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  1. Agree 100%. Why is this so hard for people to notice or admit? Puzzling.
  2. I believe the etiquette refers to deliberately stalling in your own end towards the end of the game, and/or at even strength with a lead. The way the game is programmed, it's also hard to kill penalties without resorting to time-stalling. The way the game is programmed, it's difficult to possess in the offensive zone on the PK and find an open man in a scoring area. That's why an overwhelming majority of shorthanded goals are unassisted. The game is programmed so on the PK, (on AI) your offensive players will not tread into the prime scoring real estate. Your teammates are literally on a different agenda, by design. So I'm going to start listening to them by doing what they want, which is to worry about getting rid of the pim first (at any cost), and scoring 2nd. It's difficult to avoid taking penalties unless you play an extremely passive style of D. It's difficult to swallow the fact that the a large % of penalties are taken by AI, random luck. It's complete lunacy to have guys in the box all game long, or multiple guys as often as it occurs. In real hockey, the goal is to kill the penalty, in any way possible. I'm just adopting that approach now. I do draw the line at stalling during even strength though, at least for me personally. If someone wants to stall an entire game, I'm sure they will get assaulted in the AIM chat and have to answer for it. I don't think it opens Pandora's box though. I wanted to announce my change of plans so no one is caught by surprise. And I know there are many more people who despise PIMS but are hesitant to speak up about it publicly for whatever reason. They too think it's an absolute joke sometimes.
  3. - sure wasn't fun at KO94 trying to mount a comeback against you in our elimination game and getting like 5 pims in the 3rd period.
  4. hahah, that's been the word around town for a long time, that you get a Bork-boner. we neeeeeed a new league
  5. LOL, good research boys. Of course I love scoring on the PK and it's extremely hard to resist trying to. I guess I can have my cake and eat it too, by wasting the s**t out of the clock and still making a rush if opportunity presents itself. We'll see.
  6. I admit, I didn't look at my own stats here. It's still just extremely frustrating to be in the box all the time. And I will always think it's stupid to penalize one of the best aspects of hockey.......hitting. It's just such an important tool and excellent-timed/placed checks shouldn't be penalized SOOO much as it is in 94. I think dropping it down from 2min to 1min would ease a lot of the frustration. Yes you should be rewarded for playing position, but a lot of us play position yet play aggressive too and hit when the time is right ....but still get penalized for it. Just going out of one's way to make a hit is risky in and of itself, a built in negative of being aggressive. I think pims are way overboard in occurrence and time spent in the box.
  7. I've had it with these refs. They are ridiculous. Most of them have brooms up their asses. Penalties for 2 minutes are too long when periods are 5 minutes each. It's unjust I tell you. We've all been the victim of games where the refs just ruin it for us, or the other team. Hitting is a great defensive tactic that oftentimes will not result in penalties, or result in an insane amount of them with guys piling up in the box. But whether you believe penalties are random (aka reality) or intentional (aka fantasy), there is no denying that even the best PK coaches get scored on 35-40% of the time when the other coach has the PP. Not only that, but even when one tries to score on a PK, it is difficult because players in AI mode do not set up in an offensive way. For years, we've had to keep penalties in the leagues because B-check is weakened if we took them out. Then Plabax hacked it to make it so you can remove penalties and have no ill effects on the B-check. Still, penalties are ever-present. So what's this post all about you ask? We'll, I've always tried to score on the PK. And felt it was cheap/cheesy to waste time in my own end on the PK. However, I've reached my breaking point. I can no longer sit idle and allow this absurd reality to continue without taking action. So I'm here to announce an official revolt against penalties. From this point on, I will be doing whatever is necessary drain sand out of the hourglass (when shorthanded). That includes many of the following cheeseball techniques, including but not limited to: running around in my own end, skating backwards with it, icing it, flipping it out of play, freezing it with my goalie, and any combination of the above. I'm going to have fun with it and may even put out a specialized unit just for this task. And you know what, you should do it too. No need to feel guilty anymore. Who else will join me? C'mon, be a part of something for once in your life! In the process, it can only help GAA, PK% and likely your Win%. Maybe eventually, people will become so fed up with clock wasting on the PK that the majority will lobby for the removal of penalties in future leagues. As an added benefit, my line changes in a league like this would be drastically cut down and across the board games will take less time to complete. Let's kill penalties once and for all and put these refs in the unemployment line. The establishment isn't hearing our voices so it's time to take to the streets people.
  8. talk about being thorough....great stuff dude
  9. If it even exists (I don't believe), momentum is a miniscule factor. 25% LOL. Momentum isn't even worth mentioning compared to effects of home/away & hot/cold. Both of which are proven. Momentum is the psychological effects of past events on future outcomes. It's in one's head.
  10. Paragraph 1: Agree Paragraph 2: Disagree (people can definitely win and lose games in based on who is hot/cold. It doesn't always even out in the short term, for example in a series. Long term yes). Paragraph 3: Agree (good point about the combined effect. Obviously that is greater than either factors are alone).
  11. IMO, home/away advantages pale in comparison to the effects of hot & cold. And in classic, its hidden, so many can't say for sure whether the advantages screwed/helped them or they caught the cold/hot bug. More people around here are finally starting to take notice of its effects. But many are still either not perceptive enough to notice or reluctant to believe it. Way bigger issue than home/away will ever be from an impact on results standpoint. Don't even get me started on penalties! I understand why some prefer classic to remain untouched. I'm heavily in favor of changing aspects of classic though. But the consensus has spoken and therefore it feels like a lost cause. Everyone knows GDL is the most coveted trophy. But classic IMO could be more respected by some of us, if what we believe are improvements are made. Or we just create a new league with what we want.
  12. sweet news! Thanks Chaos. The detail-oriented part of me notices a few things I'd change. - Can we get a GDIF stat category in all-time standings and on league stats? It is a pretty important stat IMO. - Also, can we get win % and save % changed from for example 0.752 to read 75.2? PP, PK, PS, & SPCT all have the latter. - Do we need the .0 in the team points column? There are no fractions of points awarded to anyone in terms of wins/losses/ties. I know, nitpicking on this last one but can't help it haha.
  13. What happened? Get a scare? Or is there a mini KG somewhere in the world? I don't think it's fair to blame a major rubber manufacturer. Spend a little more time warming up her engine, get the juices flowing first, instead of just whipping it out and jamming it in a bone-dry love canal.
  14. And take out pims too! It appears there is enough people who want a different league that incorporates all of these elements.
  15. F-that noise is what I say too haha, people can view the championship rosters on nhl94online.com if they are interested
  16. First Line LW - Dino C - Nolan RW - Juneau LD - Ulf RD - Schneider G - Young X - Kvartalnov Second Line: LW - Juneau C - Dino RW - Kvartalnov LD - Kasparaitis (change to # 21) RD - Kasparaitis G - Roussel X - Petrovicky (this is the only change from my previous lineup)
  17. Brooklyn trades Carpenter to Hamilton for Petrovicky
  18. scroll to end for updated lines
  19. Thank you too Tex! You helped me out.