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    Nothing feels quite as sweet as a Turgeon one-timer!............shame about the rest of the Islanders! :-S

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First started playing NHLPA93 with friends, playing tournament after tournament with Chicago & the awesome Jeremy Roenick.
Then '94 came out & everything went to a new level. It was like a religion for us! LA became my prefered team & we all became pretty high level players, with some regular epic battles between LA, Chicago, Detroit & the Rangers.

Work, travel & university split us all apart, but we all got together for a tournament in NYC in 2006. It was like time had stood still. My Buffalo & LA teams both made the semi-finals but headed out to my friend's Boston & Vancouver sides. It was like we were kids again! lol

Now with the technology on this website we can bridge the continents and get our tournaments up & running again, and i'm looking forward to competing in many online leagues here in the future.

I still consider myself a fairly high level player, but manual goaltenders are a killer! Never used them in the past, so will have to learn to keep them out & put them in fast if i'm to compete with you guys here! Look forward to seeing you all on the ice!