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  1. Whoa whoa whoa, back it up. "I played recently with only one hand"? Am i reading that right? You must be playing on a keyboard or on some sort of contraption that would allow Alvin Law himself to play chel. I personlly don't see it possible to hold an actual controller, direct a player and use the pass/shoot etc buttons with the use of only one limb. If however this is possbile, may you show yourself and forever become a legend in my mind. Here's to hoping you're not a fradulent imposter.
  2. I feel this last post was nothing but an all out maketing scheme to advertise the "double m seven" game. Quit living in the present, live in the past like the rest of us. Don't try to change us or 94, our wives and girlfriends already do that. Thank you for your input though sir.
  3. Sorry for being absent so long, i was travelling home and had difficulty finding an internet connection. Quick note, i lost my number one ranking in regina to badger, with two heartbeaking losses only to regain my title after a quick movie down at teh galaxy. so, yes, badger held a brief spot at number one, but for no longer than 4 hours. But what are all you fellas (or ladies) asking for/receiving this holiday season? Any cool things that i should have asked for? maybe a life-size cut out of stevie yzerman? or in some of your cases, since you love roenick so much, a blow up sex doll of old
  4. Firstly, I had no idea, Sir "backhandfloater" was the chel pioneer? We are forever endebted to you. Badger should like this one, since he started a thread about it. Moreover, Mr.Clockwise can be considered no less that a hardcore chel fan for he knew where to find all this info. Respect your favorite way to score, and thank you for enlightening us on the past.
  5. Just so we're clear, Lauschy is deemed to be the gay one. Im not even in the same province at the moment to be pouting about losing. Don't want any misunderstandings about elliptical training or anything like that, thats not my style.
  6. Mrs.I-am-fleury's-bum-buddy... there is nothing that goes against the trap in hockey. The New Jersey Devils used it to perfection and won a cup with it. So unless youre going against 25 NHL'ers with stanley cup rings on their fingers, back off the trap. NHL94 is hockey, and thus, we play with the same strategies. Badger, keep up your work, and i look forward to thwarting your trap when we next meet, that is, if you get a lead. But until then, keep pumping Lausch and send him back to Wendy crying. Or pooping, whatever. Post Script, what kind of way is that to score Mrs. Fleury? Go back to Mort
  7. just a quick little word that comes up every so often.. "Witzer", a shortened version of the "Howitzer" used frequently when the cannon Al macInnis is dropping bombs on Dallas tendy Jon Casey.
  8. Oh great overall post, i was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I couldnt wait to see how your anonymous challenger would react. And much how i expected, he left and took a poop? Wait i didnt expect that at all, but thats what was so great about this tale. Personally, i find it totally legal, for often when i try this method, i get scored on, possibly the Chel Gods frowning down on me. But if they did not strike you down well past the 3 minute mark, that must be a sign to adopt a new style of play. Keep developing and reach for those stars! (mainly me, the number one rank) back to studyin
  9. Well puck drop at shinny tonight, and who am i facing off against? If the name on the back of that Tampa Bay jersey served me correct, it was the infamous Chris Kontos. However, the jersey played with my emotions, much as "Tebiah" does in recommending playing with Hartford, and it was an imposter of Sir Chris Kontos. His skating abilities didnt help either. This leads me to the question, who's jersey do you, or would you, sport? Would it be a Marty McSorley, so to intimidate that plug wearing the Brashear jersey? Maybe a Bertuzzi, cause who doesnt like a good sucker punch on sunday night shin
  10. Come on Evan. We talk a big game, but you know we're caught up in our own 10 person league that probably couldnt hold a candle to your league. I like being number one, quit trying to bring me down. -#1 (in regina and lethbridge) Post script: i prob dont have the time, the money, the computer sense or the drive to actually join one of these leagues. ill stick to the real thing. But ill still talk big, just cause i can. merry xmas.
