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  1. I'm available most evenings from 8:30-11:00, and I'm available on-and-off during the day. If I'm not online on AIM, email me. I've played all my games with the 30+ game crew (QUE, NJ, LA, BOS) and 2 out of 3 with DET Looking to play the rest of the group: I haven't really seen anyone online, although I haven't been on much myself. Let me know your availability. I'm looking for any of: - tylerdeanhill - etevans101 - northwaynative - blackdevil19 - joe baker - omega-red Aspirations of making the playoffs are more-or-less gone, just hoping to hit the 40-game mark. =)
  2. Hi all, Due to a major (negative) life event, I'm unlikely to be online much over the next week; I will come online as much as I can, but I will likely be behind on games played for the next two checkpoints. Given that I played all 40 games in B2 last season, I ask that I not be booted if I`m under the checkpoint for the next little while. Thanks for understanding. Jason
  3. That sounds like a great series, thanks for sharing!
  4. Nice game, that must have been a blast!
  5. Glad to see the season is under way; NOT looking forward to Matticefire exacting revenge for my somehow winning our B2 playoff series, but EXTREMELY thankful he doesn't have Super Mario this time around! My availability is a bit limited, but here are the general windows (all times Eastern) Monday: no availability Tuesday to Thursday: 8:00pm to 10:30pm Friday: 10:00am to 4:30pm, 8:30pm to 11:00pm Saturday/Sunday: I have some flexibility on weekends, but the best time slot for me is 1:00pm to 4:00pm Eastern (when typically one or both of my kids are asleep). I have a new phone that doesn't support AIM, so I will likely not be on as often. If you are hoping to schedule an impromptu game with me, I regularly check my email (the1jasontaylor@hotmail.com). Best of luck to everyone, especially my fellow SNES coaches. Happy 94ing!
  6. One day I will learn to read. Thanks, J&J.
  7. Feeling braindead this morning... where can I find the waitlist?
  8. FYI, the Registration tab on the NHL94online page goes to the Spring session; it says Registration is closed?
  9. I avoided chiming in on this thread due to the obvious conflict of interest (having won B2 SNES, and lost B to Annatar), but I'm thrilled to see my name on the Classic site too. Here's hoping I can keep improving in my sophmore season!
  10. I love Pat Verbeek, the little ball of hate.
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