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  1. Ok, we'll play it again with a predetermined score and let it run out. Thank you very much!
  2. This ever get fixed? I want my undefeated record shown.
  3. I noticed a typo up there on my email avdentino@gmail.com aim: avdentino
  4. I am! haha Thanks for drafting me man. I look forward to playing for/with the legend of Carse.
  5. Yes, that's a fair statement. But I believe I'm improving against you nearly every time we play. And the goal gap has shrunk considerably. Only a matter of time before I beat you when you're Van. When you're any other team, you're nothing special and I've taken you down. But, you w/Van is such an intense challenge I always look forward to it.
  6. I'll take you down soon enough. The last games we're very close ones (8-7). Nonetheless, you still blanked me with Van. If we'd have played 1 more I think I would have got ya. Shoulda, woulda, coulda right.
  7. I played Playbax today for a bunch of games. He ripped me a new a**hole with Van. You guys in A are lucky he doesn't have Van.
  8. Yeah he's likely one of the big guns in your division. Whoever gets to play him, pray he doesn't booze-up beforehand because he's noticeably better after a few adult beverages. And more aggressive too! Are we highjacking this thread?
  9. Yee-Haw, let's get this ball rollin'!
  10. ^ I don't subscribe to the notion that dumping or icing it is cheap when you have a lead. That's what teams do in real hockey, play it safe when they're up. It's defensive. The solution is to be a better forechecker or improve your posession game. IMO, nothing wrong with getting to the red line and chipping it in their zone. Minimize risk. I think playing "keep-away" aka hiding behind your own net is stupid though. It's a dead giveaway that one is scared and clinging on for dear life just to get a win. Plus you just look goofy and that's not hockey. Oh, and I think cheap goals like cutting across the crease are part of the game. Every time someone scores like that on me I get pissed, but at myself for not being proactive and controlling my goalie. But we're all entitled to our own opinion. That's what I think is so great about 94. Almost anything you don't want to happen can be prevented. In 93 you have those wrap arounds that can't be stopped. In 95 you can score from the red line all day with Rob Ray's slow on the ice slapper. Even if you control your goalie, it will still go in oftentimes. But 94 is the best of all the hockey games because there aren't many excuses when things don't go your way (aside from penalties).
  11. BTW, I just read the etiquette thread. Didn't know about the poke-check and no-whistle on penalty shots. I apologize to whomever I played recently, I went back & got it then scored.
  12. Yes, you did beat me every game the first night we played. I purposefully left that out for a # of reasons. 1) Because it makes me look better 2) It was my first experience playing against you & I had no idea how to stop you offensively 3) Because you'll never beat me that badly again 4) I feel our lastest get-together showcased my ability better than the 1st time 5) Because it is fun to talk smack to an extent (didn't I shut you out in the final game we played?) 6) I had to get ya back for a funny comment ya made on IM after I said I think I can hang with the big boys 7) Because all of the above will make you want to beat me that much more next time.
  13. Hey, thanks for the plug Raph! I was just reading this & was about to comment that I can't wait to be considered in the top tier. After about a 10-year absence, it's so cool to play this game again against such good competition. I've played some great games in the past week with Wittengstien, Hokkee, & You. Finally got around to playing TomKabs too. On Wed. we played 7 total games in a row, he won 4, I won 3. So much fun playing all you guys. Can't wait to challenge more of you in exhibitions. All these thumb-aching contests I feel are helping me improve and shake off rust quickly.
  14. I might create a new AIM SN: Ijustwant2beatTKthenIcanDieinPeace
  15. Is NBA Jam available as free downloadable SGES rom? I LOVE that game and want to play others. All I have is a Sega controller (genesis) and the adapter, that allows me to play 94. Would this controller be useable for Jam?
  16. Great exhibition games tonight against Wittgenstein & Raph. But Kabs smoked me. Must get revenge!
  17. I'll be around to play by 11ish tonight, EST.
  18. Man, I've IM'ed a couple dozen ppl on here, rarely is anyone on. Disappointing actually.
  19. Hey yall. New here. But a veteran at winning Thrilled to find this site.
  20. I'll be on tonight to play some exhibitions. Be looking to challenge you big guns round here.
  21. Hi People, I guess this is my introduction. Uncle Seth here. I'm a rookie coach but a vet of the game. Can't wait to get the Genesis classic league going.