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  1. I will be posting a player list of the entries next week. It will have the player names and location
  2. The entry fee is to cover the venue fee, food, prizes etc. There will be a bunch of food for all participants plus it has a bar to hang out at. Win or Lose its all about fun and playing a game that everyone loves and grew up on. There will be atleast 16 SNES consoles but may change depending on player list. Most important its gonna be a lot fun!
  3. Offsides or too far which one is it? I'm always open for suggestions. The majority of the people I asked so far either want it off or don't care. I can put a poll up for this as the settings still can be changed if needed.
  4. It will use a Round Robin Format where we put everyone in groups of 4. You play everyone in your group once for a total of 3 games. Then you get seeded into a single elimination bracket. Everyone is guaranteed atleast 4 games. We ran the Tecmo Super Bowl tournament last month this way and it turned out real well.
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