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  2. It's funny you mention "skirts" and you love NHL 94, which is the biggest pussy game in the series. Step up to the plate and play some NHL 92 and NHLPA 93, hockey games for real men, with fighting and blood. Not the pussified 94. And with my defense you would not be scoring 15 goals on me, but I might very well on you. You're used to having the goalie bail you out, but in 92 and 93 you actually have to learn to play defense.
  3. See, you just described yourself why 93 pwns 94.
  4. Hey NHLPA 93 nutters. I've been fooling around with the graphics, and discovered a method to add "home team colors" to all the NHLPA 93 teams. Basically, it's a big "H" (for "Home) that automatically changes to the home team's colors. Here's some preview pictures: Nordiques: Penguins: Detroit Redwings: I tried to attach the rom but this forum would not allow me to do it for some reason. If anyone wants this rom, reply. I'm gonna try to find some place to host it this week for download.
  5. What? You can have an amazing series against yourself!
  6. No multiple identities. I am gona use this name next season. New name, I cant stay with the same thing for very long.
  7. No beef here either! But 93?! WAY easier to score in that game!!!!! Ask anyone!!!!!
  8. Well I don't know what version of 92 you play, but NHL 92 is the most difficult to score in the entire series in my opinion. Many many shot go off the post and you have to time the shot perfectly. The goalies dont go down like clockwork on wraparounds (94) nor do they let in horrible goals or flop like fish (93). Perhaps you are thinking of NHLPA 93. The goalies go down like cheap hookers in that game, and it is the easiest one to score in. 94 is in between 92 and 93 in the easyness of goals, but closer to 93. The goalies are better than 93 but the dreaded 1-timer makes for a barrage of mindless goals in 94. The problem with 94 is, the manual goalie doesnt even out the 1-timer because you cant get control in time. So you are left with high scoring mind numbing games. Well to each their own. I'm just surprised their arent as many 92 fans. Mabye I will build a tribute site and they will come out.
  9. There's nobody on the NHL 92 forum, but I did mean to post this in the NHL 94 forum and got the league forum by mistake. OK OK 94 doesn't suck, but 92 is better. I actually would like to join the upcoming 94 league for genesis. I am a pretty good player. Sorry if you misunderstood my post for trolling. I meant no offense. Just try to calm down a little bit though. Don't take it so personal.
  10. Why is there not a bigger following for the best game in the EA series? The scores are like football scores when you play against an opponent. It doesn't represent true hockey, and you can't beat the original. There is no love for the original game here. I play 92 with a couple of guys online and we have much more fun than if e played 94. 92 is a thinking mans game. Man it is so much more fun to play without one timers. Some think one timers are so great, but I happen to think they ruin the fun of the game. The original NHL 92 game is so raw, it allows for such a variety of strategies, and it is not easy to score. OK Goalie know what? The feel of the game is completely ruined with Goalie control. It is so much more fun and challenging to have to position your defenseman in the right spot, instead of the lazy way, which is to take control of your goalie. Not to mention the fact that the goalie control for 94 is so bad anyway, having to hold down the button for like 5 seconds which is retarded and defeats the purpose. I don't understand. I feel 92 is so much better. And fighting after a goal is scored, there aint nothing better or more fun. 94 seems so joyless. It has no personality the way the original game has. Doesn't anyone here like the original way better than 94? I cannot be the only one. Please post here if you love the original the best.