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  1. haven't been able to get gens to work at all. I tested it a couple weeks back with kupuck. no luck. interested to see if someone else can get it to run.
  2. i think you forgot the words
  3. I just did. just out of order it seems
  4. Hi, I'm back at school in Ann Arbor. I went to a barbershop today with a signed Dave Roberts EHL jersey on the ceiling. There was a lot of memorabilia. I also liked a framed photo of Yzerman signed, "Great haircut! Steve Yzerman." Looking to get some exhibition games in before I go 0-20 in league play.
  5. trying a winebottled Windows emulator. Need a windows player to test with
  6. I'm not claiming to have cured cancer, I'm just saying…mac to mac works. I'd like to test mac-to-pc. aim: waptje
  7. gens mac-to-mac has been tested with using hamachi LogMeIn. it works, it works, it works
  8. I don't have any windows to boot
  9. richer goes five-hole on fuhr. I need someone to play.
  10. hi, I'm new. I'm on a mac. I am nhl94-lonely. im: waptje
  11. do you know if would crash if both your RD & LD get put in the box? Since it seems that it would want to replace both with the 3rd D.
  12. you should pick a number. Let us call this number x. Only allow trades for which Player 1 Overall Draft Position - Player 2 Overall Draft Position < x If multiplayer deals are involved, then you sum the draft positions and do the same thing.
  13. this one is even weaker - using GDL rom, NYA team is great in my (newb's) opinion. I don't know who's the coach. I will post a weak goal against the AI every week until I get a mac game.
  14. I think part of it is ego. Modern game programmers seem unable to accept that an "unsophisticated" game like nhl94 is actually better than their modern, shiny whatever.
  15. come on macintosh users, I need someone to play. I'm tired of scoring goals like these
  16. kega does have netplay using this fix: http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/15286-genesis-netplay-solved/
  17. yeah let's do it. Cosmic, did that work?
  18. What do your Wales and Campbell All-Stars Lines look like?
  19. put the emulator enhancer folder into your application support folder, that's all you need to do.
  20. I've never played online before, but if someone is willing to be patient enough to put an end to my netplay virginity, we can test this out
  21. I reckon hockey is the best sport as far as video games are concerned. skateboarding is pretty good, and the other big team sports are respectable as well. tennis is probably the worst. fencing would be interesting.
  22. I doubt it, although now mac users are at least not isolated from each other
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