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  1. Hey Kiba! Just curious, how exactly are you running the manager league? Do you mean one-player style against the computer? Just curious how you do it, it sounds like fun and I'd like to give it a try with the SM-liiga 97 season mod. I played the mod for awhile but the schedule would skip 5-6 games at a time after I played 1 so I gave up.
  2. I THINK it's the same username but I'm not 100% sure. I tried to login as "willsolo" which is what I assumed I had used, but it wouldn't let me log in. I may have used another username. Anyway, it's no big deal but if anything I was hoping to have the records to show that I played all my games on time etc. I'm not too worried about it, but I figured I would ask just in case.
  3. Are there any records for previous seasons played? I played in a league a couple years back and played all the games, met all deadlines etc, but had to re-register. No big deal, but I signed up for GENS B when I really should've signed up for GENS C. Been practicing the past few days but will probably get beat up pretty bad. Anyway, excited to play, looking forward to the season!
  4. So I think I've figured out how to load the palette, but I also am 90% sure there is something wrong with my monitor/graphics card and as a result it isn't displaying things correctly. For example, in the game, the lights reflecting off the ice and ice scratches etc aren't visible, it's just plain white ice with no reflections or anything. But anyway, try this and let me know if it works. When I do this, it LOADS the palette into the rink.qfs, but (I think) due to my computer, it isn't doing it properly. I'm doing the NHLinfo stuff on my PC that isn't connected to the internet so I can't post screenshots, but I hope this makes sense: 1) Open NHLinfo, go to the image editor. 2) Press F1 to switch to viewer 2 3) Scroll down and highlight RINK.QFS, and double click it so it shows the image of the rink with bad/wrong colors. 4) Press F1 to switch back to viewer 1. 5) Scroll down and highlight RINK.PAL, once it is highlighted, press the 'P' button on your keyboard. 6) Press F1 to switch back to viewer 2, which should now be on the rink again. 7) Press the 'P' button while you're on the rink, and that should toggle you back and forth between the rink's internal palette and the RINK.PAL file. So when it says you are using RINK.PAL, it SHOULD display the rink with the correct colors. The problem is, due to my computer acting up I can't be sure if I'm doing this right as I can't see the results for myself. Anyway, let me know if that works for you. At the least, that IS the way to load the palette file into the rink file. Let me know how it works!
  5. Yes, I was able to load the palette and then export the rink in .gif format. So I have a .gif version of the rink saved on the computer (actually several different versions of the rink, the original and a modified one). I just wasn't able to import it back into the game properly, but since you've been able to do that we should be in good shape. I'll work on loading the palette tomorrow and let you know what I come up with. I agree, let's figure this out and make this the great game we know it can be!
  6. Thanks so much man! This is a big breakthrough. I haven't had much time the past few days to experiment, but I do know for a fact that a couple months ago I was able to correctly load the palette for the rink and display rink.qfs properly in NHLinfo. The problem is, I forgot how I did it and I'm pretty sure I need to reinstall NHL '95 to get the original rink back because I did something to it that is making it not display at all in NHLinfo. So in conclusion, my problem was that I was not able to load a .gif of the new rink image into the game properly, which you have figured out how to do. You haven't been able to load a palette into NHLinfo, but I have been able to do that. I have some days off work coming up and I'm going to get NHL '95 reinstalled and figure out how to load the palettes. Once I do that, I'll post on here and maybe with our efforts combined we can fully figure out how to mod most of the graphics. I'll keep you updated, thanks again for your help!
  7. Can you give step by step instructions on what you did in NHLinfo to import the new ice? I had (at one point) been able to load the palette for the rink and save it as a .gif, but I could never figure out how to replace the rink image - it would appear all messed up when I played a game. So to make sure I understand, you were able to properly load the palette to the rink in NHLinfo and display it correctly? And you were able to export the rink and edit it, and then import it back into the game and it worked? Could you PLEASE give me step by step instructions on how to do this? I've been trying desperately to do this for a long time and have had no success.
