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  1. He looks for an elite skating fast forward with stickhandling skills like JR, Klima, Gartner, Yzerman, Modano. Anything less and he's not satisfied. TK wants to take it end to end with the same guy, rarely passing it, and through heavy traffic. In other words, he could care less who the other guys on the team are, as long as they're relatively agile and light. Give him a Tony Amonte and Borshevski as wingers and he's a happy guy. As long as they can make a breakout pass to his centerman and be in the vicinity to put in any rebounds his slick center doesn't get to first......that's all he asks. D-men don't matter, throw him a couple of 6/3/3 clones and he's good to go. TK doesn't utilize his teammates well nor does he want to. He's a master deker, loves the fancy pants stuff. But it works for him and he'll make your goalie look drunk in net. I miss anything TK?
  2. Hahahahaha, Darko you're my hero!
  3. Because he recognizes his connection is infected with zika virus and no one wants to be subjected to it. KG's a good guy.
  4. ^ on the surface that would seem to make sense, but CB's don't appear to result in any greater chance of a penalty, at least in my experience. If anything, I think its less of a chance than a C-check. Just my observation, obviously no #'s to back it up. What I have noticed is that a CB hit has a greater chance of resulting in an injury, again in my experience. Also, I think the computer does stuff that players you control simply can't, or don't do often, like slashing and holding. IMO, the biggest reason the computer takes a greater % of penalties is because of that mixed with the fact that there are 4 other guys at any given time that are being controlled by the computer,....compared to the 1 guy you're controlling who can't slash and rarely holds. So it's probability they take more and also because they have a bigger arsenal of ways to commit "crimes". Lastly, faster & more agile players cover more ice in any given game and therefore increase their ability to get close to opposing players and in the mix of things, which increases the probability of taking a PIM. Then we have checking and aggression that also factor in. Make sense? Feel free to agree/disagree unless your name is TK. In that case, go ahead and troll.
  5. I'm getting more excited for the draft video than the draft itself. Will Santa transform into something else? Anything up his sleeve? Maybe do something political with it being the heat of election season?
  6. cool to see these stats, congrats on everyone for attaining them. Of course I have the only DETRIMENTAL stat LOL. Suter is a penalty-taking machine. Drives me insane. All I wanted was an agile middleweight D-man with good passing and a decent shot. F-this guy, he's worse than Tikkanen even. I have no idea why either, as his checking and aggression stats aren't sky high. At least 75% of his penalties are done on his own too.
  7. That does sound like fun to still have you around. Want me to pick your players for the "best of Plabber" team? 1st Line LW: Greg Adams C: Kevin Stevens RW: Darren Turcotte 2nd Line LW: David Volek C: Wendell Clark RW: Tony Amonte D-Pairing 1 LD: Doug Lidster RD: Kevin Lowe D-Pairing 2 LD: Adrian Plasvic RD: Michel Petit G1 Dominic Roussel G2 Dominik Hasek
  8. Alright, my new team name is the New York Americans. It was NY state's first NHL team. No lie, they had a reputation for... get this...an extreme dump & chase style and for clearing the puck all the way down incessantly! Back then there was no such thing as icing, but their style had pissed so many off that it led to the rule of icing being created. Whatta ya think Brute?
  9. I'm sick of being in LA, can't get anything to eat around here that isn't rolled up in a taco. Will select a city by tonight.
  10. I think we should be able to name our teams anything we want, and from any city we want, as long as it's not offensive. What's the difference? That's part of the fun of it IMO. If someone wants to name their team the Hershey Squirts with brown jerseys, or the Carolina HurryCanes I say let em. I don't get why it has to be a real team or team that used to exist. Your opponent can score a goal on a delayed penalty call after the whistle and there's no rule stating you must pull your goalie, or the fact that people play by different rules when it comes to penalty shots or goalie locks...........but team names and locations are an issue? Unrelated, but funny, the PGA Tour prohibits anyone from wearing shorts, but a couple weeks ago a player stripped down into his underwear, removed his shoes and socks to play a ball in shallow water......and that was totally OK. PS, the 2 Minnesota teams is REALLY annoying, not knowing who is who when its time to play and load games etc.
  11. I'm out. Retiring. Old Seth requires too much practice vs high level opponents just to stay sharp which I haven't been getting. Also, I'm extremely frustrated lately and I have no idea why. Stuff never used to phase me. Maybe the meds need to be upped, LOL, who knows. This has nothing to do with my recent performance in my series vs Ice. It's been going on for a while. Funny but true, it has played out this way even in real hockey as I haven't scored a goal in months, despite millions of chances. Just not in the right frame of mind these days I guess. Could be stress but I can't identify any cause of it. Maybe I'll be back someday. Other than that, I'm fine, still same old clown. Wish all you buds best of luck. zzz Eh, nevermind. What the hell would I do every night? I'd have to find a new hobby. Can't think of anything else that interests me, so I reverse my decision purely on those grounds. I think I'd go MORE insane not playing. Feels good to be back! LOL
  12. Rochester's finest are facing off this weekend.
  13. You're in a hissy fit over hypothetical situations Adolf. I'm in no way a threat to any of his stat records he's chasing. I've always played my games vs him. He has a preference get them done right away and have a preference to push them later in the season. We usually meet in the middle. I don't see that as selfish. And lastly, aside from the first couple weeks, I have been on mostly very late at night when it's just me, Lupz and JV around.
  14. Best of luck Plabber, I know you'll at least be around to chime in on threads.
  15. Lots of good ideas TK. But I like the hook button. And I don't believe in momentum.
  16. The only BIG thing I'd like to see fixed in GENS is goalie control being acquired instantly (using the B button) instead of the delay. Oh wait, one more detail I'd like to see fixed. I wish penalties would only be called against you if YOU were controlling the player committing the infraction. So I'd like to see an end to CPU taking penalties.