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  1. Thanks for that video Depch. I wonder how many times I have done that on accident without knowing what I was doing, but if I try right now a thousand times, I won't pull it off
  2. Aha, so then it just wasn't my weird sense of timing thinking that the emulator seemed a bit faster than the Genesis.
  3. That video was great! Maybe I'll sign up on the next go around, if eligible, after I have some exi's under my belt.
  4. If there is a chance I can do this, I will. Having to finance my bands recording and new album, I am stretched pretty thin anyway, along with the normal bills. I still can't wrap my head around that $10k prize. Someone will be able to eat and live for a few days on that
  5. $10k prize, wow. Vegas, very cool.
  6. Aqua, you're right. Human players are the way to go over the CPU. I just have to get the feel of the movement of the players again. My fingers were way ahead of my head of thinking there LTNINGFan1 is my AIM. I hope I can get Hamachi set up.
  7. Thanks Brutus. I had a feeling that the online exi's is what I would need to do, and that's cool. I totally expect to get annihilated, so that's fine I did download Hamachi (waiting for for an email to confirm the attach client request), and I downloaded AIM again. I had used my screenname as my AIM since I had AOL back in 1997. Of course I couldn't remember my password and with no help from AOL as I had not used AIM in over 10 years or more, so I had to get a new screenname (LTNINGFan1), so at least I got those two things out of the way. Thanks for the info.
  8. Being new, and seeing how things work with the various leagues and exi's, is there a screening process an established player must do with a new player before said new player jumps in a league? I'm not in a huge rush to get into the league play yet, as I want to do all the right things by learning all the procedures, rules, setups, etc that have been established here. I know I need a lot more solo practice anyway. (hopefully there was not a pinned post on something like this, if so, my apologies)
  9. Food for thought Lupz27, thanks for the advice on that. I am going to need a big binder to keep everyones tips and suggestions together. So much good info..
  10. ( EDIT: I didn't meant to post this twice, my apologies)
  11. It's all my fault for stirring this up by asking about the CB, and wondering what it did, hahaha. Sorry gents But this has been some interesting reading, and seeing everyone's viewpoint on it.
  12. I think the only time I have used CB is on faceoffs. I don't remember even trying it in regular play. Now I am curious to see what it does..
  13. I'm not a Dev's fan, but if those were made available, I'd have to get one. That's a good find, Bob.
  14. If this isn't the type of work you do for a living, you have a calling, sir. Just more amazing everytime I look at it.
  15. I got in a small amount of time to try the Roms (those are great already, and I only started the first one) and oh man, do I need to practice. But it was fun, and if you're having fun practicing, then it'll be easier to grasp eventually. Thanks again for those helpful videos and tips. You guys are awesome to help out, I appreciate it. I promise not to take another 11 year layoff again from here again. This place is just too cool.
  16. That's really cool, Jer. Thanks for the link. I hope to try this out this evening.
  17. See, that's something I may not have had paid attention to, a wiggle like you mentioned. Good handy tips there. I'll have to pay attention to that. Thanks again, lots of knowledge that I have to get up to speed on for sure.
  18. Those are great TK. I guess that took quite some time to get all put together.
  19. Impressive stuff, to say the least .I just watched all those, and saw so many moves I could never pull off. I also usually used players that weren't rated high enough to pull off higher skill moves anyway.
  20. Brutus, thanks for all those tips and suggestions. I am going to check out the video and read up on the previous one, and probably print off for future reference. Looks like I have a lot to learn.
  21. Newbs like me, who think they have that opportunity to be sneaky, and in the back of their minds know they're doing something wrong and pay for it I haven't played anyone here online yet, but reading up and trying to learn a few things ( like that controlling the goalie thing scares the hell out of me already). I haven't played anyone in 94 since, well, maybe 95, ha.