  11. Well said, thats exactly what i wanter to hear, just where the birth of this rather unlikely term came from. And ill have to confirm the resemblance to a burrito later, but maybe im not making mu burritos right and should make them more like a diving goalie. \ God speed
  12. ANOTHER fast fact. Baron is number one in two provinces. Badge and Lauschy, lets keep it down and start letting your play do the talking. unless youre comfortable following, rather than leading, which, so far, seems to be the case
  13. Just an update on the beginnings of this thread. The "Anonymous Loser" won the rematch against the Rangers (he was Florida) 10-2. However, there was no witness, and no one knows if 90% of the ginos were scored via the wrap around, although we might infer (the correctness of the wrap around being discussed in a previous thread). Good for the newly formed "Anonymous Winner", and good luck in the future. Post script, try and figure out that deflection button.
  14. Kisu Ruuttu?.... Christian Ruuttu you mean? and I'm not sure if this whole comment is sarcastic or not. You throw out some bad recommendations in Tampa and Hartford, then give a ligit recommendation in Chi-town. Furthermore, you suggest to take out Larmer, who is 86 overall. Quit toying with our emotions.
  15. Personally, i cant remember the last time i lost to the computer. However, i dont remember ever using Florida as a team either. Today my anonymous friend told me he lost 4-2 to the Rangers as Florida. Does this happen to anyone out there? Or should i disgrace him every time i talk to him? And is "I was playing with FLORIDA!" a worthy excuse? Let's hear it
  16. I, personally, rountinely shut down Roenick whenever i encounter him. Although my vote went to Yzerman, the player i have the most trouble with is Muller. Or Marty McSorley, that guy is a rock! (only kidding about mcSorley, no need to quote me in outrageous replies against him)
  17. Yes, as most probably have, i have achieved the wholesale "check people after the whistle" award. many times indeed. however never have i removed the net from its moorings after humiliating all of badgers players after going dirty shelf on the eagle
  18. (A humble champion who would text or call me every morning to remind me he was number one, just because I am a province away, allowing him to keep the title until i return.)
  19. As one must agree with the overall ratings, Mario Lemieux has to be the most dominant player. He's big and not easily derailed, and can sshnipe gene-dogs with the best of em. HOWEVER, Stevie "Wonder" Yzerman gets my vote, for he just gets the job done for me. An iron man until his retirement, Yzerman kept his play steady throughout the years, possibly peaking in 94 for me. Whos the best i often ponder, right now stevie wonder! let's go! let's go! - Don Cherry
  20. I know, personally, when i lose a game based on home team advantage or bad reffing, i want to have a good tilt with the competition. Badge and Lauschy can attest to some good post-game battles that resemble more a UFC octagon than anything else. Is that customary around the SNES community? So that leads me to ask, how do you take a loss? Obviously online, its a little different, but lets get some insight. Are you the pouter? Is your day ruined by a loss in Chel? Or can you shake off a loss and pump the next guy that peeks his head into the trolley tracks of Marty McSorley? Or will you purchas
  21. im glad you supported my trashing of Hrudey, but i need some explanation on the "flying burrito" analogy. never does a burrito come into play when i think of 94, only maybe if i went to 7-11 between tournys. but even then my food of choice would be lemon pepper wings and a mountain dew slurpee. I previously omitted "shhnipe"(goal) and dangle(s) (nice stickhandling) in my terms, as i thought they were universal, but hey why not throw them out there.
  22. I glad to see I have a supporter against Badge's empty argument supporting the sieve wearing a bandana that is Kelly Hrudey. Like i said, stick to commentating, for its easy to observe and say "do as i say not as i do".
  23. Although their biggest problem is who is controlling them at the helm. Usually you badg. and rankings are meant to show the weakness of the player.
  24. Yes, but had they maintained a roster with Sundin in the lineup i mean. And badger, we're all living in the past by playing nhl94. cause that was 12 years ago. grow up its your world, we're just living in it ill run everything by you next time