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  1. How do you do this? Man I wish I knew this computer stuff. Could you link me to a guide that explains in simple terms how to do this? I'd like to get a standing page set up.
  2. I'm not a computer geek (no offense). I take it theres no simple way to do it then eh?
  3. Anyone know where I can get something that automatically updates standing just by entering the score? I was going to have a little tournament with my buds and wanted something that would automatically update the standings, like the system this site uses for its league games. Thanks.
  4. Do you know of a system that automatically logs game scores, and automatically updates standings (like the one this website uses)? Doesn't have to be complex, like with passwords or anything. I'm looking for something that you can type a score in, and the standing update. Thats it.
  5. Whats your AIM? Glad to see more 93 fans around. Yeah, the glitches and quirks in this game make it the most fun.
  6. How do post youtube vids of these games??
  7. I saw this thread hoping youd show up. Havent seen nhl92.com and wondered what happened to it. I sent you my registration form. Cant wait to play some 92 hockey. What is your aim deadmeow? Mabye we can play some practice games. I usually use Edmonton. What time are you usually online?
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