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    grow up in ATL, now in NC
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    Playing football, knocking the hell out of people, NHL Hockey (92), NHL 93, and NHL 94. Keeping the old school hockey game dream alive. 13 years young.

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  1. Here is my link to my forum about MUTANT LEAGUE Hockey please tell me anything that I need to add. And I need to find someone that can help me make mutant league hockey online. http://z13.invisionfree.com/Mutant_League_Hockey/index.php?act=idx
  2. IF ANY ONEWANTS THE ROM HERE IT IS http://coolrom.com/roms/genesis/1412/Mutant_League_Hockey.php
  3. I just bought a guide, Nhl hockey (92) in box and manaul, and nhl 94 with box and manaual. My guide has come but not my games. Can not wait to get them. And I prefer not to use roms because I like the orignal console.
  4. I want one sent me a email or website because i will buy one :grimace:
  5. NHL 94 Checklist Portable Sega Genesis (PSP or Retro Gen Portable) A working laptop USB Connector or USB Controller
  6. What are the differences between the sega cd verison and the genesis verison???
  7. I live in ga to brother

  8. Is there a difference betweeen the genesis and the sega cd in nhl 94

  9. what do you call a san jose a losing **** ass b***h in my wet poon

  10. what do you call a san jose a losing **** ass b***h in my wet poon

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