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  1. Ok, so heres the deal. My brother and friend set up this 94 league on genesis that they played the entire 1994 schedule and then had playoffs. Recently, our friend, took a job in Philadelphia thus moving away from home. But, we thought, why should this stop the seasons. We could just play 94 online and make a new season. So, we need some help... What do we need to do to get NHL94 working online? What are the steps? How can you get set up to play each other? Any help from fellow 94 lovers would be greatly appreciated. Hit us back with a messageon this board or hit us up online (aim): sifty27 or mesaboogie06 or jcg996. Thanks so much!
  2. Hey everyone, I was wondering if someone could help us out. We are trying to play nhl94 online because one of my friends is moving away. How could we direct connect to play a game over the internet? Any help or advise would be cool and greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. It finally is clear that 94 is the best ever... I have been playing this game steady for 12 years now... Since it came out I havent looked back. A true legend!
  4. yeah here is an idea if you like St. Louis... Emerson at center cause janney is the worst player on the game, and bassen on LW with Hull on RW... Curt Giles on D with jeff brown... that team is tough... Cujo is amazing!
  5. hey Klima 85... you are right my buddy has edmonton in the season and klima plays center for him the guy is tough to handle, hes quick and shoots well... 1 of the faster players on the game, Ill mention simpson to him, or shouldnt I if he will woop up on me haha... - Sifty
  6. hey soccer1... Roenick and Belfour own Gilmour and Potvin... Ill take that anyday and win. Hitting and speed is huge and Roenick does both. He is simply the best player on that game being that I am doing the full 94-95 schedule against 1 of the best players in the world head to head, yeah we play every game with every team and Roenick has 130 goals and a few games left, no1 else is event hat close besides Mogilny with 100 and Lemieux and Sundin are up there. If Chicagos supporting cast is on their game, they cant lose. - Sifty
  7. Try Neil Broten on dallas the guy is simply unstoppable. Theyre arent many guys on the game that can check him, he hits any1... I like curt Giles who was mentioned earlier. Bob Bassen. Nelson Emerson. Nick Lidstrom is amazing. Those are a few non starters that come to mind for me. I will have to try robert kron. see ya - Sifty
  8. come on out buddy... cause we are amazing and I heard ace is taking challengers
  9. NHL 94 is the best game ever! I currently have the NHL06 in my hands, but I am at school today for a while longer so I wont be able to judge the game till I play it later on tonight. Once I put the game in I doubt ill hop online to post a comment about it but Im sure you will all be playing NHL94 on PS2 also haha..... rock it! - Sifty
  10. I would love to play in a 94 league online. Bu tmy computer at home is dial... so that sucks, I know get with the 00s haha and get cable but Im poor. anyways if there is anyway I could do it from school I would try that, I have a lengthy break like 3 hours. anyways write back some details if you can... thanks guys - Sifty
  11. Hey guys I love this forum... Evan you sound like a great dude. I am more into the sega version myself. I don tknow about the computer play, maybe something will break with the PS2 when that comes out with 06. Yeah Evan we do need to organize a huge 94 bash somewhere this spring during playoff hockey. And I was just making a crack at toronto cause I know canadians are crazy about hockey. Im sure its to come and see the best young talent play with the best player of all time (Mario Lemieux) It should make for a fun and exciting season for us here in pitt. I cant wait till october 5th. And to Ace... who Ive known for a while, theres no way you are least popular, you are awesome for trying to unite great 94 talent to compete. see you guys - Sifty
  12. lebeau is a solid man on the game, a key to winning for montreal. CuJo is the best goalie on that game. He has insane stats on a man made season that is being played head to head with great competition. Roenick, Bure, Mogilny, and Sweeney are among others... I think... I will give robert Kron a try though since hartford is 1 of my teams in the season. Sanderson is so tough for them.
  13. I wish the AI was good on NHL 94 like kgman wants, cause I know some1 who would win the cup... I think he is gonna be part of that challenge...
  14. hey this challenge thing is picking up... We need to get some specs out on the table... I wonder what teams these guys use? Toronto... what are you goin to a penguins game for? because they are gonna be better than the leafs haha... I know some1 that scored a lot of goals in a 20 minute game... 91 to be exact, hopefully this attachment thing works... I bet he could kick some ass...
  15. Hey every1 Im new to the sight and my buddy was sending in some of my pics... Im tough at 94 and I think my favorite player is JR on sega... I was curious who you guys like as a single player... who you think is the best please post back.. thanks Also my aol is sifty27 and I have myspace which is talk to me guys... see ya.