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  1. I'm available most evenings from 8:30-11:00, and I'm available on-and-off during the day. If I'm not online on AIM, email me. I've played all my games with the 30+ game crew (QUE, NJ, LA, BOS) and 2 out of 3 with DET Looking to play the rest of the group: I haven't really seen anyone online, although I haven't been on much myself. Let me know your availability. I'm looking for any of: - tylerdeanhill - etevans101 - northwaynative - blackdevil19 - joe baker - omega-red Aspirations of making the playoffs are more-or-less gone, just hoping to hit the 40-game mark. =)
  2. Hi all, Due to a major (negative) life event, I'm unlikely to be online much over the next week; I will come online as much as I can, but I will likely be behind on games played for the next two checkpoints. Given that I played all 40 games in B2 last season, I ask that I not be booted if I`m under the checkpoint for the next little while. Thanks for understanding. Jason
  3. That sounds like a great series, thanks for sharing!
  4. Nice game, that must have been a blast!
  5. Glad to see the season is under way; NOT looking forward to Matticefire exacting revenge for my somehow winning our B2 playoff series, but EXTREMELY thankful he doesn't have Super Mario this time around! My availability is a bit limited, but here are the general windows (all times Eastern) Monday: no availability Tuesday to Thursday: 8:00pm to 10:30pm Friday: 10:00am to 4:30pm, 8:30pm to 11:00pm Saturday/Sunday: I have some flexibility on weekends, but the best time slot for me is 1:00pm to 4:00pm Eastern (when typically one or both of my kids are asleep). I have a new phone that doesn't support AIM, so I will likely not be on as often. If you are hoping to schedule an impromptu game with me, I regularly check my email (the1jasontaylor@hotmail.com). Best of luck to everyone, especially my fellow SNES coaches. Happy 94ing!
  6. One day I will learn to read. Thanks, J&J.
  7. Feeling braindead this morning... where can I find the waitlist?
  8. FYI, the Registration tab on the NHL94online page goes to the Spring session; it says Registration is closed?
  9. I avoided chiming in on this thread due to the obvious conflict of interest (having won B2 SNES, and lost B to Annatar), but I'm thrilled to see my name on the Classic site too. Here's hoping I can keep improving in my sophmore season!
  10. I love Pat Verbeek, the little ball of hate.
  11. I thoroughly enjoyed reading these; you've got at least one fan waiting in case you ever get the urge to start up again!
  12. I'd rather see hokkeefan as the coach, screaming at the ref and calling him a slacker. =) A 16-bit Jim Schoenfeld vs Don Koharski confrontation! =)
  13. 6-Game Series makes it sound closer than it was, Annatar was the clear winner. Great play, and even better attitude and sportsmanship. It sucks to lose in a final, but it helps losing to a guy who can laugh at his own mistakes and compliments you on good plays. However, I still maintain that Steve Duchesne was secretly a disguised Scott Stevens, and that Valeri Kamensky needs to report for immediate P.E.D. testing. Fun series, great playoffs. Looking forward to my sophmore Classic season in the fall.
  14. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/eas-nhl-14-to-feature-old-school-nhl-94-mode/ We're linked in the phrase: "Hockey’s most cherished video game has been flourishing in the shadows for years"
  15. Thanks guys; my July is going to be very crowded in the back half of the month, but I'll do my best to fit the winner's schedule. Good luck to you both!
  16. Annatar and NorthwayNative, are you guys going to be able to play your B1 finals any time soon? The deeper we get into July, the more likely vacation plans will delay any games. I'm hoping to get the SNES B Crossover done in the next week or two, if possible. Hope all is well, and good luck with your series!
  17. My personal pet peeve is when the goalie charges at your player with the puck, takes him down, and an Interference penalty is called. And just behind it is when the PC-controller player is behind the net, skates back when the rush goes the other way, and ends up walking into the goalie's arse (which then results in an interference penalty). Since goalies can't be knocked down at all, and the only meaningful interaction (bumping them out of the way by skating into them at an angle) doesn't require a body check or poke check, Intereference penalties shouldn't even exist in NHL '94!
  18. Does the bodycheck reduction also apply to the SNES version?
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