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  1. 94 is a great game but 95 is much better IMO. Better goalie control. Better player control(many move breakaway moves in 95) I do miss the player cards in 94 though. Plus 94 had better sound. I agree the 96 and on were crap but they had a more similar feel to 94 than 95 though(player gliding while trying to stop)
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    Has anyone tried ELITSERIEN 95? I was fortunate to pick up two copies from a friend in Finland. Its a eruopean version on NHL95. Its based on the Swedish Elite league teams. There are 12 teams and 2 all-star teams to choose from. The cool thing is there are players in the game who haven't come to the NHL yet. Guys like Dick Tarnstrom(Pitt), Daniel Alfredsson(OTT) are two off the top of my head. They even have soem stars the left the NHL before 95. Former stars like Mats Naslund and Haken Loob. The gameplay is much more faster than NHL95. There is even a season mode with cool trophies too. EDIT I put in the wrong year for the title.It should be 95 instead of 98.
  3. When NHL96 first came out I was pumped. I was quickly disapointed after playing it. The gameplay was drastically changed. You could no longer control the goalie very well like in 94 or 95. the skating was off too. I quickly got rid of my 96. I still kept my NHL98 though. Was anyone else disapointed with the 96-98 series?
  4. What roster year did you have on your hack? When the rosters are finally set will you be coming out with 2005/2006 rosters?
  5. Sweet,thanx alot. How does the Turbo update change the gameplay?
  6. I was wondering if anyone has a recent roster update for NHL95? Even if it was a few years old(2002-2004 season) would be fine.
  7. I have seen a few different glitches over the years in NHL95. I think alot of them happened due to the hundreds of trades I would do on the cart. Sometimes an extra player with the number 0 would appear. His name was always Guy Hebert. I have had 2 goalies in the net at the same time. I wasn't able to control either of them. They kind of formed a V in the net. It was pretty funny to see! Once(and only once) I was able to get unlimited space on the free agent list. It was helpful when trying to setup 20 different teams. I have had players disappear. Once in awhile while I am manual controlling my goalie I have had one of my other players get control of the puck and the computer would take control of hom and skate down the ice to try and score.
  8. Bighab

    Manual Goalies

    Manual Goalie is the "Key" in the man on man games I have played. If someone is coming in on a break away I always go to the goalie. If he is in my zone I like to be on the goalie most of the time. I will often switch off to try and check an opponite on the perimiter. You have to be aware that if you go off the goalie sometimes he will get pushed out of the way by the defenseman. I like to go to the goalie to "centre" him in the net then go off of him to another player to go for a check and if I miss go back on the goalie.
  9. NHL95 is by far my favourite NHL game. I used to run a league at a local bar(Kitchener Ontario) with 20 guys during the first lockout. We had a draft,regular season,playoffs and a trophy(Guy Hebert Cup) After 10 years I am down to myself and 4-5 friends.
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