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  1. Ken Griffey Jr's Slugfest would b awesome too
  2. Would it be possible to see Coach K around tourney time?
  3. hell ya lookin forward to it already
  4. hell yeah i look forward to all 3
  5. Coach K college Basketball with U of Dayton, Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball, ESPN National Hockey Night, Ken Griffey Jr Slugfest, Madden Football 64
  6. Coach K College Basketball! The mod on tecmobowl.org fizzled out
  7. Took this to a friends house and put it on his WII, and we recently noticed the transactions menu has completely disappeared, any thoughts?
  8. Wouldnt you need the season and playoffs to work for 31 teams, not 34?
  9. if anything the 97 all stars could be replaced with Las Vegas, only available spot i saw, unless someone knows how to add extra teams, i don't know how to do the graphics or I'd try to replace the 97 stars myself