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  1. I have no reason to lie about anything in 94. Believe what you will. This thread has reminded me that I haven't been doing a lot of this strategy on purpose lately. I'll have to start incorporating it because it's very effective. Loft right over your D and catch it as it hits the ice. My unintentional ones are risky and detrimental, I admit that. I have no tolerance for playing against Brutus anyway, his laptop is not sufficient for gaming and causes a sanctuary lag-city. Even my games vs AJ and Depch are buttery smooth since I bought a new PC last year and upgraded to fast internet. Some of you people's laptops are laughably inadequate and cause the same problems (I won't name any other names, cough cough Lupz and a couple others).
  2. I'm sure those that are going will have a blast and I'm glad it's being done again. However, it's disappointing to see it being moved to Vegas, as the hotbed for hockey and this game couldn't be further away. I'd imagine the majority of those who were in Toronto will not be going out to the desert for this one. Shame, because so many dedicated dudes from this site went to the first one since it wasn't too far. Northeast or great lakes region would have been ideal for the greatest number of dedicated players and talent. Just my two cents.
  3. Wow that a thread. So many comments I don't even know where to start. Actually, there's no need for me to really, as I agree with pretty much everyone's viewpoint on CB (except for Plabs). Funny though because I share the vast majority of the same stances Plabs has on other issues related to 94. But CB is where we become polar opposites. In the end, I did comment, and it provided no value other than mild entertainment and fullfilling the urge to chime in. In other words, you wasted your time reading this and I wasted mine typing it. I'm eager to comment on this "closing the gap" idea, but my take on it isn't the most encouraging opinion and I'm running on fumes right now..... so it's adios time.
  4. If you stifle TK's creativity he just becomes a boring-ass cheesballer, scoring only on slap-dekes.
  5. Now who in the world would do stuff like this?
  6. +1 I too have no tolerance anymore for the bingo wheel aspect that penalties bring. I'd also like to see slackers not allowed in future leagues. I certainly can't see myself getting excited about any league where these fools are allowed to pollute again. Actually not sure I'd even join if they are. Or better yet, put them all in their own league where they can take as long as they want, no deadlines of any sort. Allow them to bask in that moat. Then no one else will have to deal with it but them, and they'll have no right to complain. Maybe they wouldn't even complain, who knows. They seem to hate being pressured to play their games anyway. End of rant (for now).
  7. you were never robbed of anything, you left that money and _____ in the taxi and forgot it, along with that prized controller you won.
  8. The best way to goose-up your opponent and get games played is to publicly call the series in your favor before it even starts. Remember the Dickon/Dickoff finals drama from a few years ago. Took about 6 weeks for it to happen. http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php/topic/15443-congratulations-uncle-seth-2013-classic-b-league-champion/?hl=%2Bcongratulations+%2Bseth http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php/topic/15515-uncle-seth-vs-dcicon-series/?hl=%2Bcongratulations+%2Bseth
  9. The celebration of Festivus begins with the airing of grievances. Prepare for a slight sidebar..... I'd volunteer to fill in (with CGY) if the league wants a series to happen to decide to plays Raph. I knew that Classic (end of reg. season) deadline was coming, I just didn't bother to do the calculations (or look for a thread containing them) and see if I'd make it in or not. I was surprised I didn't make them. But that is my fault (partially). However, I missed out on 4 easy wins vs Donnybrook with him going MIA. Not the first time that's happened w/that jagoff. And despite some people being "on" they often don't respond to IM's looking for games. Aside from that, the culture has allowed slacking to flourish here over the years so it's hard to pin blame at any one individual (in certain cases). Bring on the Plablegs!
  10. Congrats AJ. But my vote goes to Brutus. He ran an incredibly tumultous GDL season, with loads of drama and babysitting. He handled various conflicts and resolved them. He made about 12 replacements for coaches who couldn't keep their committment, all the while keeping the balance and integrity of the league in tact. The draft alone was lengthy and took a ton of work and constant monitoring. GDL was a struggle and he kept it alive. I know the live tournaments are all the rage these days as they are fun as s**t, but the core of this site lives online and GDL is the golden child. If it fails, there would be long-lasting negative effects IMO. Brutus steered the ship and kept it afloat. My other vote goes to the infamous and polarizing Plabax. He won his 3rd GDL title, which no one has ever done. In addition to that (and more important to a lot of us), he has created and is running a new draft league called "Plablegs". It incorporates all of the rules many of us have been asking for (forever), with no penalties, static ratings, fewer coaches and hence more talented players to draft from. There no slackers, harsher penalties for missing deadlines and incentives to make them. He tweaked the goalie ratings to make it a more even playing field and put in quicker access to goalie control. Furthermore, he created the fix that allows penalties to be off but B-check still enabled. This has revitalized a base of 94'ers on here that were demanding something different. Shoutout to Raph too, for all the stats and graphics work he does for the roms and leagues. But where is our Christmas video from Brute this year? The boys are lost without it.
  11. Dallas Stars LW - Juneau C - Murphy RW - Sanderson LD - Macinnis RD - Stevens G - Richter XF - Gartner XD - Kasparaitis
  12. Seth (Dallas) trades Suter and Wilson to Ice (Ottawa) for Stevens and Macinnis.
  13. Gartner, Juneau, Sanderson all on the block!!! *Will not trade Gartner to a top A coach. Deadline is tonight people.
  14. So my 4 fwds are Gart, Juneau, Sanderson, J. Murphy...3D are Macinnis, Stevens, Kasparaitis....Richter in net.
  15. Just stay in touch with the community dude, you're an OG here. You'd love Plab's new league, very strict with GP deadlines etc.
  16. List players you are willing to ship out of town. Gartner, Juneau, Sanderson all on the block!!! *Will not trade Gartner to a top A coach. Deadline is tonight people.
  17. Dallas drops loser Clark and picks up Joe "Papa" SMurphy
  18. Confirmed. And Dallas drops Nolan for Wendell Clark.