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  1. Feels like the GENS engine running on a SNES holder. This is neither a compliment nor an insult, just saying, it reminds me so much of the gameplay and feel of NHL 94 that I recall when growing up, playing on the GENS. I have since been playing more SNES in recent months (due to weight bug, shot pass glitch, and all the garbage goals and goalie rams that are too common in GENS). Does this version eliminate all the aforementioned GENS garbage, while porting over the smooth gameplay, I wonder?
  2. For the most part yes, but the skate routes are not always linear up and down. There is so much swerving & weaving that it is not always obvious to me who is who. But yea, when I play with Line Changes off, it is easy to memorize who is where. When Line Changes are on, it becomes a bit more difficult to figure who is who.
  3. Right on, thanks brother. After playing it a bit more, I can tell who Hagelin is because he just flies and is so agile (as he is in real life). I usually have a suspicion when I am Nash, because he just seems bigger and more powerful, while still being so agile and maneuverable. Obviously, the only way that I can confirm my suspicions as to who I am controlling is to score. It is harder to tell when I am someone like Brad Richards, as he is generally just so generic in his skating and skill set (in actuality; this is not a knock on the ROM). Cheers.
  4. I use SNEX9x for Mac also. I will play with the settings a bit. I think that we may have already discussed this- what do you use for NetPlay for Mac? I have looked around here on the forums, and it seems to be a bit of an issue for players. A potential idea, seeing as so many do not like the lack of icons/ player #s, is to make the #s just a small, subtle indicator at the skater's feet. Remove the star, remove the hugeness and the ice clutter factor, and make the # just big enough so that those of us who struggle with identifying who we are controlling, as well as which specific player we are using (R. Nash/ B. Richards/ etc.) have our prompt to give us that confidence that we need to be playmaker/ power forward/ sniper/ etc. If 12 or so of us appreciate the ROM (with or without the player indicator, I suspect that you will be hard pressed to find 12 who like it without the indicator), then we have a NinteyFlow league. Cheers, Cosmic
  5. I do not know how to use player 4 or 5. I only have 2 USB inputs on my Mac, so it looks like I am blue or green. WIth the Rangers, it is impossible to see. I know the Rangers best, but I cannot quite tell who is who still. I can tell when I watch a real game, who is who, without needing the #s, but not quite with video games. On Defense even, I can tell who is who without them getting the puck and the announcer telling who it is. Del Zotto has the best reach and is a fluid skater, a bit tought to tell from Moore. McDonough has a more compact stance. Griardi is always in position without needing to wildly skate to find his spot. Stralman is just not as fluid a skater. And Eminger is whoever is left over. I tried a few more games. I still love the puck handling passing, shooting, skating and goaltending. I just struggle especially in D, The only way I can tell who my guy is, is to pump the check button, and just hope that I propel myself to the right place. And on offense, line changes off, I just figure, "Eh, whoever is carrying the puck must be good." So yea, if you can find it in you to just give a bit of a feedback prompt assist, then great. If not, then my loss. Cheers. Here is an idea- can you throw the guy's # who the user is controlling onto the back of his jersey? This way, you maintain your open ice de-clutter, and you give those of us who are "accustomed to hand holding," the necessary prompt for us to be able to know with absolute certainty who we are using
  6. I find this to be unplayable due to the lack of the player star. Aside from when I have the puck, I have no way of telling who my player is. The player # is a luxury, albeit a useful one, as I like to know who is handling the puck so that I am instantly aware of strengths and weaknesses. Aside from these rather major issues, I do like how the guys skate and shoot. Much better than the default game, and thus I offer the critique because I think this RO has great potential. Cheers
  7. Datsuk has a good one too, but they do not give him the star under him:
  8. I have seen the posts about the guy who does updated rosters for GENS NHL 94. Does he do this for SNES also? (2013 rosters on the NHL 94 SNES cart)
  9. I loathe the Bruins, but I love your swagger.
  10. Logitech f510 has been working great with me.
  11. Was the weight bug unique to GENS: NHL '94? or Did the weight bug plague the entire GENS series of this era?
  12. I do not have a Windows OS, but I assume I can buy it online. I am overseas in a bit of an odd place, so going to Best Buy and grabbing something from the discount bin is not an option unfortunately.
