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  1. oh my god, I love the Bruins one! May replace my daughter as my desktop photo for a while!
  2. Thanks again guys - hope you all enjoy the game! Please let me know if you find any errors (spelling, handedness, etc). I'm already working on V2! We'll sort out the Byfuglien situation and I'll add a few guys based on GP in first few weeks.
  3. Thanks bud! Slapshot does most of the cool work :-)
  4. UPDATE: NHL20 V2 has been added to the BOTTOM OF THIS ORIGINAL POST - (excel sheet in zipped folder). Player rating and roster updates, player card changes (thanks Slapshot!), line change updates, team rating adjustments. I will update the playoff brackets on the trade deadline edition. Be careful, the original ROM is still above the screenshots (new ROM at bottom). Slapshot also added the board sound patch courtesy of Brodeur30. Hello, Here is the NHL94 ROM, updated for the 2019-20 season by me & Slapshot. Special thanks to @slapshot67 for his work on graphics and player cards! Below you'll find the ROM and Excel sheet. Excel is in the zip folder, which shows player ratings, "Skip's ratings", etc. Player rating updates based on last year's performance, roster changes, some new player cards, playoff brackets to reflect actual 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Let me know if you find any errors! Notes: -This is the 32-team ROM (updated teams, logos, player cards and graphics by Slapshot67). -Updated team rosters for 2019-20 season (rosters and player ratings by Skip). The 32nd team is still the NHL'94 Hall of Fame team, with original NHL94 ratings! -Weight bug is fixed (heavy guys are harder to knock down), and this ROM uses weight + checking = hitting ability -1 minute penalties (except for injuries = 2 min penalty). You can do 5, 7, 10 or 20 minute periods. -Hot/Cold is accurate in the pre-game screen and in edit lines. NEW for 2020 ROM: 50th anniversary center ice logos for Buffalo & Vancouver. ROSTER NOTES: 3rd line is usually a mashup of best players on a team's real 3rd & 4th lines. Tried to keep scoring lines as they are in real life, or how they "should be" when players return from injury. Dustin Byfuglien is not included on Winnipeg's roster. KNOWN BUG: The menu screen will freeze if the player cards begin to cycle for team #31 - Winnipeg. There is no known fix for this. TOURNEY ROM has continuous OT. The regular ROM has 5 minute OT. (I'll add this later) Zip folder has excel sheet with all players listed, including the NHL94 HHOF All-Stars roster, and Ratings list for all 32 teams. -Skip NHL20.bin NHL20excel.zip NHL20v2skip.zip NHL20v2.bin
  5. Halifax tactic #1:Get them all right. Halifax tactic #2: Pick the Canadian teams as far as they can go!
  6. Oops, had a small error on the playoff brackets. I just fixed it and added the right one.
  7. Playoff ROM added, brackets updated, some players added/removed, lines updated, etc
  8. Sorry bud, I would've told you if I thought you didn't know about this one! The bottom team is always home, so you have to make the #1 team on bottom (best division on bottom, too). I forget which side has home ice in the Final. I need to look that up again before I post mine haha.
  9. I cannot believe Teemu defeated Yzerman. It's like a bad Wrestlemania from the 80's.
  10. Guys, can this discussion please take place on a new forum somewhere? His issue has nothing to do with this ROM, it's up to @tinpanalley to start a new topic.
  11. I don't know. Try some stuff out but this isn't the place to discuss how to do it. It is something to do with ALL of the modded ROMs. If you want to save whatever you're trying to save, play NHL'94 classic. I have no problem saving progress on playoffs in GENS or RA.
  12. Thanks! Not sure though, we use F5 for savestates on both hamachi/gens and retroarch. That should work just like any other savestate, I think, but I have never tried it between two different machines.
  13. I'll do one final update for the Stanley Cup playoffs, right before it begins. I'll make some minor player overall adjustments based on stats, final team ratings, pp/pk, etc. All that good stuff.
  14. I could do all that, but I probably won't lol
  15. Were you able to import the fighting rating I had on NHL94 version? Or did you have to go player-by-player yourself? Either way, bravo. I kept doing the fighting rating just in case!
  16. I'm so sorry guys, having a kid apparently really is hard work. Apologies to @slapshot67, thanks for picking up the slack for me bud. I owe YOU one (said in Han Solo voice).
  17. Remember when the 32-team ROM was just a dream?
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