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  1. Waiting list please (AIM jagr68). Jags
  2. I am fine with whatever is decided upon for divisions at this point. Thanks for all the work on this to all who have contributed to it in a POSITIVE and CONSTRUCTIVE manner...
  3. Guys, I don't necessarily agree with some of the lower tiered rankings but personally I have not played as much over the holidays as some of the other guys and it's not my place to defend other guys right now -- frankly it doesn't matter. In the end I don't care what division I'm in as long as it's relatively well balanced. Skip's v2.0 proposal works for me. Signed, Newly Minted Mr. NHL Record Holder for the oldest player to score a hat trick
  4. jagr68

    Exi Rom

    Skip you are the man!
  5. KUDOS Chaos. Thank you thank you thank you.
  6. Skip - Can you update BUF when time allows to make the following work: - Ensure Linden is the X-man -- 1st offensive player as replacement regardless. I think I made Ridley my X-man initially. - Change Tinordi to 1st replacement DEF in any situation that calls for it -- I guess go Tinordi-Tinordi for Line 2? Still working out a few self-made kinks but this will help with line edits in exis for now. THANK YOU!
  7. jagr68

    Exi Rom

    Great job so far guys - thanks!!
  8. Team: Buffalo Sabres First Line G - Ed Belfour LD - Jeff Brown RD - Tom Pederson LW - Pat Verbeek C - Joe Sakic RW - Steve Thomas X - Mike Ridley Second Line G - Robb Stauber LD - Mark Tinordi RD - Richard Smehlik LW - Pat Verbeek C - Mike Ridley RW - Trevor Linden (please make him #14) X - Joe Sakic
  9. Add lines here for Skip/Donch for the ROM
  10. Donch, If it's not too much trouble please use the vintage Buffalo uniforms and logo, not the God-awful one from the late 90s... THANKS
  11. 12.1 BUF -- G Robb Stauber 12.2 MNS -- G Stephane Fiset 12.5 NYI -- G Andre Racicot
  12. 11.24 BUF picks D Richard Smehlik
  13. Guys Texas Pachy takes D Doug Lidster @ what shoulda been 10.5
  14. 10.1 BUF takes Ranheim
  15. jagr68

    GDL XII - Round 9

    Miller then dealt to Plabax for Ridley
  16. jagr68

    GDL XII - Round 9

    9.24 Buffalo takes Kelly Miller
  17. jagr68

    GDL XII - Round 8

    8.1 BUF selects D Mark Tinordi
  18. jagr68

    GDL XII - Round 7

    7.24 BUF selects F Trevor Linden
  19. jagr68

    Exi Rom

    Guys, I have an updated Rom v7. Revisions include the following: Buffalo (Jagr68) - current roster/preferred line(s) Hamilton (JackVandal) - current roster/preferred line(s) as submitted 12/9 Winnipeg (Lupz27) - current roster/preferred line(s) + test candidates as submitted 12/9Created Winnipeg Team, added arena info using old team slot NY Isles (TxPachy) - slight line tweaks to team KR created following current roster/preferred line(s) as submitted 12/9 GDLXII-testromv7.bin
  20. jagr68

    GDL XII - Round 7

    Nice work, thanks Raph.
  21. jagr68

    GDL XII - Round 6

    6.1 (121) Steve Thomas, F