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  1. Nhl 2k10 and 2k11 for the wii are back online using a simple process. There's a small discord for 2k11 and you can 2 vs 2. Hopefully more join to play. https://discord.gg/xpzYmbh3Us
  2. I usually went with the 90 reds or 92 blue jays.
  3. I got it working will stream over the weekend.
  4. I like it but having problem getting the depth chart srm to load in my emulator. Wii sega genesis gx.Does this game need it's on folder with srm?
  5. Are those box art scaled to fit in the actual sega genesis clamshell?
  6. My request is easy Mod Bill Walsh College football 95 where there's no fatigue.
  7. I know yall don't see me post alot but great job.Can't wait to stream on my twitch channel.
  8. meat


    I know really don't post here but I wanted to make y'all know about discord. Its way better than aim.goggle it,its even got a phone app.The guys over at Tecmo bowl.org like it and I showed deadmeow from classic Sega sports.If I wasn't on my phone I would post links.
  9. Try ultimate mortal kombat trilogy.
  10. meat


    Yup play RBI also.Theres going to be another baseball stars league over at http://www.tecmo.us/ this february or maybe sooner.
  11. meat


    Yup,plus some call of duty ps3.I also mod wii and original xbox.
  12. meat


    Just saying hello to all.While i not really into hockey i do play.I do play old NES games alot,super spike vball,bad news baseball.
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