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  1. @UltraMagnus is the NHL 95 Bud of the Year!
  2. Awesome @UltraMagnus Can't wait to download and try!
  3. @Asher413 is a beacon of light during these dark times!
  4. segathon

    NHL 95

    With a physical copy there is a battery inside that is probably dead. You can switch them out, need a special screw driver bit and a new battery. Here's a professional guy doing it below with a soldering iron and a special battery you buy. I just bought the screw bit on EBAy, popped the battery out with a knife, got a new battery at walgreens and put back in with electrical tape. That works if you are gentle with the cartridge, but one hard drop may erase battery. With emulators, I think you have to do save states, but I could be wrong. Keep 95 Alive!
  5. segathon

    NHL 95

    Yup or lose the next 19 games
  6. segathon

    NHL 95

    LOL, careful of the 128 pt bug. Once you hit that pt total you move to bottom of standings and don't make playoffs. Yeah once you get the hang of beating the computer, they are not much of an opponent. When I play computer I put restrictions like no goalie/backup goalie, only down b pass shots to score etc.
  7. No prob, I'm sure @clockwise paid you a large sum of money to keep me out of the tourney..... I'll just watch from the bench with my gameboy drinking hot chocolate
  8. Give me the SCSU Huskies and I want @jesusplaysnhl94 1st round!!!
  9. Fun Read by Dan Saraceni to get your NHL 95 nostalgia fix. https://www.lighthousehockey.com/2020/6/19/21293774/sb-nation-video-game-week-underrated-nhl-95-gave-islanders-fans-a-chance-to-right-roster-wrongs
  10. Best part it's NHL 95. Fun Fact these guys are the reason I did Segathon.com. Googled about the game and found their glorious site and was like "we do the same thing!" @Goose made that site. Not sure if he's been back to this forum in years.
  11. segathon

    NHL 95

    wanted to give this gif a Hat trick
  12. segathon

    NHL 95

    Is fun to play
  13. NHL 95 cannot be killed by conventional weapons like Keith Richards
  14. Never have seen this before
  15. It's getting Hot in here, so take off all yo clothes
  16. This was the song I danced to at my wedding....
  17. Just viewed the "BeanPot Trot" and I can safely say this is the worst thing I have seen in my life..... Great hacking though on the rom!
  18. Oscar the grouch goal?? HER name is Grover!
  19. MOAR 95 ACTION With highlights of me losing in OT
  20. Great stuff Chaos, So if I understand correctly we can use relay servers now instead of port forwarding? That will help tremendously with my low tech knuckle dragging buds!
  21. All these records should be broken during this weird time
  22. 95 Genesis is 53 now by Nate the Great. https://www.twingalaxies.com/showthread.php/179203-Sega-Genesis-Sega-Mega-Drive-NHL-95-NTSC-Biggest-Blowout-53-Nate-Heimdal Tip for you Cool Cats and Kittens on breaking the 95 Record, (and you may be able to apply this to other versions if they kept the same programming) The Defensemen Assignments is the Left Defender Roams around chasing the puck and the Right Defender stays by the Goalie mostly on left side, so if you are doing the Cross Crease Cheese move come from the right by juking out the roamer and shooting before the Right D can lay you out.
  23. Thanks again @kingraph for the bones of this rating sheet. Here's my 95 Version. Main change is I put first forward as Center, and called out wings due to the deadliness of the cut across move with a back hand. Also put in some little icons for player skill because I love icons... http://www.segathon.com/nhl-95-teams/
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