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  1. Amazing! Great work, man -- this is absolutely perfect!
  2. Only thing I'd consider changing about your league would be to implement an abbreviated schedule, 'cause, I mean, I come, 82 games -- plus the playoffs is a lot to ask of everyone in the league to play. Maybe you should consider cutting the games down to something like 25 or 30, and have 7-10 periods. Just a suggestion . . . -Sean Dwyer
  3. Well, if you wouldn't mind alerting me when you're ready to start the league, that'd be cool. -Sean Dwyer
  4. Well, you really should. And, hey, if you'd need any help, let me know. But, if not, and you're just planning on doing the league by yourself, I'd love to join. P.S. Are you planning on having line changes, and stuff?
  5. Well, basically, I am rather limited when it comes to web design, or when it comes to HTML. While I'd really like to get a league like this started, I certainly can't do it alone -- I'm going to need a little help, I guess. I'd be more than willing to take care of data base updating, and stuff like that, but, when it comes to dealing with putting up an actual website, there's just so way that I'd be able to come up with anything presentable. So, if you're still interested, please contact me. AOL: XXX pac5 E-mail: -Sean Dwyer
  6. Hey, there. I was just posting to see if anyone would be at all interested in putting together a new NHL94 Online League, using the 2007 roster updates. Along with using the 2007 rosters, it might be a good idea to implement an abbreviated schedule; something in the neighborhood around 40 games or so. In addition, I'd like to see a league like this be geared for North American players, and such, since there doesn't seem to be a league like this that exists for us. If anyone's interested, or just wants to help brainstorm -- either contact me directly through AOL (XXX pac5) or e-mail me
  7. Evan, So, what would you say the chances are that I could maybe get a spot this coming March for the Spring League...? Also, have you -- or anyone else -- do you know of any other NHL94 Hockey League that uses current rosters (7-10 periods/ penalties/ line changes), and stuff like that, that's also based in North America? If none exist, what would be involved in possibly starting my own down the line? I really appreciate your help -- I just discovered this whole NHL94 thing, and I'm very excited about it, so you'll have to excuse my visible overeagerness. -Sean Dwyer Go Sabres.
  8. Is there anyone who plans on running a league based off this new rom? If there is, I'd be very interested in joining. Feel free to contact me either on AOL: XXX_pac5 or Email: Also, if anyone plans on starting one and needs help getting it off the ground, I'd be more than happy to. Thanks, Sean Dwyer
  9. Are there leagues that exist that are run using updated rosters; 7-10 minute periods; line changes on; penalties, including offsides; 20-40 games, or closely resembling that? If not, someone should really think of starting one, because that'd be a cool league to join. -Sean Dwyer
  10. Would anybody be able to point me in the direction of an available NHL '94 league that I'd be able to join? Um, I guess I'd prefer to be in on that uses updated rosters -- but, if one's not available that's fine, too. I already put my name down on the waiting list to get in a league based off this site; the waiting list, I imagine is pretty long, so I'm not holding my breath. Thanks guys. -Sean Dwyer