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  1. How did you change the in game logo in the jed editor?
  2. Hi guys, how to change the logo in the game? I have the jersey editor and made winnipeg jets anew (they were phoenix). Now I have the right jersey but the pcx logo I can´t import. I made a one in the paint, coverted it to pcx but I only can see white background in the jersey editor.
  3. I found a hex editor in the net. But if I open the hockey.exe file there ist just some letters and numbers - I can´t find QUE or HFD or something like that.
  4. Thanx Kiba, but how to edit hockey.exe?
  5. Hi 357, I repaired the bucks. I hope now it will work:-) Thank you for your help. If you would find some new bucks let me know. Bob, you have to use DOSBOX as Kiba wrote. But it´s also good to use PARALLELS where you can start windows under mac. Than you can you WNHLinfo too for editing the game. 2016-2017
  6. Thanx Kiba, thanx 357. I will try to repair the bugs if I have some time!
  7. A question for some editing professionals:-) How to change the names in the exhibition mode or central registry (pictures 1,2 and 5) or abbreviations everywhere (pic 3) or logos in the league (4) or names in the standings stats (6 - still Mighty Ducks...) in the game locations I show you in the attach-files? Thank you!:-) Petr
  8. Hello, my name is Petr from Germany/Czech Republic. After some years I play NHL95 again, with mac:-) Couple of days I worked on new rosters for 2016-2017. You can download it here for your game. Only in Montreal Canadiens you will find my name - just delete it for you league:-) Now without bucks found by 357! 2016-2017
  9. Guys, you are better than me. I understand s**t in case of NHLinfo, HEX etc. I can´t manage it. It is my dream to play NHL95 with new roster, new logos etc. But I don´t understand what you are writing here about changing it. I know, goodbyeccha already made some updates, but the teams are not right there, no corresponding of logos and teams. Guys, could you make it right? For us, for me, I actually would pay for it. I wrote to EA SPORTS if they would do it for us, they are shitting on us:-( Kiba, Goodbyewhatever, if you would make updates every year I would pay it and buy it every year. Think
  10. Hi Golub, thanx for the updates. I used it now for 2016, changed everything for year 2016 but the rosters from your update for the ALL STAR TEAMS are broken. I can save it into the game because there are no players. How to fix it? I work with DOS-NHLinfo. Thank you
  11. Hi Kiba, it looks great but I am too dumb to manage it:-( Do you have some done files you could send us?