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  1. These are coming out in December. They have NHL Players (Giroux, Toews, Crosby, Lundqvist, Ovechkin, and Bergeron) plus smaller generic players for each team and each team's NHL logo as well! Images below are from Clark Toys.
  2. Mario Lemieux - 1.15 goals per game. Insane. Now we are lucky to see a player with 1.15 points per game. Also Belfour's stats stand out. 71 games played is crazy, then he is 2nd in wins (41), 3rd in save pct. (.906), 1st in shutouts (7).
  3. I don't disagree with that at all. But I do disagree with what Kesler is saying. If anything Canadian hockey players are just as well known, or more well known for their grit/physical game than American players. There are all kinds of Canadian NHL'ers who grew up on farms or from tiny little farming communities with blue-collar backgrounds. And there are lots of kids who probably experienced something very similar to Kesler growing up, only they were in Canada instead. The ice skating on the pond comment by Kesler is such a cliche - you would think Kesler, having lived in Vancouver for years would know better. But then again, maybe he is just trying to troll some of us I am a fan of Kesler's game and a Vancouver fan, but there is like no chance at all of ever playing ice hockey outside here. Living in Vancouver I grew up with tons of street hockey, roller hockey and NHL '94. Not much different than him.
  4. Decent article. But I don't really see a big difference in his "American" viewpoint on how hockey is played in the US vs. the way it is in Canada.
  5. Looks like they only ship to the US and only accept US billing addresses as well.... Hmm...
  6. Thanks that clears it up for me. Bit of a newbie at this. Sounds good.
  7. Starting to use this now. When I open my .csv file I see the columns as "First", "Last", "Abv", "Pos", "JNo" and "Wgt" but I don't see a place to put the player's handedness (L/R). Does that have to be done using the editor? Looking forward to using this, great tool! And if we get the ability to set lines that would be amazing as well.
  8. Can anyone verify that NHL '95 was the first game you could make a defenseman play forward on a regular line? I might be wrong but thought I remembered that? Pretty convenient when you have a Dustin Byfuglien or Brent Burns type on your team....
  9. Mostly echoing what's been brought up already but: - Season Mode - Ability to win trophies - Able to trade players - Create a player I can't think of anything about the gameplay that was better. It was all about the options, finally when a trade happened in the NHL you could replicate it and attempt to keep the rosters current. And if a new rookie came into the league you could just create him!
  10. http://www.stoneagegamer.com/flash-carts/everdrive-md-genesis-mega-drive/ You can get an everdrive for Genesis or SNES
  11. 20 years from now this thread will be about the last active player to play against or with Jaromir Jagr
  12. Yeah would be real good. I guess I am looking at getting a Super Everdrive now.. but getting a custom cart just for NHL '94 would be much better option
  13. That worked. Thanks trudatman. Looking forward to releasing my first ROM sometime
  14. It doesn't seem to work because it is Anaheim and I am limited on player numbers. When I click "Add Player" I think it added a "ghost player" but I cannot see the player or anything. I still have 2 G, 9 F and 6 D. It won't let me add a player. But then I go to edit lines and go to "CHK" line and I can see there is a defenseman missing, it crashes the editor. Runtime error 380 Invalid property value I hope I can fix this, I've made updates to several other things and don't want to lose them.
  15. I have a "ghost" player problem from using the editor. I think I added a player on Anaheim but then removed him when I was learning how to use the editor. Now there is a player with no name that shows up on Anaheim's roster as #11. It doesn't seem to cause trouble in the game BUT the worst part is I get a runtime error in the editor if I go to edit lines for Anaheim and click on 'CHK' line. Anyone know if I can get rid of this "ghost" player somehow? It's annoying I can't get him off the opening lineup and I don't want to sacrifice this ROM I'm working on........