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  1. I am personally in love with EA's NHL 08. After failing so hard for so many years since 94, suddenly making a USEFULL and FUN gameplay addition in 07 with the skillstick, the only thing it was missing was a smooth skating engine, rather than the jerky crap they had. Say hello to 08. With the skating and hitting engine completely reworked, a new one-on-one deke added to the skillstick, and some stellar goaltenders, we now have a game which for once actually rivals the good stuff back in 94. The main difference between these two games would be that 94 is more arcadey, while 08 leans more to the realistic side, but whatever floats your boat. Basically I am wondering if there are any 360 owners out there with 08 who are interested in either having a tournament or maybe even a league. If so, post your gamertag in this topic, i'll add you, and we'll get this going. If we do a tournament, any team goes, however, if we get enough for a league, I deffinetly call the Leafs. Please god, let there be some interest in this.
  2. Smoz raises a good point. A lot of people seem to overlook Sundin. Sure, they know he's a good player, but nobody seems to realize that if he actually got some GOOD wingers to play with, he would be a 100+ point scorer for sure. I personally find his 12 or 13 consecutive 70 point seasons almost a miracle, considering his linemates lately. If Sundin goes to Detroit, it's hard to see them not at the very least making it to the cup final
  3. As much of a rabid leafs fan that I am, I want Sundin to win the cup, so I mostly want to see him go to a team where he could win the cup before he gets too old. Detroit sounds good to me, maybe even the sharks. Come to think of it, Thorton and Sundin sounds pretty devastating. With Cheechoo on that line as well, it sounds like it would be a line to rival that of Spezza, Heatley and Alfredson.
  4. With the deadline upcoming on the 14th, I have to step down from the league. I have studying to get done tonight, and unfortunately I have a hockey tournament to be at all weekend. No way in hell would I even consider even asking for an extension. Donch already pushed it back once, and with only 20 games done, I really don't warrant one. So good luck to Sebe in the rest of the season, and my apologies to the rest of the league for holding you guys up. For the record, if you ever need any practice, hit me up. I'm open for exhibitions whenever i'm online after this weekend.
  5. Carse, to be blunt, shut it. It was the holidays and a lot of us spent time with our families and friends. Quit bitching that this league is dying and whatnot, it gets horribly old, and especially irritating for Donch.
  6. The holidays do not last 2 months, no, but the cleanup is certainly been lasting far too long. The last of my family left this morning, so now I spent all today cleaning up the rooms and whatnot. I've certainly been hard to get a hold of lately, but I can guarantee that next week i'll be available as much as humanly possible.
  7. I'm still enjoying the holidays, so I won't be able to play many for a bit
  8. The only two goals which I consider lame and actually bother me when people use them are: 1)The pass-shot from behind the blue line and through the five hole. Honestly, pass shots don't bother me. Those take skill to pull off. But a shot that's taken from a ridiculous position and goes in from THAT far away? Now those bother me. 2)The old "after the whistle goal". 'Nuff said.
  9. Me, Jeff94, and his friend attempted it, but it kept desynching :-/.
  10. I'm almost positive i'm the youngest "vet" as we say. Turned 16 in October. Most of you geezers were demolishing Chicago 30-0 using Anaheim while I was just learning that there were one-timers.
  11. 1-9? Wit JR, you CAN overcome that hump. Just play hard, but you'll have to be almost unbeatable down the strech the way these conferences look.
  12. Why not, i'm in. AIM - TessLog, hit me up if you see me Sabre.
  13. Quoted for great justice. I have no idea what is going on in that picture.
  14. While scanline may make it run the fastest, if you have a fast computer, i'd suggest setting it to 2xSAI (Kreed) rendering mode. If you're a diehard classic kind of guy, this may not be for you, but if you think 94 could be less pixelated, well...the screenshots tell a story. "Kreed" looks better, in my opinion. Some might say it's just blury, but to me it looks nicer somehow. I'm going to attempt to play with it online, and if there's no change in performance, i'm keeping it.
  15. While we're doing open letters.. Dear Dino Ciccarelli, Now, I picked you because of your fantastic shot power and shot accuracy. Now, a mistake here and there is fine, nobody is perfect. But you continue to fire the puck over the net from 5 feet away at least twice a game. Or, instead of one timing the puck into the wide open net, you decide to catch the pass, scratch your nose, and tie your skates before throwing a wrister into a goalie who's had enough time to get into position and take a swig from his water bottle. Please, enough is enough. Honestly, if it weren't for heroic efforts from Emerson and Sanderson most games, Quebec would be sinking quite low in the standings.
  16. Another one. Scoring summary is crazy.
  17. The more games the better. I like the gradual release as well, provides a lot of excitement near the end of the season and more accurate stats. However, the start of the season should have a fair amount of games released, and then have the gradual thing releasing games. As it is right now, my season doesn't even start until day 3.
  18. When you come to the realization that even Dino Ciccarelli might not be able to thrust you into the playoffs. I feel your pain SSiG, things aren't looking good on this side as well.
  19. Placing me in 3rd is a bit of a strech. I'm insanely rusty and can't get even near that place called "the groove".
  20. *bangs head against keyboard* There's really no excuse for me having 12 games done, I should have much more. It's a combination of work, ice hockey, exams and such. I do have free time, but i'm just usually so burnt out I don't feel like playing. Hit me up if you see me on AIM. I'll try and get as many in as I can.
  21. I wouldn't count me in the playoffs just yet. I'm like an athlete who suffered major brain trauma and has forgotten how to play the game. Except in this case it's not brain trauma, it's not playing GENS for months and playing in a SNES league :<.
  22. Drop Joel Otto and picking up Robert Petrovicky
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