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  1. Hey all, I've unfortunately decided to resign my team due to too much crap going on. Some of you may know I run a few other online leauges (Tecmo Super Bowl), and I'm planning on working on a project this summer that will probably include NHL94 some way or another, I just can't say what it is lol. Thanks for the opportunity guys, I really enjoyed playing and I appreciate the help some of you gave me. Ed
  3. LW - Valeri Zelepukin C - Steve Larmer RW - Tony Granato LD - Ulf Samuelsson RD - Mark Howe G - Ed Belfour LW - Bob Sweeney C - Thomas Steen RW - Dave Andreychuk LD - Alexei Gusarov RD - Gerald Diduck G - Craig Billington
  4. 3.49 - San Jose selects F Tony Granato
  5. 2.48 San Jose selects F Steve Larmer
  6. Just one more game, waiting on XdeathsbloodX.
  7. I have remaining games with you dudes. If you post here a specific time, most likely I will be able to syt. I am also on AIM all day at work so we can work a time out then also. The Sharks would like to try to add one more victim to their list to round out the season, hope you can help!
  8. Great stuff Magus. You are still ahead of me in the NHL Power Rank .
  9. My connection totally sucks where I'm at right now (cause I live out in the country with a minimal high speed connection) but the good news is that I am moving to the cities within the next two weeks where I'll prob have a kick ass conn. If it's ok with all of yous, I would appreciate if I could put all my games on hold until I make the big move. As you all prob know, I'm good to get all my games in, and at times, I play many of them in one big binge anyway. Thanks, Ed
  10. If any of you guys need help setting up your routers for portforwarding, aim me cause I've helped like a 100 people setup for all the TSB leagues I'm in.
  11. San Jose LW - Kevin Stevens C - Mario Lemieux RW - Jaromir Jagr LD - Brian Leetch RD - Eric Desjardins G - Tom Barrasso X - Christan Ruutu LW - Michal Pivonka C - Christan Ruutu RW - Dave Poulin LD - Uwe Krupp RD - Curtis Leschyshyn G - Pat Jablonksi X - Mario Lemieux
  12. 7.2 - Sharks select D Curtis Leschyshyn
  13. 6.23 - The Sharks select D Eric Dijardenz
  14. 5.2 Sharks select F Kevin Stevens to unite the PIT scoring line including Lemieux and Jagr.
  15. 2.47 - San Jose selects G Tom Barrasso
  16. I'll be back as the Sharks owner for season 3. Thanks to DaDonch for reminding me.
  17. The emulator Nesticle is an excellent program to see who has a crappy connection and who doesn't. I'm lag free with Nesticle and I would be happy to check anyone of you chumps to see if you have anything that might cause lag. Just hit me up.
  18. Hey man, I'm no weiner take it back. Been looking for monkeyjiz for like the last month almost and haven't seen him on once.
  19. That goes for me too, I only have one game left and its with you.
  20. Dmitri, why don't you just not allow any games to be played or uploaded, allow a trading period, make the trades on the db and then release a new rom regardless who has what games in. If this was a TSB season, yeah you'd have have people catch up cause of old roms out there, but we all use the same rom. I might be missing something here, let me know if I'm wrong lol. If the number of games played is a big deal, just make people "trade eligible" if they have a required number of games in.
  21. I'm here man, just missed your post. I'll be on all weekend for whoever wants to get their games in. Also, I'm not sure I have everyone's correct AIM. For instance, on the coaches list, snoboarder's AIM is not snoboarder it's sno boarder 3211. Just hit me up whoever wants game since I have the time finally to get these in.
  22. God is this embarrising and hard to watch ...
  23. Yeah, that was like the coolest and gayest thing I've ever seen playing this rom. Belfour definitely deserves mad props for not only his goaltending skills, but also for his scoring abilities.
  24. Hey dudes, I'm having a really tough time getting decent connection speeds on Kaillera this year for some unknown reason. I play in a couple Tecmo Super Bowl leagues, and my connection there (with direct connect) is just fine, but they just suck ass on kaillera. I'm gonna try to bump my overall speed tomorrow which isnt the greatest (512k download and 150k upload - sigh) so hopefully I won't have pings in the high 80's, but still it shouldn't be this bad if it wasn't last year. Just wondering if anyone has any other ideas on this suckage. I'm also definitely sure I don't have any viruses since any sign on of lag would show up in Nesticle and it's as clean as a whistle.
  25. There is absolutely nothing wrong with someone running up a score - there is only a problem when people quit trying and people who are trying put up 20 goals. SSIG, what's the deal man? You don't like getting brutalized, I can agree with that, happens to me quite often. I mean, both of us were in the race for the last spot in the standings last year and I'm still here. It's totally disrespectful though to quit a season once you give your dedication to play. Play it out and complain about it later.