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  1. I want to edit in the 92/95 crease. Preferrably keeping the new net. Thanks for the explanation clockwise, I realize now that its more difficult than I thought, but hey, I solved all the other problems until I stumbled upon this hurdle! I based this rom on the nhl 2008 rom edited by Mahav. It's just hard/challenging figuring out where to start. I like this idea:
  2. I'm finishing a rom I promised a friend and the thing I saved for last (because I find it complicated) was editing the goal crease and the ice. I've searched the forum and found a (to quote T.H White) "Not done" tutorial It's kind of complex though and seems to be made with an uncompressed rom in mind (I'm using a 30 team rom). I'm wondering if it's possible to create crease IPS patches to switch between different creases and if someone who has a 30 team rom with the old crease could create one? If not, where can I get info on which tiles to rearrange or, if it's easier in TM some hints of s
  3. You have Cogliano listed as 'Coglioni', which is pretty funny
  4. At the moment, its possible but a bit buggy. For example, its possbile to cycle through the 12 playoff teams/matchups in one direction, in reversed alphabetical order that is. It's just a minor nuisance though. Would be cool if the first round could be limited to one game though.
  5. I'm still waiting for a reply to this... Is it that hard?
  6. Doesn't work Edit: Nevermind. Tried it a fourth time and it worked. Go figure .
  7. Ok, judging by the lack of replies I take it there's no way to achieve 8 team playoffs by removing a round. My next solution would be to make all the playoff matchups of the first round shadowfights by doubling each team, that would mean one round against your own team, then on to the final eight if you win, the problem is when I try to cycle matchups in-game, the cycle freezes instantly. Help?
  8. Is there a way to make the playoffs one round shorter? I have a rom with just 12 teams and that kinda screws up playoff mode
  9. Hey, the hex in the left column didn't correspond perfectly to that list, which made me start by overwriting 0x0005AA56: 21B0 to 41AE of course it ended up like this: I realised the error and put in the hex according to the list, disregarding the hex didnt match the left side of the list. It ened up screwing up all my logos. tiles were all over the place and a players head seemed to sneak in as well... I thought what the hell and edited the hex one more time, starting on the first offset by putting in 41B0. ------------------------------- 0x0005AA52: 21B0 to 41B0 0x0005AA54: 21B1 to
  10. Thank you so much! Now I can finish my rom!
  11. How did you solve the issue? I'm having the same problem with the rink logos.
  12. My first post on this forum, and it's about hacks! I edited all the team strip colors of the NHL 94 rom in NOSE 1.2b with the SWOS strip hack option to create more accurate uni's. I thought the hack was applied when i applied the pallette, but evidently it's not. Is there a fast way to do this or d I have to edit some hacked rom from the start? Great site by the way, loving it!