  8. Hello everyone. I have been scouring the internet trying to figure out how to edit the rink and in-game logos for NHL 95 pc. I know that some people have been able to successfully do this, but I haven't been able to find anything out despite messaging all people who have successfully modded the game. I've been able to load the rink and palette in NHLinfo, but haven't been able to edit it or replace it with my own edited version. I also want to edit the center ice logos and if possible, the pre-game logos (the logos displayed before a game when it shows the team ratings). If ANYONE has any information, please let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  9. That is the best post I've ever seen on here. It's hard to say "man I'm glad he's gone" but you can't help but be happy about the doors this opens for the Blackhawks. Everyone wants to give that guy credit for helping merge the WHA with the NHL but he helped stop it from happening on several different merger proposals prior to that (read a book called 'the Rebel League' about the WHA and it talks about the multiple merger proposals that the NHL blocked because they refused to take the league seriously [until it started taking their superstars]). He only agreed to it when the NHL was in bad shape and needed the merger to survive. He was a dinosaur who was too stupid to understand how important it was for the Hawks franchise to have a television deal for home games, and with the NHL slipping in popularity, a move like that would be a HUGE help for the team. I'm not going to back down from my opinions (and the public's general opinion) of Wirtz because he died - it is a shame and I of course send my condolences to his family, but in terms of the success of the Blackhawks franchise this is fantastic, if that isn't too inappropriate of a word to use. However, I'm assuming that Wirtz's son is going to take over and as far as I know he was kinda like his "right hand man" and that scares me - however, maybe the apple falls a little farther from the tree and he realizes the opportunity this entails. I'm optimistic. Maybe we'll know more by the season opener, which I will of course be attending, but it won't make a difference until next year anyway.
  10. Consistency. The phrase that perhaps best surmises the New Jersey Devils' current season is, ironically, a concept that has all but evaded the 5-13 team, who seem to be building a comfortable nest in the basement of the Wales Conference Atlantic division. "All around, we definitely need to improve," laments captain Scott Stevens. Offense, defense, everything. It's one of those 'chicken or the egg' situations. We can't win if we don't score, but scoring is irrelevant when we don't play good defense." Stephen Richer takes the role of the prodigal son; on fire one game and then scoreless the next two. A frustrated Richer comments, "I guess it is kinda weird, if I don't score, we don't seem to win." Coupled with the barely-there performances of Claude Lemiuex and Alexander Semak (despite a big game against Winnipeg this week, an indicator of a turnaround?), the problems at the Meadowlands are very apparent, yet the team still struggles to do anything about them. Says coach Will Tallman, "It is common knowledge that the Devils suck in NHL '94. I can't turn crap into gold. If I did, I'd be rich for several reasons; the fact that I can turn crap into gold and the literal value of the golden crap."
  11. Jamie 'Home Run' Baker for Ottawa. Not really, but it's fun to play with him and call him Home Run Baker, and if anybody on that team scores for me, it's him. I know he's a starter so it doesn't count anyway, but maybe some baseball enthusiasts will at least appreciate the reference. In all seriousness, it seems like most people have caught on to the sleepers. Yake, Savard, Burt, sometimes Ruuttu for CHI always seem to work for me. Kristich (though a starter) is one of my favorites, always kills when he's on a hot streak.
  12. In the NHL Forever .zip file there are several roster updates up to 98 or so, I believe.
  13. Quick question - is it possible to re-enter team preference? I filled it out kinda quickly not knowing that there would be a random draft, I thought it was first come/first serve SO I picked some crappy teams for some of my early preferences, thinking that I would have more of a chance of getting in. If not, I'm not worried, just curious if it is possible to change them.
  14. Yeah, apologies for the occasional lag, we did the test game kinda out of the blue and I had some stuff running in the background that was probably contributing to it, but in the future it should be smooth. Looking forward to playing, can't wait!
  15. Hey everyone. I am currently working on an AHL update for NHL '95 for PC. So far I have done all the jerseys/in-game logos and have 10 rosters/ratings done. I've done extensive research for prospects' ratings and all in all I think this is going to be a really cool project. Here is a screenshot of some of the jerseys: Also included will be a 3rd jersey switcher and HTML webpage-style team reports. ALSO, I could REALLY REALLY use any experienced rom hackers' help. I've gotten ahold of a couple avid NHL 95 pc users who have been very helpful - but anyone who has attempted to edit graphics in this game knows that it's real pain to edit the ice and logos for starting lineup screen/schedule. I'm VERY experienced with graphic editing in itself, and I've painstakingly tried to follow the guides in NHLinfo for editing the graphics, but I'm having a hard time - I can find the stuff to edit but I can't load the palettes properly. There was a guy who posted on here saying he did graphic updates years ago, basically anyone who might be able to help, it would be most appreciated and I promise you would be contributing to a worthwhile project (and would of course recieve credit). If someone could figure it out and just give me a brief tutorial, I am willing to and anticipating doing the leg work. You can email or personal message me if need be. Other than that, I'm hoping to have the rosters completed within 2 weeks and will then upload them here!
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