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  1. Like I said, unless I run a cable through the house it's not gonna happen lol (Unless I move my entire CPU set up which seems more of a hassle). Not contesting the difference here but it seem much of a use to me if i'm only gonna use it for this .
  2. That's my issue, I couldn't be bothered connecting with a cable because it would be next to impossible for me because the router is downstairs on one side of the house and my computer is upstairs on the other side of the house. I've played a few GENS games (Non-94) with people before and i've had no issues, perhaps it's just hit and miss for me.
  3. From past experience on Genesis Netplay my opponent always gets desynchronized with me and it seems as if we're playing 2 different games. My question is, is SNES netplay better than Gens and if so what SNES emulator should I use?
  4. I am a keyboarder when i play by myself but if I play other people I will try to use a PS3 controller or some off brand usb controller that works.
  5. This sounds fairly interesting and it'd probably prevent me from having to redownload everything everytime I stop playing this game. As for the online play part, I didn't read much on how that would work, can you tell me how you could implement it into the launcher if possible?
  6. Suprised i did as good as i did, good luck to the final 2!
  7. I personally didn't like the anniversary mode on NHL 14 as i thought it was just normal NHL with blue ice, a different goal horn and a different player indicator. I hope that they changed a few things up to make it seem more like '94 and not just a changed version of the regular version of the game.
  8. I wish i didn't quit after season 1 so that i wouldn't lose my reputation in the league
  9. Even the developers don't care about the game (haxball) anymore.
  10. Since haxball is dead, i've decided to comeback to NHL 94 and try to play some games. I played a few (laggy) games in Classic NHL 94 and was hoping i could play in a league that uses a different rom than classic. I will be highly active starting June 9th and will try to visit forums daily. Cheers, RK-68 (saintsfan2500)
  11. So i'm playing the "6 a-side soccer" ROM, and i was wondering if i could edit the rom so the first 2 periods would be the 1st and 2nd half and the 3rd period would just be 0:00 so the game would end after hitting resume after the end of the second to view the "man of the match". If this isn't possible would there be a way to edit the period abbreviations on the scorebox in the corner so i can get it to say "1H" and "2H"?
  12. Old topic but, it would be wicked awesome. if someone would update this with the newer teams and rosters among other things.
  13. Hartford is missing as well (just to note).
  14. Comes back and see that everything is still awesome like it was. (shoutout to Kingraph from RK @ HaxSB)
  15. You'd be suprised how good columbus,anaheim,sj, and nashville are doing. no need to get rid of them...
  16. There is this game that has been posted on the forums before called haxball, and me and a couple friends got a league running and we need players, it's a basketball league called the HBA, but the game is still like hockey, if anyone is interested go to this link hba.x10.mx and help us grow! Haxball Post: http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/15184-better-than-nhl94/?hl=haxball
  17. boo i was going to ask if i could play witt lol
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