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  1. Detroit 5, Washington 4 (OT, in Detroit) Washington 7, Detroit 5 (in Washington) Washington gets off the schneid!
  2. I'm coming out of retirement to join this league! League A Detroit Chicago Quebec Winnipeg Calgary Montreal Van Dallas Buf Toronto Wash NYR STL
  3. dude kgman won with Dallas b/c he's a lot better than anyone else
  4. ken starts out 0-1!!!! (hmm perhaps my 3 week layoff showed ) playing "newcomer" granddragon11, Detroit traveled to Quebec to starr the 2-3-2 best of 7. Quebec jumped out by winning game 1, 6-4, in a very tight game. Not as tight as game 2, which Detroit won 7-6 in OT to head back to motor city tied at 1 game a piece. Stubborn Quebec was not afraid of the Octopi, though, winning game 3 6-4 and sending a HUGE message with a gigantic 9-4 game 4 to take a 3-1 series lead. Detroit as determined to go down swinging, and took a tight 5-3 win in game 6 and head back to Canada down 3 games to 2.
  5. kudos Evan you do a great job
  6. it'only semi-salvagable if you let me in!!!!!
  7. Dallas was the fav over Cal Winnipeg and Detroit (me) was very close. we could probably play 100 games and each win close to 50/50. he got me this time ggs I am surprised at the the other 2 results. this just means we should have shorter regular seasons!!
  8. Well, now that Winnipeg has bounced me into Mario Golfing territory, I need some way to keep me entertained before the next league starts. I propose "Ken's Open Challenge". What it is: You or anybody else agrees to play me in a best of 7 series, Gens 94. Our result - and the result of all of these series - will be posted in this thread. There is no ultimate winner or prize, except that I'll be keeping track of my record against all opponents, inlcuding you if you accept my challenge!! What's the point: It's mostly a way for me (and you!!) to play somewhat meaningful games in the 'offseason'
  9. congrats man. I felt a bit unlucky to draw you in the first round, as you match up with me very well. good luck in the next round.
  10. Dumb question - how do I switch from being home team to away? to stop Gens/Kaillera, I always need to CTR-ALT-DEL to kill both programs, and restart everything from scratch. Is there another way? is there an order I should be closing the programs in?