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  1. I have a new internet connection dude, it's a thing of beauty, like seeing you win KO94 then immediately lose all that prize $.
  2. ^I tried rom vs human and it's fine in terms of speed. False alarm there. It's 100% my PC that acts weird only when I play the CPU.
  3. I criticized those who said that this rom feels different. In the past some guys have made s**t up about a previous static rom (couple years ago) that was perfect, so they deserved some heat for it. However, I've played static roms (with no pims and quicker access to goalie GC) this past year and never noticed any difference in the feel of the players But tonight, for the first time, I tried out this Plablegs rom vs the computer (haven't exi'd anyone at all so far). And wow, it feels boosted to me in terms of the skating. I noticed it immediately. I think I'm a good judge of how players play normally and on static, because I use many of the same players every season. This rom feels like every player got a skating boost (speed and agility). I noticed no difference in any other attributes. Now maybe it's my computer being goofy, but for now, my perception is that this rom IS different from the static roms I've played in the past (at least when I play the CPU). I wonder if the boost in goalie agility/speed somehow carried over onto the skaters. I don't know. I'll have to test it out vs a human and report back my take on it because it isn't the same as playing the CPC. Sometimes 94 speeds up and comes back to normal when I'm playing vs CPU. Maybe tonight or tomorrow I'll get an exi in and see what it's like. All is legit, the rom is not defective, ignore the above.
  4. WRONG. Pims are the reason for 75% of my line changes, hot/cold (in classic mostly) another 20% and 5% just to shake things up. You'll see I'll hardly ever change in this league. You need to change your internet provider, your connection is an abomination.
  5. Blades of Steel obviously had better graphics, an annoying announcer, better fights, and more excitement when it hit the shelves. But the game play is literally crap compared to Ice Hockey. Ice Hockey, with it's small-ass rink and much better goalie control allowed for literally nonstop action. Your fingers have to be in shape when you play that game and you can't take your eyes off the screen for a second. It feels like you're controlling all 5 players at the same time PLUS your goalie, at the same time. It's completely run & gun high-intensity stuff. You get to customize your lineup between skinny, average and fat guys, and all 3 have their pluses and minuses in terms of skating, shooting, and checking. You can also choose the speed of the game. Like 94, Ice Hockey takes a lot of skill and practice to get good at. It's a hidden gem. Almost everything is controllable by the user. Blades of Steel, is more luck-based IMO. All the players are exactly the same in all aspects, goalie control is lame and slow. All the shots are flat on the ice (if I remember correctly) and I think the same amount of power. Graphics aside, Ice Hockey is easily a better game for competition. I love it.
  6. Ahhh Baff55fuck no! Quit when you're playing shitty, not now haha, you're playing very well. What about Plablegssssssssssss league? But.......I do understand it. I'm guessing too much time spent searching for coaches had something to do with it too. Please elaborate further as to why the loss of interest? It would be nice to know what drove you away. Although I think I'm on the right track. As a side note, I like Calgary. But uncertain if Plablegs will start up sometime soon and/or the date of the next GDL. I ain't playing in more than 1 league at a time, yet alone possibly 3.
  7. I can do Tuesday night after Raph, around 9-9:30 or later.
  8. Don't forget about: - long/short wind-ups (Plab knows who has em and who doesn't) - heavy sticks (Kamensky), hard to explain other than it feels like he's carrying a steel beam - short sticks (most of the 6/4/4 lefties aside from Sakic and Sanderson) Last but not least, what I call, the "choke bug". It occurs with average or accurate shooters, and it's when your goalie is out of the net, and the other guy gets a one-timer that goes into the stands. This rarely happens when the goalie is in the net. The choke bug doesn't seem to correlate with shooters who have crappy accuracy anyway, like Hawerchuk, Svodboda, because they shoot into the stands no matter where the goalie is.