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  1. yea if only NBC would Hire someone good like Rick or The Ragers (intentionally mispelled) Play by play
  2. We are tied for first now woo hoo!
  3. i have to admit that pic is pretty funny But no one is Better Than Buffalo's Rick Jeanneret
  4. How dare you say Jack Edwards is the worst!
  5. well im glad im not in A because i would lose to you 11-2 (like our test game lol)
  6. how do i save the buddy list? the link just takes me to the name list EDIT: nevermind i got it
  7. wasnt too happy about getting BUF can i have Quebec instead?
  8. Hey i was in the same situation but luckily i fixed it. It sucks to see any player drop before the season starts but especially this season but there is still the 20th anniversary fall league. And halifax. Mark my words as i will play 40 games no matter what happens.
  9. what is the first day league games are played?
  10. i tried messaging that account but the message doesn't go through
  11. What is your AIM maybe we can play
  12. I might be in GENS C but i would never do this no matter how bad im doing. I dont think it's right for the admins to spend so much time trying to prepare this just so that people leave cause they aren't doing bad
  13. hello people im just looking for someone to play with on GENS right now and getting ready for classic league (which starts april 1st? admins?) i am in the CST time zone so if theres a specific time you want to play it cant be earlier than 10:30pm and later than 2:00am (that's when im mostly on)
  14. ok that's probably why then thanks smoz!
  15. not with NHL 94 but it took me to realized i was on my neighbors wifi instead of mine
  16. yea thanks next time ill think twice before connecting to that wifi and trying to play again
  17. not necessary by usage but you do help me figure out what might be the problem thanks to you,jer_33 and chaos for the help and i finally got to see who this mav guy is aswell
  18. i tested this with my connection NOT my neighbors i even tested it 850 miles away
  19. i have my own connection i just use the neighbors because i dont want to run up my bill
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