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  1. Ratings and Odds mean nothing, otherwise it would be PIT vs CHI GO BRUINS GO!
  2. I might be a gens player but i can play SNES too! Count me in if it get's revived!
  3. Hello i was wondering if there was a way i can juice the ratings so that all the teams are at x overall (Let's just put 75 for instance) so the league can be pretty balanced when i do a live stream of my seasons on twitch.tv.
  4. I recently participated in a Shootout torney (of which i was swept in a best of 3 series) and i thought it would be kinda fun to play a few shootout games with someone, just for the fun of it. If anyone wants to play msg me on AIM or here on the forums.
  5. Offical Bracket: http://betterbracketmaker.com/#!/a0cb7a8deea15
  6. You need to use a SD card to get the Homebrew Channel then you can use a USB stick but it has to be 4GB or more, as for the controller, like SD cards you can pick up a classic controller pretty cheap nowadays id recommend the CCP but the Regular one feels more like a SNES controller and the CCP feels like a PS1 controller. What version of the system menu do you have on your Wii? You can easily check this by going into your console settings.
  7. Plabax could explain that way better then i could, plus Ninety Flow is way better with a Gamecube Controller or CCP. Preferably 2GB as i can barely fit everything on my 1GB SD card
  8. DOWNLOAD THIS: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qd5vevtf7agbifi/VC-NHL94_in_snes.rar Hey, Do you like NHL 94 on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System? Have you always dreamed on how it would look on a wii? Have you always wanted to play it using the wii's virtual console? Well, now you can! With this file you can add a shortcut that will enable you to play NHL 94 on the Wii! NOTE: This is a test version of the wad. When looking for the game on the Wii menu the game will show a icon for Donkey Kong Country: Diddy Kong's Quest. IGNORE THIS and hit start and you'll be in the game! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------To do list: *Add NHL 94 icon for Wii menu and the screen before the game boots *Make a test version for GENS fans to enjoy *Add amount of players and Release date on the screen before the game boots *Take requests for wads of rom hacks *Make wads of other NHL games ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Installation for Dummies: 1.Download wad ( and put it in the WADS folder in the root of your SD CARD. 2.Put SD in your Wii and access the Homebrew Channel 3.Go to where you usually install your wads and find your WADS folder in the Wad manager program 4.Click on the wad and install it. 5.Go back to the Wii menu start the game and ENJOY!
  9. i think i found a way to make one i just need to test it first
  10. O_o i have to face you in the first round? lol
  11. Id rather use a WAD file because i can access the game quicker and i don't really like how the GENS Plus and SNES 9XGX emulators work in terms of save states, cheats, etc. And it would look super cool to have a NHL94 icon on my Wii menu.
  12. Hello, saintsfan2500 is back after 1 month of absence and right now im looking to see if anyone has a NHL94.wad file i can download. I tried looking for one and i found a post on the forum about it but the mediafire link expired so i am still looking. If anyone can find one particularly for the SNES then i will thank you in advance! I have the Homebrew Channel and MMM (Multi Mod Manager) that installs wads already so i don't need WAD manager. -Thanks saintsfan2500
  13. i was but you never told me what you wanted it to say
  14. im only 3 games back of someone for the 4th spot in the west so im hoping i will make the playoffs
  15. looks pretty simple, ill have to remember this later in the season
  16. hence your interests lol i feel honoured oh ok i didn't know i had to disable my wifi connection to make wired connection work lol
  17. i rarely use that connection i just happen to be using it while playing jackandjose and forgot im pretty sure ive learned my lesson pn checking what connection i use before i play
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