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  1. I wrote this and people are bumping in a sad attempt to prove I'm a hypocrite. It's of course complete bull. The player IS what counts. I think thats fairly obvious when you look at my record with san jose and washington, 2 s**t teams, over the past 2 seasons. However when you enter into the playoffs, the regular season means JACK and I ALSO prove that over the past 2 seasons. A better player can ALWAYS beat a BETTER TEAM if that player is SUPERIOR. When you enter the playoffs, its a TOTALLY DIFFERENT ANIMAL. You have one team vs one team. Even if youre superior to 90% of the players, if you play a player of EQUAL TALENT (amongst the 10% that are equal, or better than you)and that player has a GREAT TEAM, you will LOSE 100% of the time! Thats EXACTLY what happened to me the past 2 seasons. You want proof of this theory? Check my overall record. I have something like a %700 winning percentage!!! And my reward the past 2 years are 2 first round sweeps at the hands of all star teams, controlled by players of equal, or better talent! Am I saying I would have won? No, I'm not. I'm saying we should each be allowed to pick OUR team that suits OUR abilities! In that sense, YES, the PLAYER is what counts. Which means I could beat Chicago with Calgary against a WEAK opponent! The team in THIS CASE does NOT matter! And THATS what I was trying to get across. So, nice try! Keep bumping those old threads KGMAN! And I'll keep shooting down your attempts over and OVER again! In fact, I RELISH when you bump my threads! Gives me an excuse to state how I feel MANY TIMES OVER!
  2. Man do you ever go away? I'm making a point on how we should all be allowed to pick whichever team we want. If you wanna call that bitching, go ahead. Me picking a great team does not solve the problem. Now my OPPONENT is at a disadvantage. And then you'd hear "more bitching". You seem to think I keep bitching because I lost. You just dont get it, despite it being explained to you 100 times. I'm bitching because there is no disparity.
  3. If you want to believe that, I wont argue. I was happy. I did not want high powered Pittsburgh and their all star team. It's fairly obvious Pitt is far better than Washington, so it's not like I didn't realize what I was getting in to. The only "irony" is that I shouldn't have tried to be so nice, because look where it got me. I'll give you that much.
  4. How is this done? And how do you keep stats?
  5. It'd be ironic if I switched because I felt Washington was better. But since I didn't, it's not ironic at all. I expected to have a tough road with Washington, and I did.
  6. My regular season numbers are great! Now I just need to win a game in the playoffs. I'm the Ottawa Senators of this league. *cough* CHOKER! *cough*
  7. Regardless of Washingtons talent, I still could have won. I just didnt play my best, so I'm not "entirely" blaming it it on team disparity. Just partially. I'm just saying its harder to win when you have to be on your game every second. Possible, but much harder.
  8. Hows this: A rom with one line of speedy players, one line of defensive grit players, and one line with players who are in between. This way anyone can set their team any way they like. Noone can complain "this team doesnt fit my style", because you can edit your team anyway you choose. It would be bland either, because everyone would set their lines differently.
  9. Yeh. I dont mind disagreeing, but trolling is another issue. We should all respect each others opinions.
  10. I didnt pick a better team because it goes against my principles, and I dont like having an unfair advantage. Every player should be able to pick whichever team they want. Then I'd have no problem picking a great team.
  11. Youre right I didnt handle it well in at the start. I came across as flaming. I apologize. But I do stand by my opinion. It's not even so much about winning a championship. Truth be told, I most likely wouldnt win anyway. I just want to come away knowing that if I lost, it was due to my own play, and not because of my weak team vs. their strong team. Sure, I didnt play as well as I could have, but I cant honestly come out saying "I lost because of me" because its just not entirely true. Fact is, I was shorthanded the whole series and handicapped. Could I have overcome it? Sure. But I just feel I shouldt "have" to "overcome" any odds. It should be fair from the start, and thats what bugs me. I see your point about not being diverse enough. I respect that point of view.
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