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  1. Hey I just recently tried to regrister for the classic spring league but unfortunately i tried enter my username and password that i use for the forums but it's not accepting it. is there something i did wrong? if there is what did i do wrong. are the forums and nhl94online.com accounts different? i want to know because i need to get a spot in the league EDIT:i just realized they were different accounts. And now i have registered for the league, now i have played a game with Tomkabs93 before the league sign-ups started. Would that count as a test game or would i have to play another game to be confirmed?
  2. I know this post is old and all but where is the skate blade color in tile molester (gens rom)?
  3. Hey people,i wanted to find a good hex editor for genesis (and SNES) roms because i want to put stuff in nhl 94 like blood,and other things in the game. i would try to find one myself but i wanted recommendations since i am a novice hacker and i want to "improve" a game.
  4. did you get alot of assists or did you score with him?
  5. Ok then maybe later tonight? im doing a live stream of NHL 2003 and ive been waiting to finish it up for quite a while
  6. i wish i had windows 7 smoz but i have that old windows xp and i kinda dont use emulators in full screen just in case someone messages me on aim or facebook so that way i can easily pause it and check the message.
  7. I got a Hat trick with moog against Montreal lol
  8. i can try it, i have a sense for every detail and stuff like that
  9. i did a epic move on the first goal GO BRUINS!
  10. Offsides in NHL 94 is so god dang annoying! i would get called for it 10 times a game. As for line changes they are annoying as well because if they are on they make Neely and Bourque even more useless.
  11. Hey, i was wondering when sign ups for the 2013 spring classic league are so i can get an early spot and not have to wait so does anyone know when it will be up?
  12. is it too late to join? has anyone picked Teemu Selanne yet?
  13. i use Kega Fusion because everytime i open gens it shows up in a corner and i can't get it out
  14. Hello, im looking for someone to play with because i need some desperate practice for spring classics coming up and playing someone could get some practice for you as well so if anyone is up for it: AIM me at: saintsfan2500 or email me at: mw3acrisbeast@gmail.com
  15. Hey everyone i`m new to the forums and im looking for someone who can play with me. the system doesn`t matter i can play on any system(doesn`t mean im the best though)im just an old school gamer who is finding new ways to play with others on the games i love. preferred rom: JayLiner420`s "roamin goalies" rom (GENS) stefan`s "NHL 94 - 2013 (un)lockout edition" (SNES) AIM:saintsfan2500 email:mw3acrisbeast(at)gmail.com
  16. minipind scored with blue while I scored with moog!!! http://tinypic.com/r/mcrn7a/6
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