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  1. or make the instagator, the actual guy fighting 2, 5, and a 10 =)
  2. i love you... how about names in 92?
  3. fix the socks... =)
  4. wish itd get finsished already... http://www.operationsports.com/forums/ea-sports-nhl/667498-dpyros-editor-identifying-fields.html http://dpyro.tk/downloads/index.html
  5. post how... i wanna lose the big main NHLPA logo
  6. change the playoff mode to 82 games instead of 1 or 7, and make it a random team each time... =P theres screenshot references around that forum that will help you with the title screen of 93, its pretty similar to 94 in TM and as for the jerseys, just copy the colors to the pallet area, close the rom, then open the new one (just dont X off NOSE)
  7. 77

    NHL Toughguys

    thanks to tonyh, no more goalie screen... UPDATE ver .98d
  8. THANKS TO TONYH!!! to skip the second intro screen, the one with the goalie... Goto HEX 013802 change the 6700 to 6002 woot!
  9. 77

    NHL Toughguys

    THANKS TO SLAPSHOT67.... UPDATE!!!! ver. 98c check the first post... woot!
  10. he must have a dandy of a scar on his neck...
  11. look at it... its the same exact game with a star icon, overlays, and a pixilation filter.... *yawn*
  12. heres an idea! skip the second title screen all together... (from the 1st screen right to the team select) ANYONE know how?
  13. maybe they will add fighting to 94 and admit they fucked up... part of the new enforcer engine =P
  14. anyone know where the second title screen starts and ends? (wboy 30 team 93) since we didnt get a fully decompressed rom from wboy, the goalie titlescreen is uneditable, so i was thinking to find it, and get rid of it all together... also anyone know where the pepsi cup palette is for 93? also anyone know where the palette for the stanley cup is in 94? also wheres the big nhlpa logo on the team selection screen? and on a side note... i tried to do the eye and stick update for 93 several times, everytime the helmets get screwed up, even though i ONLY touched the eyes, i dont get it.. its frustrating so i give up
  15. 93 reference screenshots would be nice...
  16. 77

    True 94

    theres no such thing as true 94... http://www.hockeyfights.com/leaders/players/1/reg1994 In 1992-93, 1,257 fighting majors were called in 1,008 NHL regular-season games, an average of 1.25 a game. This was down from 1991-92, when an average of 1.84 fighting majors were called in each game. After 565 games this season (as of Jan. 13 1994), 932 majors had been called, an increase to 1.65 a game.
  17. 77

    NHLPA 93 Revisions

    damnit! why couldnt wboy used this one instead, looks nice =P you know... NHL 92 is correct... when a players goes to the north penalty box, he goes in the left side and sits at the very top seat on both benches 93 the top north bench is backwards, he enters and sits closest to the ref, thats why they dont stack right
  18. the thing i was thinking was... have the same teams play each other in the first round and skip right to the second round.... but no idea how to do that i wanted to make a 12 team rom
  19. 77

    NHLPA 93 Revisions

    thats ea default and the top bench socks are wrong too i never noticed til someone brought it up id like someone to fix it... AND I WANT MY EYES AND STICK PATCH FOR 30 TEAM 93!!!
  20. yah i open up all the taxi routes and maps... and like i said, 4x exp, not too fast, not too slow =P but if you played REAL WoW you could never appreciate buggy as f**k free servers
  21. gonna try running another Free World of Warcraft server... https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dragons-of-Time/364763970208590 4x experience rate, 2x drop rate WoW Client 3.3.5a *skater owned and operated* check it out please, leme know if you need help logging on, thx
  22. 77

    NHLPA 93 Revisions

    someones got their heads up their asses...
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