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  1. I updated league structure. 3 DIVISIONS is strictly for scheduling (home/away will be determined by coin flip sent to Chaos) In division is 3 games per guy in division, or 12 games. That leaves 10 teams from other 2 divisions to play x 2, or 20 games. Same total of 32 games. Top 10 coaches make the A playoffs. B playoffs will be determined by invite from the bottom 8.
  2. Ok, based on a very fast start of the draft and an even faster run draft, and early trading, I think most of the teams are settled in. Still might have a few trades out there working, but nothing that couldn't close within a few days. SO, I set up a poll to figure out where the league is at. I'd LIKE to bump the start date up so we can get one more league started before the summer gets here. Right now, I'm leaning on Wednesday start date, with trade deadline Sunday night. Going ALL the way till next Friday seems extreme, even by my standards!
  3. Take a minute pre-game to look at your opponents roster, look most carefully at the player's jersey #, then goto the weight. I find staring at the #, then reviewing the weight, given all the various leagues, roms, drafts, re-numbering we go through, helps me see who I will be trying to c check or C/b check. Looking at the name (which disappears come game time) is not as effective for me. I need to look at the jersey number, the slot/position he will starting in, and then look at his weight. I flip one time back and forth between my roster and their roster, because it display
  4. ALSO, for those wanting a FUN experiment, I recommend getting to NOSE and editing a team with these guys. Ray Bourque & Scott Stevens for defense. LW Lindros C Messier RW Tikkanen You can also sub in Joel Otto as well here for Tikkanen if you wanted the full FAT effect. Ray's check is 6. The others are all 5's. If you play against this lineup, just watch the carnage more than bother trying to play against it the first try. Guys laid out every where. ALSO, I recommend do this with penalties OFF or using Plablegs rom if you don't want 100 delays!
  5. I look at CHECK rating as another CPU controlled rating, like Offensive Awareness & Defensive Awareness. The higher your guy's CHECK rating is, the more you will see him checking while under the CPU control. Psychopaths like Ray Bourque will literally clear out areas as the CPU. Some times as you are skating back after missing a goal, and trying to get back on defense, you'll find yourself just FLATTENED by the CPU as you pass him by way away from the play. If you were playing against your average defender, say Phil Housley, you'd have a ZERO percent change of experienc
  6. Yeah I doubt I'm right about this because I think both Raph & Plabax look more closely at this than I do. im actually fairly meticulous about knowing everyone's weight & rarely try to c/b a guy I'm not 2 weight higher than, so maybe maybe I don't see the check rating play a role because it doesn't unless you are trying to check a guy same weight or within 1.
  7. Brutus

    Plablegs III Draft

    To wrap up the draft, Dcicion goes W. Young. Zep gets Puppa brutus takes Roussel
  8. Also, while you are shooting and IF you just are receiving a pass can alter the rules greatly. I regularly time my hits as you are getting a pass, and it normally lays the guy out regardless of weight. It's also where you see most of the KO's
  9. SNES has much higher momentum swings, so you find figure out the checking in that version even harder to figure out, as players just randomly go in beast mode. You DO see this from time to time in GENS. So, it can skew what you perceive as the rules of checking. The more you put stock in the "rare" event, the less you'll nail down the straight truth. Plabax mentions the momentum changing the stick handling rating, and that's important to understand. As your team gains momentum or loses it, your team's player's ratings go up some & down some. High stick handling makes a guy r
  10. Brutus

    Plablegs III Draft

    10.14 Brutus welcomes back the Bassenator to the Blues. Fear for your souls byatches
  11. Brutus

    Plablegs III Draft

    Given you helped w/ the ROM and picked about as late as a guy can pick all draft, I think we can work with you here.
  12. Blues C Lindros LW Zhamnov RW Bure LD Konstantov RD Bautin G Ranford Sub Sundin on Forwards Sub Hatcher on Defense
  13. Brutus

    Plablegs III Draft

    *** noted *** anyone else wanting to go auto pick, post here in draft thread and I'll update google doc accordingly
  14. PlabLegs III Divisions 5-holers Vegas Golden Knights King Raph St Louis Brutus Dallas Stars Tex Hartford Whalers Zep Winnipeg Jets Icestorm Crease Cutters Chicago Blackhawks Dcicion Minnesota Northstars Skip NY Rangers Lupz Colorado Avalanche J&J La Kings Aqua One timers Hamilton Tigers Atomic Toronto Maple Leafs Jer33 Calgary Flames Chaos Pittsburgh Penquins Adam Philadelphia Flyers Chef
  15. Rules for ROM: Static, Classic (no wbf & C/B enabled), penalties off but B check enabled, no home/away advantages based on team, no Y button for goalie, juiced goalie stats for all goalies not named Eddy or Roy, Blitz style faster control of goalie via B button & Blitz increased goalie range, hack enabling correct check count (removes post whistle checks from final count). FOR SCHEDULING, league will have 3 Divisions. Play your division 3 games, and opposite divisions 2 games for a total of 32 games. Deadlines set for 7 games per week, 5 week season. Season starts Monday Marc
  16. Post your trades here, and they aren't final till confirmation has been made either here or in Discord.
  18. With Wisconsin tournament on Saturday, we would probably not have any movement in draft Friday & Saturday, so maybe the slow roll will be a for real slow roll start for once!
  19. So I'm going to finalize this tonight, along with draft order & division/rules/schedules. I won't really start on it until later, so if anyone you know is considering to join but hasn't voted, reach out to them & have them let me know. As soon as I have google doc set up & draft order posted, we will slow roll the start of the draft. Official start will be Monday. knowing you crazies, probably be in rd 5 by then
  20. We are into Rd 2 for the B playoffs. Not re-seeding because it was supposed to have helped speed things up, which obviously hasn't happened! Seeding was jacked up to start with anyhow given it was a B playoff and we had a substitute coach coming in mid season. Anyhow, here is the Semi-Finals. Best of luck, and get them in soon if you are going to want to have a final series. #1 Jmj vs #5 Flat #3 Jer vs #7 Quetz
  21. Everyone has been reached out to in some form. Some take longer to check in than others. As for games on schedule, I do believe that IF regular games meant more to stats && playoffs, then I'd be willing to push for more games on schedule. As it stands, we don't reward home/away advantages much && the top guys end up mostly at the top, and stats mean little given the changing coaches/rules/schedules league to league. So putting extra games on schedule seems to stress the league with minimal reward. Also, adding high home/away advantages back into teams code seem
  22. Big key is obviously having Windows 10. I have Windows 10 on my computer that for whatever reason causes you guys lag when you play me and used to be able to record anything while I played. Very neat feature. REMINDS me I need to get with one of you nerds and get rid of this lag when I use my newer CPU!!!
  23. 6 in already, so looking good for getting something going. lol, you've been jonesing for a '93 league bud.
  24. No keepers from Plablegs 2. Plablegs 3 would be a fresh start.