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  1. i have a question does it matter whether or not i play on a secure network? cause i have been stealing neighbors wifi when i have been playing so that might be a issue
  2. well the lag issues for me are pushing me to the point to where if i can't resolve the issues by saturday ill have to drop from classic 94 and as a new player i definitely do not want that to happen
  3. do you not think that's what i have been doing these past 3 days? than that's complete crap i have had limited problems when using kega when using netplay
  4. looks like a wired connection isn't a option any other way to make GENS netplay manageable? it really doesn't make any sense that it seems that you would require a stupid wired connection to play netplay it's just stupid.
  5. well i would move it but i use it mostly at night when i am in bed and plus if i had a cable i wouldn't know how to hook it up
  6. well that can't be possible since i dont have a 30 ft cord going through the house to my laptop
  7. Sorry Gens sucks i cant play a game of net play and not have serious lag (and my connection is totally fine)
  8. if the season ended today the play off seeds would be: #4Boston #3Toronto #2New York and #1Detroit
  9. Ok so me and my friend were trying NHL 94 on gens with netplay and as soon as the game starts the FPS went crazy and it was lagging horribly so we stopped and now we are now trying to figure out what is wrong with it all other emulators work fine which makes me mad because im confirmed for the GENS league in the classic spring season and i want to play so i need to get this fixed before the season starts.
  10. Hello i was wondering if i could do a NHL 94 rom with stuff such as no goalies ive tried deleting all of the goalies in nose but it says the game engine does not allow 0 goalies i wanted to make this rom because i wanted to make a rom that required the player to rely on their defense to keep the offense from scoring.
  11. i didn't see him, since no one has him i want selanne and hope he resigns with the ducks next season
  12. I agree we should get NHL Network to do documentary so that more people could search us up on google and find us and join our community. I mean it would be a great for people to join so A.there are more people who could join leagues B.the site could grow and get us more press and C. possibly more people who could make rom hacks and share some knowledge on those things.
  13. Hello i was wondering how do we know that we are confirmed for the classic spring league because i have big testing for school soon and i wont be able to check the site frequently NOW i will still be around for games and league updates but i need to put my education first as im trying to get a degree in engineering.
  14. btw when will i know when i am been confirmed (i played on GENS just in case you were wondering)
  15. Ok one more question since this post is about 3 years old am i able to make the pool of blood in NOSE or do i have to use tile molester. if i have to use tile molester where do i find the checked guys in tile molester?
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