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  1. so i was just thinking....   you compare the early revision of NHLPA 93 with the fixed fighting, to the common version with the movable fighting... to spot the difference in the hex code

    and possibly use that in 92 to remove the fixed fighting... and make moveable fighting in 92



    so i ask you.... wheres the earliest revision of nhlpa93 with the fixed fighting?

    i know theres is one... our local video store had it as a kid, so im guessing its a low number first round edition gold sticker ones...

    maybe this can help a little



    i also remember there being something different with the box or the cartridge or something, because i remember being at a used video game store and looking through cartridges to make sure i didnt buy the fixed fighting one

    im not crazy... there is a version of nhlpa 93 with 92 style fighting


    maybe its time we document all the different versions? and post only clean dumps from a trusted source...

    slapshot67 ?

  2. GOT UM!!!  

    for me it was..  (93 30 team rom)

    76DDC    (A74EC)

    76DEC    (A74FC)

    76DFC       (A750C)

    thank you!   thats one more thing off my list


    now if we could just steal the penalty box stacking from 92...

  3. soooo... started messing around with nhl again and started thinking...  i wonder what extends penaltys in 92 and i wonder if i can get fighting after the whistle in 93...

    so i started taking FIGHTING hex from 92 and putting it in 93... and didnt find too much yet....

    one interesting thing i did, when a fight breaks out, it goes right to the penalty box scene, dont even get to see the gloves drop (remember the timer before the fight is broken up and the penalty is called)

    and then i thought... maybe its a timer   for the  ICING, FACEOFF, PERIOD OVER, GAME OVER ECT...

    something thats canceling a penalty (except a fight) from the time the play is called dead, til the next faceoff

    so i started transfering hex to those and all i managed to do is scramble the referee window in the upper left

    i accomplished nothing BUT... i think theres something to be found messing around with the penaltys


    and tonight i read this again...


    and realized what the world wants is the "NHLPA 94" protoype 

  4. the jerseys over the head thing was in 95... 

    as everyone is aware of, fighting in 94 was disabled and the fighting animations were replaced with the new checking animations because in order to have the NHL licensing they told them to take out the fighting

    thats where Gary Bettman's ruining the game all started...


    just looked at NHL Hockey and NHL Hockey 95 with hex editor and i see no fighting in the penalties...

    has anyone looked at 95 in a hex editor? looks interesting...

    i know ive tried to look at the files and there is editors to view the images in the game

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