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  1. That sifty27 guy is right.....I'm taking challengers you just tell me the date and get out just send me an email...hit me up on AIM...or we can set it up on here...either is fine
  2. Hey...anyone know what's up with kgman.....can't seem to get him to reply about settin up this challenge...seems like a big talker im lookin forward to seein him lose ...oh well....guess ill have to find someone else up for a game....later- Ace
  3. No after reading some of kgman's posts, and the responses i figured you guys on this site gotta be pretty cool.....i mean come on....we all love nhl 94 so no one here can really be that need to clarify..but thanks anyway....and im glad you think the offer is fair- Ace
  4. Lebeau is ridiculously tough on that have to agree on that note...but i don't know if id say he's better than bure...roenick...mogilny...sweeney...savard...and cujo
  5. im going to have to side with you evan on the going to see crosby...and as for having someone play against us isn't a gambling issue. The only reason that there is even money involved is because i think it would suck for someone to pay to go kick someone's ass at 94....but if we're going to pay for a ticket...and risk the ticket should the challenger......and as for the name ace mcgee...i can most certainly gurantee you that the nickname ive had since high not because im a gambler or a for emulators..i really am not good at games on computers and don't know what's out there for genesis controllers for my comp...but i was looking to figure out some of these updated games and stuff...... Finally i'd like to say that for about 8 years eric has been saying that he'd love to play someone as good as him at nhl94 and play him......i figured through this challenge that would be possible.......take it easy guys...and sorry if my challenge offended you guessin im least popular in the forum area.....later
  6. Hey it sounds like a good plan, what game are you coming down for? Why don't you hit me up on AIM or shoot me an email so we can work out all the details. AIM: AceMcGee24 Email:
  7. Honestly guys what it comes down to is friendly 94. It really shouldn't be an inconveniance since i would assume people on this site are probably some of the best 94 players around....I figured you would be interested in playing another of the best players at the game. If it's such an inconvenience and so difficult to get out and have a good time.. don't, but i think that was a pretty fair deal.. if you win you get a free trip and bonus money which is equal to your ticket cost...if you lose you get a trip to play someone who is damn good at the game apparently and you lose what we would lose if you win.......but it's sorry that i offended your skills at the game though...if that's what you think.....but im disappointed no one wants to play
  8. Well you are wrong in saying that it is triple the cost as I was assuming your ticket to be round trip...but you would have to pay i will change the we will pay the ticket fee and in addition give you the ticket fee in cash Challenger Round Trip ticket 160 If he wins ticket zero + 160 if he loses he owes 160 + 160 ticket fee net loss 320 for both That seems to sound a little more fair to me....sorry bout the original deal
  9. I'm issuing a friendly challenge to all of my fellow 94 addicts. If anyone can defeat my friend Eric in a 7 game series on Genesis or SNES we will pay for your flight or gas money to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, but if you lose, you have to pay us the equivalent value. Hit me up on AOL or shoot me an email if you are interested. AIM: AceMcGee24 email: P.S. Anyone who thinks Bourque is better than Sweeney on the Genesis is insane
  10. The best player on 94 is clearly Pavel Bure. I'd put him against roenick any day on the Genesis, but roenick is no slouch either.