  13. AIM: Big Lami 2K5 = Cosmic Warrior. Up for some games, once I get Parallels installed (which may be awhile). Will someone please link to me to the post that explains default league rules with the settings you guys use? I wanna practice in the meantime. I know Penalties On; what about offsides and line changes? (I have been looking everywhere and seem to have found everything else.) Cheers
  14. Any chance of an SNES version? (I played this on the GNES, AWESOME work!! Kane is soooooo fast, and Toews is the perfect set up man)
  15. Just played a game on SNES, with awareness of: 1) Weight bug (I never could figure out why Super Mario and Jagr were such Mary's on GENS; so I played with them on SNES, and they play like they are supposed to play) 2) the quick get up button 3) The quick goalie take button And wow, I can't believe that I like SNES better. Not to mention the passing and passing lanes seem a lot more open and crisp. In GENS, it seemed like everyone bunches up too much and just clogs things up. Anyway, shout out to trudatman and his INCESSANT ranting about how SNES is better. If no one were to have articulated these nuances, then I would not have noticed them (nor set my controller with awareness of these factors). I wish I would have known all this when I was in High School (my senior year was '94).
  16. 1) Fixed- Just had to make some adjustments in Mission Control, Trackpad, and Keyboard (turn everything off- gestures, shortcuts, and screens) 2) Looks like I will have to buy Parallels 8 Thanks everyone.
  17. Do you know how to remap the buttons, in the ROM itself? Because as long as I cannot even play the game on the keyboard itself, then I am outta luck, since the arrows (movement) are what is causing the problem.
  18. Thanks kin. It does not look good for Mac users being able to get online, unless we use a program like VirtualBox or Parallells. I will keep everyone posted.
  19. What's up brother? I am new too, just stumbled on the site randomly, downloaded some of the software, and am plinking my way through to competency. Great post BTW. This is why I prefer the console experience (because everything is just right there), however, as we all know, there is something about the NHL94-97 years that was just unique and as of yet unmatched in hockey games. For other games (like FPS), sure, I would take MW3 over Rambo any day, but yea the NHL thing is an enigma. and thus, here we are.
  20. That goalie must have been practicing the techniques of "Men who stare at goats."
  21. Interesting write up. When I was a kid and played Genesis all the time, I went to my cousin'e house to play SNES NHL 94. At that time, none of my friends had SNES. It was just determined that Genesis was better. When I played SNES NHL 94 at my cousin's house, it just did not feel right. I did not play enough to know why. I like the list though, it may have just been all the subtle things (like the sounds) that just turned me off. Just played NHL 94 on the SNES for the first time in 20 years. I did notice that the passing was infinitely better than on the GENS. If there was a lane, then the pass made it to where it was supposed to go. In NHL 94, someone commented on the randomness (artistic-ness, I think it was called) of the passing. I find that when I try the one timer pass with a legit playmaker (a least in NHL 97, which I mostly play) such as Peter Forsberg, then I am golden. However, trying to set up one timers with a Claude Lemieux is a whole other story, and a bit of an adventure. That is just the GENS experience though, with attribute steroidedness, which I always enjoyed. Realism? BAH! Overrated!! haha
  22. hi guys, I am new; AIM: Cosmic Warrior. I just posted a thread "Noob Questions" in another forum: http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/15088-noob-questions/
  23. 1st post, I am an old school NHL 94 player and would like to possibly join a league. I am having 2 problems in my installation: 1) I am a Mac player. What emulator should I use? Is there an emulator that will allow me to NetPlay with you guys? 2) When I am skating with the puck or playing defense, and I move a certain way (with either my gamepad, or with my arrows if I am using the keyboard), then I am toggled out of my game screen, and into any one of various other screen (like the Weather, and some random screens). I think that the computer is picking up on what I am doing as some type of gesture. I do not want to gesture. I just want to play NHL 94. Anyone know why this is happening, and how to turn it off? I am using OS X Lion on my personal computer, where I am having this difficulty. On my work computer, I am running Snow Leopard, and not having these problems. I suspect that this is a result of my nephew having done something to my computer when he was swiping at my touchpad (he is 2 years old and does not know what he is doing; I know I should not let him use the computer, but I do not like being around screaming kids, that is another story though). I tried to do a screen record to show what is happening, but once I was toggled away from my screen, the screen record seems to have vanished. I could do a record with my phone, if necessary. I am attaching a screen shot of the screen that I get toggled to. Interestingly, this is the screen that my nephew toggles to also when he does his random swipes on my keyboard. Cheers, Cosmic
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