) Blues (Brutus) 2 games home vs Hartford (Zep) Hartford (Zep) 2 games home vs Winnipeg (Ice) Hartford (Zep) 2 games home vs Dallas (Tex) Vegas (Raph) 2 games home vs Winnipeg (Ice) Vegas (Raph) 2 games home vs Hartford (Zep) Dallas (Tex) 2 games home vs Blues (Brutus) Dallas (Tex) 2 games home vs Vegas (Raph) Crease Cutters: NYR (Lupz) 2 games home vs CHI (Dcicion) NYR (Lupz) 2 games home vs LAK (Aqua) CHI (Dcicion) 2 games home vs Min (Skip) CHI (Dcicion) 2 games home vs COL (J&J) COL (J&J) 2 games home vs NYR (Lupz) COL (J&J) 2 games home vs LAK (Aqua) Min (Skip) 2 games home vs NYR (Lupz) Min (Skip) 2 games home vs COL (J&J) LAK (Aqua) 2 games home vs CHI (Dcicion) LAK (Aqua) 2 games home vs Min (Skip) One Timers: CGY (Chaos) 2 games home vs HAM (Atomic) CGY (Chaos) 2 games home vs PHI (Chef) HAM (Atomic) 2 games home vs TOR (Jer33) HAM (Atomic) 2 games home vs PIT (Adam) PIT (Adam) 2 games home vs CGY (Chaos) PIT (Adam) 2 games home vs PHI (Chef) TOR (Jer33) 2 games home vs CGY (Chaos) TOR (Jer33) 2 games home vs PIT (Adam) PHI (Chef) 2 games home vs HAM (Atomic) PHI (Chef) 2 games home vs TOR (Jer33) Play in division 3 games, 2 at home and 1 on the road = 12 games (4x3). Play everyone out of division, 1 at home and 1 on the road = 20 games (10 x 2). Total games = 32 games.
  19. Trade deadline this Sunday night after no one is awake! As long as people are awake, trades can be made. Come Monday morning, I'll lock rosters & have crash finalize a rom . Let's give a FULL day Monday to review rom & check for errors. Get this final rom to Chaos & get site live Tuesday some time, Wednesday latest. Official season deadlines won't start till the following Monday, the 19th. So, this enables the early birds to get their GA in, but please be respectful of guys like Zep, who prefer to pace their season every over their 4 plus weeks. that said, summer is approaching & id prefer it to drag the league longer than necessary. ill be messaging you guys privately about your votes for teams/rankings/etc
  20. This year, after the trade deadline is finished up, going to get everyone's private votes on ranking the teams #1-15 on a few categories via forum PM. And then, I'll post all the results here. Should give us some entertainment.